February 10, 2022

Day 4 in Stockholm Sweden

As of today, Philippines is now open for tourism so international travelers who are fully vaccinated (from visa-free countries) can visit the Philippines without undergoing quarantine as long as they have a negative RT-PCR test. The test result should be taken 48 hours before departure. I hope this is a good sign that the world is starting to reopen and everything will be back to normal soon. 

For this reason, let me continue my Trip to Stockholm Sweden series. I started this series in year 2019 so here are the links to my previous blog posts. 

Day 4 in Stockholm Sweden 

We only visited a few tourists spots during our first three days so we were not able to maximize our Stockholm Pass. And because of what happened on our Day 3 Trip, we decided not to ride the Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus anymore so we will just visit the tourist spots where we can travel on foot. Since we are not familiar with the place we took advantage of the FREE STOCKHOLM TOUR, yes the tour is free but don’t forget to give a tip for the effort of the tourist guide. 

There are several groups that offer free Stockholm tours but during our visit (2019) we availed of the Free Tour Stockholm because one of their meeting places is Generator Stockholm lobby where we stayed. But now, it is better to book online to reserve your slot since they are now limiting the number of people per group. The tour is available in English, Spanish, and Deutsch language. 

We booked a morning tour, tour pickup at 9:30AM so we had a quick breakfast at 7-11 which is just in front of our hotel. We joined the Old Town or Gamla Stan Tour, of course, English language. The tour is 90 to 120 minutes long so make sure that you have the energy to walk about 2km. 

Free Old Town Tour 

Learn the chilling stories of the Stockholm Bloodbath 
The tragic tale of Crown Princess Margaret’s death Vikings stories 
Discover the smallest statue in Stockholm 
Sights of The Royal Palace, a real runestone, St George and the Dragon statue, Stockholm Cathedral, and more. 

It is a really long walk on the cobblestone streets and narrow alleyways so it is not PWD-friendly. We even walked down to the famous MĂ„rten Trotzigs Grand, which is the narrowest street in Stockholm with 36 steps and just 90 cm (35in) width. It was named after one of the richest merchants in Stockholm. 

Other popular tourist spots in Gamla Stan are Royal Palace, Royal Chapel, Swedish Parliament Building, Storkyrkan Cathedral, Nobel Prize Museum, Stortoget Square, and Medeltidsmuseet. During the walking tour, you will only pass the popular tourist spots so if you want to explore more, you can visit those places after the tour. 

Nobel Prize Museum

I took note the tourist spots that we can visit using our Stockholm Pass para hindi naman sayang ang binayad namin. First on my list is the Nobel Prize Museum, which is located in the old Stock Exchange Building at Stortoget. This museum showcases Alfred Nobel, Nobel Prize winners, and Nobel Prize Laureates. 

They have an activity for kids too, my son received a Nobel Prize coin after he finished the task which he immediately ate. Hehehe! 

Storkyrkan Stockholm Cathedral 

Storkyrkan or The Great Church is the oldest church in Stockholm and the venue for so many historical events like coronations, royal weddings, military victories, Reformation in Sweden, and others. It also houses important works of art such as Saint George and the Dragon, Parhelion, VĂ€dersolstavlan, and other well-known artifacts. 

The Royal Apartments at The Royal Palace 

It is one of Europe's biggest palaces and the Swedish Royal Family’s official residence. Discover the banquet hall, hall of state, royal apartments, state apartments, and the apartment of the Orders of Chivalry. 

Three Crowns Museum 

This museum is dedicated to the old palace which was destroyed in 1697 by a violent fire. It features the different objects that were rescued. 

They have activities for kids too but my son is no longer interested. The Royal Palace is really big and we only visited two spots because we were already tired and hungry. We skipped The Treasury, Gustav III’s Museum of Antiquities, and The Royal Chapel. 

For our late lunch, I can’t remember the name of the place but it houses different food stalls like the Sen Street Kitchen, Panini, and Fattoush. 

On our way back to the hotel, even we don’t have a plan to shop, we visited H&M. Hennes & Mauritz AB is a famous Swedish multinational clothing company. It is a fast-fashion company that operates in 74 countries including the Philippines.

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