January 09, 2023

Why Women Wear Modest Swimsuits

Are you familiar with the word “burkini"? If not, you are not alone because all along, I thought it is just called a wetsuit. According to Wikipedia, Burkini or Burqini is a style of swimsuit for women that covers the whole body except the face, hands, and feet. It was designed by Aheda Zanetti, a Lebanese-Australian who saw the needs of Muslim girls and women. She designed this sportswear so girls and women in the Muslim community will be comfortable on their pool or beach trip. 

Twelve years ago, my family went to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia and one of our itineraries is to visit Manukan Island. It was our first beach trip outside the Philippines. And during our trip, one thing I immediately noticed is the swimwear of the girls and women, they are all covered from head to toe. I was not really surprised because I know that Islam is the official religion of Malaysia so I already expected that they are conservative when it comes to clothes. 

But when I saw their swimsuit, how I wish, I can also find the best modest swimsuit in the Philippines so I can also enjoy the pool or beach. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that I have psoriasis, it is not contagious but I don’t want strangers to look at my skin whenever we swim so I prefer a swimsuit that can hide my flare-ups. 

So I am glad that nowadays, the burkini is no longer for religious purposes because there are women like me who prefer modest swimsuits. Few reasons why women prefer modest swimwear. 

1. Religion Purposes 
2. Protection from harmful UV rays 
3. Not all women are comfortable displaying their bodies. 
4. Some women want to hide their skin conditions or stretchmarks. 
5. Survivors of skin cancer

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