June 07, 2012

4 Tips in Finding a Home

You may all agree with me when I say that June is considered a wedding month. I do not know the true reason why couples choose June as their wedding date, all I know is flowers are cheaper during this month. Well, aside from wedding preparation, most couples are also busy finding their dream home. Like I’ve said in my old post, it is not easy to find your dream home. There are few factors that you need to consider aside from your budget.

1. Location 

Location is very important; you have to choose your house depending on your workplace and lifestyle. Do you want to live in rural or urban? We live outside the city but my husband's office is just 45 minutes to 1 hour away from our home via SLEX. We did not consider living in the city because we don’t like traffic but now we’re thinking if we have made the right decision because the toll fee is P158 one way only compared to P74 when we bought the house. That is an everyday burden for my hubby. 

2. Type of Home 

Do you want a single home, condominiums, or townhouse? We do not like condominiums because there is an additional payment for parking space and you do not own the lot.

3.  Number of Stories 

Do you prefer bungalow, two stories, loft-type, or split levels? We experienced the Typhoon Milenyo flood and it is really hard to save our furniture and appliances because we live in a bungalow so we chose two stories house. I believe that we now live in a free flood area so I’m praying that we will not experience any flood.

4.  Interior Specifications 

How many rooms, bathrooms, and extra space you want? We dislike big houses because it is difficult to maintain and clean them. =)

Those are my tips for finding your home base on my experience. If you are still having a hard time looking for your home, do not hesitate to contact real estate agents. They are the ones who will assist you in all the tripping, paper works, and other documents. You can search the internet and you will be surprised that there is an automated homefinder. If you live in Colorado, there are real estate agents in Denver that you can call for help. 


  1. michi thanks for the tips, pag mayamn na mi susundin ko tlga tips mo sa paghahanap ng bahay

    1. kahit hindi mayaman makakabili ka ng bahay. marami ko ofcmate dati nakabili ng mga foreclosed na bahay. downpayment lang and lipat agad sila. tiyaga lang sa pagpunta sa pag-ibig. di naman kami rich pero nakabili din, feeling ko lakasan din ng loob. =)