June 08, 2012

Recipe using Crispy Fry Breading Mix

For the last few months, my husband has been requesting a breaded pork chop. The request was not granted not because I don’t want to cook it because I always remember my first try. I seasoned the pork chop with salt, dipped it in egg wash, coated with flour, and fried it. It was unsuccessful. I dislike the result so I don’t want to try it anymore.

But when I saw the instant breading mix in our pantry, I promised myself that I will cook breaded pork chop but as always I forgot about it. Hehe! So just this week, I put the breading mix in our fridge to remind me that I will cook a breaded pork chop, finally, I made it.

This was my first time using breading mix; I can’t even remember when I bought this. This mix is for chicken but I used it with pork and potato. Yes, you’ve read it right! Potato. I always love mojo’s of Shakey’s so I always fry potato at home though the taste and appearance are not the same. Check my first try here.  But now, I was glad because I have a better version of DIY mojo’s.

Wash the potato, slice, coat with breading mix, and fry it.

I used the same procedure with the pork chop. Finally, the result was successful and my son liked it too. From now on, I will include breading mix in my grocery list. 

Whenever I want to cook fish fillet I always buy cream dory a.k.a pangasius or white cobbler. I love this fish because it is so easy to cook but my husband dislikes it because for him it is tasteless. Whenever I cook this, I always use the FEB procedure (flour + egg + breadcrumbs). Even I seasoned my fish with salt, pepper, and garlic powder it is still tasteless for my husband.

Update: November 20, 2012

Fried Cream Dory Recipe

Last month, I tried using an instant breading mix and my husband liked it. He said “masarap ha, ano ginawa mo?” For the first time, he liked my fried cream dory + lemon butter sauce. (melted butter + lemon juice + salt + pepper)

If you’re wondering which breading mix I used….it’s no other than Crispy Fry. This breading mix is not only for chicken, but I also this for potato, porkchop and fish. It is true to his word, food is crispier and tastier. 


  1. miss ko na ang mojos ng shakeys! i make my own breading mix at home. i use flour, little of salt and pepper then garlic powder :D pwede din lagyan ng herbs kung para sa chicken or pork chop. yum yum!

  2. waaaaahhh gagawin ko to promise! i love mojos! :D great post sis :)

    1. though hindi siya kasing lasa ng mojo's pero at least mas ok kaysa salt and pepper lang.

  3. masarap tlaga mojos ng Shakeys ,,,, (from a Shakey's employee)

  4. Ginagamit din namin ang instant breading sa sliced potatoes!

  5. My papa always has breading mix in supply. For emergencies ba. Hehhee! =D

  6. I use flour, cornstarch, powdered garlic (and maybe some herbs) and black pepper (konti lang). Cornstarch is the secret para crunchy sya :-D

    Spanish Pinay

  7. Hmm.. Maitry nga. Sabihin ko kay hubby :) hihi

  8. Looks like the real thing! Ayos! I miss Shakey's mojos na rin. I haven't tried making my own fries. Maybe I should...

    Rizza (beingwell)

  9. Hi sis did you steam d potato first before frying?