February 16, 2013

2nd year Blogversary

Now, I’m celebrating my 2nd year blogversary. I can’t believe that I’m blogging for two years already and though I have very limited time now I’m still trying to update this blog. Thank you to all my readers who still read and comment on my blog post.

In the span of two years I’ve gained new ideas, met online friends and learned lessons through blogging. I’m sharing to you my experiences and lessons that I’ve learned so far.

1. If you still remember my very controversial Cebu’s Lechon post,  that was the first time that I received negative comments after six months of blogging. Somehow it affected me but thanks to all the comments that I’ve received because it enlightened me. I know that I’m just giving my honest review and I’ve realized that negative comments are inevitable and you just have to live with it as long as you are in blogosphere. Click here to read more. 

2. Last year, I attended “Healthier Moms, Happier Kids” event . It was the first blogging event that I’ve attended because it fell on weekend schedule. During the said event, I feel so out of place because I don’t know any blogger there and most of them are talking about events that they have attended and events that they are going to attend. I can’t relate and it seems that they have known each other for so long.

I seldom receive invites but most of the invitation I received I declined. I’m not fond of attending event because the location is always NCR, schedule is always weekday and I feel that it is not my thing. There are bloggers who enjoy attending event and I’m not one of them. I realized that attending blogging event is not my priority because I started this blog to share our family story not events. Don’t get me wrong, if there’s one good event and if I have spare time I will attend again. I’m a full time mom without yaya so it is nearly impossible for me to enjoy attending events.

3. Last August, I had Favordeal Giveaway. I received an offer to host jewelry giveaway. I google the site and I’ve seen that I’m not the only blogger she tapped to host the giveaway and it looks legit so I said yes, but when the giveaway has ended, this girl is not replying anymore and I kept on sending my message stating the name of the winners and chosen prizes. 

It took them a month to ship the prizes and last month I received an email from one of the winners. She said “kulang ang nareceive niya”. I email again my contact and until now no reply. I really apologize to the winner who received an incomplete prizes, I feel her because I experienced the worst. I won in two giveaways but unfortunately I did not receive my prizes. 

I was so disappointed about the failed giveaway and because of that incident I declined two giveaways offer because I’m afraid that it will happen again. But then I realized that not all company are the same, I just need to make sure that the company and contact is really professional and legit. I have to remind myself “Don’t be too trusting!”. My last giveaway was good because after I sent the name and email of the winner, Abbey immediately sent the ebook. 

4. Lastly, sharing my favorite blogging quote that I’ve posted in “Why I love being a Mom and Blogger” post “Don’t live to blog or blog to live, but live then blog”.

Again, thank you for taking time out of your day to read my post and hope you stay.  


  1. After reading this, i realized i also had my anniversary in blogging world last month... Waaah! I missed it... I jst couldn't find the time lately to post some blogs... :(

  2. Congrats, michi! Looking forward to more of your posts :)

  3. congratulations! What with all of the things on your plte and you stilll could find time to blog, thats a feat in itself. More power!

  4. aww! happy 2nd year anniversary! I so salute you for keeping up with your blog.. more power! :)

    Spanish Pinay

  5. Congratulation! Two years ka na palang nag blog. As of now ay di pa ko naka experience ng negative comments, but it can come.
    Galing naman ng quote mo. Have to think abput that dahil parang I blog, then I live na yata:) Must learn talaga to have a balance in life.
    Good luck to us anak:)

  6. wow! ako din kaka-two ko lang:)

    happy 2nd year in blogging mich!:)