June 20, 2013

Back Pain

I’m pretty sure that almost everyone experienced back pain. Whenever I feel back pain, I always ask my husband to massage my back but there are times that it didn’t work so I have to rely on pain relief ointment or patches. Sometimes it works.

Now that I’m in 30 I always feel back pain but it is still tolerable so I know it is nothing serious. I’m not sure if it is a sign of aging or it is because I don’t have an active healthy lifestyle.

My normal wake up time is past 5AM but today I woke up at 3AM and I can’t sleep anymore. My husband cellphone alarms at 4:30 in the morning and he was shocked that I was already awake. I told him that I can’t sleep and experiencing back pain. I even suggested that I think we need to buy a new mattress or pillow top. He just laughed. I have no idea when it is the right time to replace mattress but we’ve been using our bed for 7 years already.

I was surfing the net a while ago, checking different online store who sell mattresses and I can’t decide which one I will buy if ever we have the budget. There are foam mattress, memory foam, latex mattress, and even custom mattress.

I can’t believe that mattress is so expensive and bed frame is not yet included. Well, you really have to invest if you want a sound sleep. But as of now, I’m happy with my pain reliever patches. 


  1. Mahirap nga pag magpapalit ng mattress. My husband and I have back pains every now and then but I didn't experience one for the last 3-4 months because I see to it that I put a pillow under my thighs when sleeping on my back :)

  2. Our mattress is something called ambassador if i'm not mistaken, i believe there's an instruction that the bed should be turned clockwise and then flipped every quarter. I'm not sure if it is effective for all mattresses, try mo na lang gawin sa bed nyo.

  3. maybe you need to exercise. to much sitting in front of the computer can be the source of your back pain dear.