June 20, 2013

Personalized Koozies

If you have been reading my other blog which is Michi’s Home Sweet Home, you are aware that I love DIY (Do It Yourself) stuff. It is something that I do to save money or to add a personal touch in anything that I do or give.

But if there is something that I want and I know that I cannot do it on my own I always hire company or services that personalized things at an affordable price just like my wedding souvenirs.

As of now, I’m searching for ideas for my son’s 5th birthday. I know that it is still three months away but it is really my habit to plan in advance. My son wanted Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme and I’m glad that there are so many ideas all over the internet.

While searching for ideas I found personalized koozies, you can view site here, honestly, I’m only familiar with coaster so I really have no idea about koozie so I consulted google again and here’s what I found.

Koozie is a foam or fabric device that is designed to insulate a can or bottle beverage from heat using both external infrared sources and conduction. But now, it is also made from open cell foam, polyester, and neoprene. It can reduce the warm of the beverage up to fifty percent. In addition, it is also used to easily identify the owner of the beverage.

Aside from insulating the beverage, it is now being used as a marketing tool. The company realized that koozies are affordable means of advertising or promoting a service or product. It can also be used as giveaways in weddings, schools, shows, events and product launch.

There are websites like Custom Koozy that offer a designer tool that allows you to customize your own koozies. You can add text, images, and personal designs. Koozies are also available in different sizes and colors so choices are not limited. They do not require minimum order so even you have a small party or event, you can still order.

Actually, I found this product so cute but I can’t bring softdrinks in my son’s school party so I have to make something like this again. 

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  1. Ang cute naman! I love DIY too. Sana nga lang I have more time. Will it get better ba when they're as old as Ethan na? Mine kasi ayaw ng nde ako kasama sa activities nya. Hard to find free time talaga. =(