January 30, 2014

Lunch at Chic-Boy

Chic-Boy (Chicken – Baboy) is not a new restaurant but it took me a long time to try their food because I’ve been reading and hearing a lot of negative reviews regarding the service and food. Last year was my first time to try their food with my  mommy friends in school and I ordered the inihaw na liempo. I can’t remember the exact price but it is over P100 without drinks but you have unlimited rice.

I don’t see any problems with their food and service so I visited the restaurant again with my family. My husband and son ordered the chicken inasal and I ordered inihaw na liempo again. Next time I will try the Cebu Lechon Liempo.

January 28, 2014


Lasagna is my favorite pasta but unfortunately I could not make perfect lasagna at home. I still prefer the taste of Greenwich lasagna.

Last year I tried to make lasagna for the second time using this instant lasagna. It has no pre-cooking required so it made my life easier; I just have to make two sauces.

I followed the recipe at the back of the box. I don’t have the copy anymore since I’m not satisfied with the taste. In fairness, the taste is ok and it is edible. Lol!

January 27, 2014

Tous les Jours

Since last year, I always see Tous les Jours whenever I’m in Festival Mall. It is a French-Asian Bakery that I can’t even pronounce the name and because of that I feel that they are selling expensive cakes and breads. But last Saturday, there were few customers so we check the store.

It was our first visit so we had a hard time in choosing and to make our life easier, we chose the available best seller such as sweet black rice bread with black sesame cream cheese, milk bread and roll (pack). I can’t remember the exact price but it is less than P50 each.

We love the bread so for sure we will go back again. I have to search Tous les Jours in google and listen to the audio, Tous les Jours is too-le-joo-r meaning “everyday”. It means they serve only freshly baked bread every day and that is why they have on-site production system in their store.

Care to share your favorite.

Online Shopping

Shopping online is very popular now a day because it saves time, money and effort. A lot of stores are now creating their own website to reach more customers just like reid supplies, it is an online store that sells tools, accessories, maintenance supplies, shop supplies and many more. It has an online catalog where you can view the products. 

January 22, 2014

Red Ribbon Dedication Cake

They say that the birthday is not complete without a cake so that is why we always have a cake even for simple birthday celebration. In addition, it is also a nice gift to give if you have no time to shop for one. Last year I’ve tried the Red Ribbon Dedication Cake, I bought the chocolate dedication cake last November 10 for my grandmother and Mocha dedication cake for my mother-in-law last November 30.

Looking at the design, I prefer the chocolate one but we prefer the mocha when it comes to taste. I tried to use my happy plus card to avail the P100 coupon discount but too bad their terminal is always offline. #sayang

My Kikay Kit

People who know me for so long know that I don’t wear make-up because I don’t know how to apply make-up and I’m not comfortable with it. I still remember last 2012 I posted “What’s in Mom’s Bag” and readers were asking where my make-up kit is.

Honestly, I don’t have make-up kit and not even lipstick so when I have to attend wedding last month, I told my husband that I need to buy lipstick para naman may kulay ang mukha ko di ba. I bought Maybelline lipstick and mascara.

For years, I’m satisfied with lip and cheek tint, face powder and lip gloss. I’m a full time mom so I feel that I don’t need to wear make-up every time I go to school to accompany my son.

But I’m aware that make-up has expiration so now, I’m using the mascara and lipstick every time I go out. Sayang naman if one time use lang. hehehe!

Sharing the Make-up Expiration Guidelines from

Mascara – 2-3 months
Liquid Foundation Concealer – 6-12 months
Lipstick – 2 years
Lip Gloss – 1 year
Nail Polish – 1-2 years
Powder, Eye Shadow and Blush – 2 years
Fragrances – 8- 10 years
Lotion – 2 years

A repost from my old blog Michi's Home sweet Home

January 20, 2014

MMRV Vaccine

When my son reached 3 years old we’re having a hard time going to the doctor for his vaccination. For him pedia=injection so it was really difficult to convince him to go to the hospital. When he got sick, we went to different pedia because nagwawala na siya palabas pa lang kami elevator so sa iba na lang.

But we went back last January 10 to his original pedia for the MMRV vaccine; it took me days to convince him. He was fine hanggang sa pagpasok namin sa room but when he saw the doctor preparing the injection, natakot na. I’m thankful na natapos na rin ang booster shot ng MMR and Varicella so at least I’m at peace na hindi na siya vulnerable sa measles outbreak. 

I don’t want him to get sick especially now that my mom is going home and we have a family outing. #bawalmagkasakit So prevention is better than cure. I’m really scared because we almost missed the field trip because my son had a hand, foot, and mouth disease, days before the field trip. He missed his exam because he got sick too so now, I don’t want to take risks anymore.

As a treat, we bought ice cream. Good luck sa flu vaccine naming sa summer.

FYI: Childhood Immunization Schedule

January 17, 2014

Lunch at Abe

Two weeks ago we went to Alabang Town Center to finish some errands. We rarely visit this mall so whenever we visit we take our chance to try the new restaurant which is not available in our place.

Abe is not new to my husband because they always have dinner meetings in this restaurant. Looking at the exterior and interior of the restaurant, you may think that the price is very expensive but it isn’t. The food is reasonably priced; we ordered Pork Lengua Asado P295, Tidtad (Dinuguan) P225, and Unlimited Jasmine Steam Rice P65 per person.

We’re very satisfied with the food and service.

After eating our lunch, we went back to this place because my son wanted to play Lego. Thank God because there’s an available slot for him, wala kasi siya space nung dumaan kami.

Note: Don’t forget to clean or sanitize your child’s hands after playing because I saw one kid who’s biting the lego pieces to separate them. I hope I can bring him to Legoland Malaysia
February 5, 2015: Lunch at Abe

I was deleting some pictures on my phone and I saw some food photos from Abe. We have revisited this restaurant before the year ends. 

We browse the menu and ordered Sigarillas sa Gata at Hipon, Liempo Hamonado, and Leche Flan. Sorry, I can’t remember the exact price.

While waiting, they served this complimentary appetizer which my son enjoyed. 

I always cook pork hamonado at home but I haven’t tried using pork belly so next time I will try that and I will imitate the pineapple slices in their Liempo Hamonado

I don’t cook Sigarillas sa Gata at Hipon at home so this is the dish that I really enjoyed.

My son who loves dessert finished this Leche Flan, I had a bite and it is not overly sweet. I hope my next visit would be on Pampanga branch. 

After our lunch, we bought scooter + helmet + arm/knee protector for my son. This is his grandmother’s gift last Christmas.

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November 3, 2015: Lunch at Abe

Last October 25 we attended Blogapalooza and we left early because it was lunch time but we decided to eat in Alabang Town Center para malapit lapit na ang biyahe pauwi. 

We had a hard time looking for a restaurant, lagi kami nasa waiting list. While waiting in Chilis, my husband checked Abe restaurant and he called me na next na daw kami so off we went to Abe. 

While waiting, the staff gave us the menu so we can already order while waiting for our table. My husband ordered Abe's Morcon P325 and Sigarillas sa Gata at Hipon P265

They served our food a few minutes after we were seated. I was surprised to see the morcon because I was expecting beef with fillings inside. But my husband said, yan talaga yun, embotido. I tasted it but I did not like it. 

My husband and son ate that Abe's morcon but I’m happy with my sigarillas sa gata and hipon. This is my favorite order here in Abe because I don’t usually cook food with gata at home and I haven’t bought sigarillas in the market.

Abe is one of our favorite restaurants that serve Filipino dishes. The price is reasonable, the foods are delicious and the service is good. 

January 16, 2014

Lunch at LZM Restaurant

Whenever we go to Tagaytay, we always pass LZM restaurant and the parking is always full. It only shows that the food must be really good. But it was only last January 1 that we’ve tried it. After our trip in Sonyas Garden, we dropped here to have our lunch. Good thing we secured a parking slot. The place looks like a canteen having simple dining table, chairs and interiors.

The staff gave us the menu and we ordered bulalo P400, rice P100 and drinks P90.
LZM did not fail my expectation because we enjoyed the bulalo, it has big serving, the meat is tender and there’s bone marrow. A better bulalo experience compared to Mahogany Market.

The only thing that I dislike is the slow service; asking and paying bills took almost forever. So my husband went to the staff just to inform her that she forgot to include our drinks in the bill, paid the bill and we left. Sana puyat lang sila kaya mabagal kumilos. 

January 15, 2014

Remote Camera

Every time we travel, one of our dilemmas is a family picture. It is hard to have a family picture because no one will take our picture. So when we went to Hongkong and Macau, we bought tripod but unfortunately, it did not last. It was broken before our trip ends. Lol.

I was searching for a tripod and remote camera online, checking for style and price if we can afford. Then I found out that remote camera or trail camera is mostly used by photographers if space is limited, if they are not allowed to take a photo because of limited access like sports and wildlife photography. Well, if you’re interested you can find a review for a trail camera online. 

Anyway, I’m looking for an affordable tripod for our next trip, any suggestions?

Duncan Hines: Red Velvet Cupcake

I remember that last November I baked Devil’s Food Cupcake from Duncan Hines and last Sunday I tried their red velvet mix. While mixing the batter my son keep on saying “Wow, ganda ng color”.

After baking, we tasted it and my husband said “Bakit pula ito?” I said, hello! Red velvet nga e.

Anyway, the cupcake is moist, fluffy and taste ok. I wanted to make cream cheese frosting but as usual, tinamad na ko. Hehehe!

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       Devil's Food Cupcake

January 13, 2014

Staycation: Bali Village Hotel

If you still remember my post last October, we went to Tagaytay to look for an accommodation, we checked different hotels and we ended up reserving a room in Bali Village Hotel because the wedding reception was also there. Good thing that there’s still room available because most of the room were occupied already.

Since we only need a decent room where we could stay after the wedding, we reserve the Standard Room B, the Bali Room is much cheaper but the location is near the swimming pool. To confirm the reservation you need to pay 50% downpayment.

This house is divided in three different rooms and our room was located at the right side. Upon check-in we paid the balance + P500 for key deposit.

There’s only two complimentary breakfast so we ordered additional meal for P150.

1.The place looks relaxing.
2.Service is ok.
3.There’s swimming pool.

1.Most of the stuff in our room are broken like the main door, bathroom door knob, sink is leaking, and phone is not working.
2.There’s free wifi but no connection inside the room.
3.The ceiling is low so we can hear the footsteps and noise of the guest upstairs.
4.Bed and pillows aren't comfortable so better bring your own pillow. 

Bali Village Hotel
E. Aguinaldo Highway Kaybagal South Tagaytay City

Cafe France Buy 1 Take 1 Bread

We went to Asian Hospital last Friday for my son’s MMR/Varicella Booster shot and we saw a kiosk of Café France. They have buy 1 take 1 promo on all breads every Friday of January.

We were able to buy this for P198.

A repost from my old blog My Other Nook

January 09, 2014

Find a Hotel That Is Right for Everyone

People have different traveling styles and things that they are willing to spend money on. Some want all of the comforts of home and are willing to pay for a five-star hotel. Some see a hotel as just a place to sleep. As long as it is clean and cheap, those people are ready to go. They would rather spend their money on food, activities, an extra day, or souvenirs. So when you are looking at hotels in Catalina Island, it is important to know what the person you are traveling with values.

The Total Experience

For some people going to a new place means experiencing the culture, food, and everything else that it has to offer. Some go for the tourist stuff; others go for the authentic local stuff. There is no reason why you can’t do both if you have enough time. However, when you have a traveling companion, it is important that you both know what the trip is for. Clear communication will help things go smoothly as well as a willingness to compromise and a sense of humor directed outward will.

The Romantic Getaway

You might be going away so that you can experience each other away from the noises and distractions of everyday life. It is important to reconnect with the people you are without kids, bills, and job stress. That way when the inevitable happens and the kids move out, you won’t be surprised by the new person that shows up in the same skin as your significant other used to wear if it is a little older.

The Place to Stay 

Once you know the purpose of your trip, you will know what each of you wants to spend on the categories involved in that trip. Then you can make a good decision about which hotels in Catalina Island best fit your goals and desires for the trip. After all, if you are going to be spending a lot of time in the room, you want it to be comfortable, and no matter how much time you are going to be there, you will want it to be clean.

January 07, 2014

Big Savings Outlet at Southwoods

If you always pass SLEX you will see this ad “Big Savings Outlet at Southwoods”. It just started last December 15, 2013 so when we went there last month, there are only two stores that are open.

One sells overrun stuff; you can buy something for as low as P100.

One store sells high end brand so expect that the price is not affordable. They have promo like buy 2 for P895, I was able to buy bag and scarf for P895. Most of the brand is available in S&R.

The Outlet is near Splash Island Resort.

January 06, 2014

Highlights of Year 2013

This is supposed to be my year-end post but I was busy as a bee last year and I have no time to blog. Anyway, even it is a little bit late I will still share the highlights of 2013.

2013 is not a travel year for me because my husband declared a travel ban. Well, no travel via plane so we could save. I was sad at first but later on, I just realized that it is not the destination or it is not the journey that matters but it is the people who are with you. So even though there was no travel via plane and even I did not set foot in any airport, I was still happy because we’d been to different places and we experienced new things.


I just notice that every January we always have a reunion, I checked my post last 2011 and 2012 and we attended reunions and last January 2013, we had college reunions. First time experiencing Family Day at my son’s school.


We celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary at Piña Colina Resort. 


My mom was here and we celebrated her 51st birthday at Max’s. We attended my son first Moving Up and after that, we went to Sky Ranch.

We had a family outing at La Luz Resort

…and experienced Bed and Breakfast in Casa San Pablo

We spent Holy Week in different locations. We went to Walkway: Station of the Cross in BHS. The following day, we went to Caleruega and Taal Basilica


I enrolled my son in swimming classWe went to Fun Farm at Sta Elena with my sister’s family. 



We had a simple celebration of my husband’s birthday in Tootsie’s Tagaytay and celebrated Father’s Day in Nuvali


We attended a birthday and victory party of my friend’s husband in Yakimix


We had Staycation in Acacia Hotel to celebrate my birthday.


Because of the one-week suspension of class due to a typhoon, Linggo ng Wika was moved to September.


My son celebrated his 5th Mickey Mouse birthday in school.

Visited Residence Inn Zoo during semestral break.


I organized the 75th birthday of my grandmotherWe joined the field trip of my son in Gardenia, Manila Ocean Park and Repertory Philippines “Alice in Wonderland”. 


I thank God for all the blessings and I’m praying that 2014 would be good for our health. 

Krispy Kreme Coupon

Coupon is not really popular here in the Philippines so I was really happy every time I received coupon. Most of the coupons that I received are from doctors, coupon for medicine or milk.

We were in Alabang Town Center last Saturday and while looking for restaurant to eat our lunch, my son saw Krispy Kreme store so he wanted to buy doughnut. At the counter, I saw the calendar and told my husband, asked mo nga baka may free calendar. Ooops, it is not free pala, you have to pay P150 for the desk calendar but there are over P1000 worth of bonus coupons inside the calendar. Good thing about the coupon is “No Purchase Necessary”.

So we bought the calendar and we immediately redeemed the free coffee and doughnut. 

A repost from my old blog My Other Nook