November 18, 2014

Revisited Zoobic Safari

It is very unusual to me that I will revisit one place or attraction within a year because I always wanted to visit new places and discover new things. But this year, I visited two places, twice in a year. Last February 2014, we had a family trip in Zoobic Safari and Ocean Adventure, then last month my son had field trip in Ocean Adventure and at the same time I also won Zoobic Safari Package in one contest. Sayang lang, kasi after field trip ko na nakuha prize.

We’re supposed to use the gift certificate last sembreak but my husband was busy as a bee and could not take a vacation leave so it was only last weekend we were able to use the voucher. We left at 5AM and made a quick stop at Petron Lakeshore for our breakfast. My husband suggested “Fiesta Keni!” (Mangan Tanan), it is an eat all you can breakfast at P149. 

He always eats here if he has business trip up North. The price is worth it kung malakas kumain but for somone like me and my son, lugi. My son only ate one fried egg and rice for P75. 

Tuyo, longganisa, tocino, fried egg, salted egg, rice and coffee. I only ate salted egg, longganisa and rice. 
Then off we went to Zoobic Safari, I just gave my gift certificate and paid P20 per person for Environment Fee. Again, there’s no tour guide available, second time na so feeling ko wala talaga tour guide, para sa mga nagfield trip lang. Lol

We started our tour again in Bird Walk and went inside the Bird Thrill. Last February, this was closed so we were happy to experience this on our second visit. We had our first bird feeding experience in Residence Inn Zoo, pero mas maganda dito kasi standing position naman. Hehehe! P10 for the bird feeds. 

Next stop is the Zoobic Cave and Forbidden Cave, we skipped the forbidden cave and went straight to Tiger Safari, crowded kasi at may kasabayan na nagfield trip. 

Last time, solo namin yung jeep but last weekend we have to share it with other groups. The chicken is P200/3 so I paid P70 for my share. Since we did not avail the package, we only had tiger safari and no more lion safari. 

Then we moved to Close Encounter, Savannah, Animal MuZooeum, Aeta’s Trail, Hip-Hop-Bay-a-Walk and Croco Loco. During our last visit, masipag yung staff, she was giving us information on every site, trivia about the animals and other information so I was disappointed last weekend, nag sight seeing lang kami till we reach the Croco Loco

Hubby and son tried the crocodile feeding again for P50. 

We missed the Amazing Bird Show and my son did not want to leave the place until he watch the show but he has no choice because we did not want to wait til 1:30 or 3PM. 

We went to Zoobic Lodge to check if we could check in early but unfortunately 2PM pa daw. We ate lunch at Aristocrat near Harbor Point Mall, they have good service here. 

Then we went back to Zoobic Safari to watch the last show which is Animal Parade at 3PM. We waited for almost an hour, we were happy because it was a different show and it was nice to meet the Zoo mascot. I did not know na may mascot pala each zoo. 

Click here for our Zoobic Safari last February 

Zoobic Safari 
Group I Ilanin Forest 
Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Philippines 
Telefax: (+6347) 252-2272; (+63) 929-7072222


  1. Wow, ang ganda naman, sna makarating kami jan pag laki ni Maia. :)

  2. Awww..We love Zoobic Safari! My kids are homeschooled and luckily may field trip ang school nila, so we joined! Unfortunately, since it's a field trip, time constrained- so di kami umabot sa Animal parade. :( But, overall, zoobic safari is perfect place for educational trips talaga.:)

  3. The last I went here was 2009 with my F21 friends (photographers), and hopefully makabalik kami dito with Rhian pag medyo malaki na sya and mas ma-appreciate na nya yung mga animals. :)

  4. The last time I went there, I was still working pa ata with my family. We didn't finish the tour kasi ang daming pupuntahan :) I plan to visit Zoobic Safari too when my kids are more manageable na :)

  5. We want to bring our kids to Zoobic Safari. This is the first family road trip we're planning to do. :)

  6. Nice tour. I wanted to go here for the adventure even before I became a mom but didn't get the chance to. Maybe now, we can go when Mila is bigger.

  7. We have never been there - we should really put that down in our to-visit list. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I remember the time when my in-laws were inviting us there.. but we always refused because we were still childless back then and they all have babies. Just imagine the emotional torture! But of course, it's different now. I want to go there.. maybe after Audric's 1st birthday. :)

  9. Thanks for posting! I'll add this to my 'To-Visit' place. My little girl loves animals.:)

  10. I forgot when was the last time I visit a zoo, I think I was a highschool back then. Perfect for kids and family visits!

  11. I have never been to this place. Looks like a really nice place which kids would definitely enjoy!

  12. Haven't been to Zoobic Safari. Probably would wait for the baby to be a bit big befoe going there para ma-enjoy ng bebe ang mga animals. :) You baby sure had fun though.

  13. Super nice! This reminds me of my naudlot trip with my boyfriend. May plane tickets na sana and all. I wish we could've gone to Zoobic!

  14. Have not tried any attractions in Subic yet. This and Ocean Adventure on our list

  15. I want to go there with my son. Hindi pa yata kami nakakapunta sa Zoo, as in the zoo na madaming wild animals.

  16. Wow, it's beautiful there, I want to take my family there!