November 20, 2014

Zoobic Lodge

I won Zoobic Safari Package last month, the package includes 5 entrance tickets, 5 free rides and 1 overnight package in Zoobic Lodge. I got excited because I haven’t stayed in this hotel so I immediately search for it. I have no idea that the zoo offer rooms too because the last time that we went to Subic, we stayed in Camayan Beach Resort.

I was having a hard time in getting information even the website have limited information and photos of Zoobic Lodge. Then I found out that Zoobic Lodge a.k.a. Tiara Hotel is the former Crown Peak Homes. Waah!, I stayed here 14 years ago, yes more than a decade already. I went here with my college friends. My excitement was gone already because I know it was already an old hotel. I’ve been reading reviews pa na it looks creepy, knowing me na sobrang matatakutin and I don’t watch horror movies nga, parang I don’t want to go na. But my husband said, sayang and kasama naman daw siya. 

So I asked my husband to call the office to check if we could use the gift certificate even on weekends. There was a note kasi na “not valid for weekends and holidays”. The staff said yes because there is an available room. Day before the trip, my husband called to confirm our reservation and he was surprised because there was no reservation under his name. We emailed the gift certificate to reserve and still no reply. My husband called again to follow up and reserve na nga daw. 

We really hoped that it was really reserved but we prepared ourselves for worst scenario, just in case makalimutan ulit. That is the reason why after our Zoobic Safari tour we went immediately to Zoobic Lodge, to check if we could check-in because if not, we will just go home. 

Good thing that our room was really reserved. After watching the Animal Parade in Zoobic Safari, we went back to Zoobic Lodge. The hotel was really old and I was praying na sana marami kami nagcheck-in. #paranoid 

I must agree with other reviews because I find the place creepy. Everything is old and really need an improvement. Actually, the room is big, it has a kitchen with fridge, you have an extra bed pa, Thank God that the aircon is working fine. 

The bathroom has hot and cold shower, it has a bathtub but you can’t use it kasi wala naman pantakip sa butas. Lol I thought they won’t provide towels but they deliver it to our room without asking. Soap, toothbrush and toilet paper for toiletries. 

Zoobic Lodge has a mini restaurant where you can eat so we did not go out anymore for dinner. There is wi-fi too in the restaurant but I haven’t tried it.

P95, grilled liempo for my son and porkchop for me +iced tea

P85, one veggie and one meat + iced tea
I told my husband that we will go home after breakfast but he promised my son that they will swim. Around 7AM my husband asked the staff what time open ng pool, he was informed 8AM kasi lilinisin pa daw niya pool. So we had morning walk around the area while waiting for 8AM. 

We went down and only to find out that the pool was still closed. My husband looked for the staff and was told na 9AM pa daw at maglilinis pa. My son cried already because he wanted to swim but we have no choice but to wait. 

Ready to swim na but still closed
We went back to our room, I took a bath and persuading my son to take a bath too so we can go home. But he was determined to wait til 9AM so he could swim. At 9AM, they went to the pool and it was still closed. And the staff was eating and saying, mamaya na bumalik na lang kayo at maglilinis pa nga. Oh my goodness, we wasted our two hours waiting for the pool, I don’t understand bakit ayaw niya iopen. Maglilinis pa? Two hours na nagdaan, ni hindi naman niya ginawa. #lokohannaito High blood na kami mag-asawa so my husband and son took a bath and we went home. 

The staff at the reception asked? 

Staff: Sir, di na kayo maliligo. 
Husband: Hindi na. 
Staff: Sir, pasyensya na po kayo dun kasi Blah! Blah! Blah! 

Hindi ko na inintindi kung ano sinabi niya about dun sa isang staff na ayaw buksan ang pool. All I knew is, we wasted our two hours waiting for nothing. I don’t know if that staff is under the Zoobic Lodge. We’re not dying to swim in that pool, it just so happened that my husband promised my son that they will swim, trust issue ito. So we convinced our son that the pool is dirty at may mga frog. We promised that we will swim in other pool na lang.

Anway, although the place was creepy for me, wala naman ko nakita o naramdaman na kakaiba. Lol The service was ok except for the pool staff. I don’t know about the room rates but I saw this in our room. 

Zoobic Lodge
Tiara Building, Upper Cubi, 
Subic Bay Freeport Zone,
2222 Zambales
(047) 252 8638


  1. Tsk tsk. What kind of service is that? "Mamaya na bumalik na lang kayo at maglilinis pa nga.".. Oh my God, makikipag-gerahan ako kapag sakin sinabi yan. Seriously. That person should seriously watch his mouth.

    1. Hindi na nga pinatulan ni hubby pero nakakahighblood lang.

  2. Stress level buti na lang pumayag son you not to swim na lang ang hirap kaya nila i-convince once you promised and then hindi matutuloy. Once a year we go to subic but I never encountered that hotel pa we usually stay s free port para malapit sa shopping :-)

    1. Malayo siya sa shopping area. True, hirap iconvince kaya mahirap magpromise.

  3. Instead na makakapag relax kayo sa stay, na stress tuloy kayo because of that pool. Baka naman kasi ang totoong reason kung bakit close parin yung pool is tinatamad yung staff dun. Mukhang okay pa naman mag swimming sa pool, ganda lang kasi puro puno nakapaligid. :)

    1. Yun din pansin namin parang tinatamad lang. "Galaw-galaw baka mastroke" :)

  4. Such incompetence! Hindi na nga ganun kagandahan yung place, lousy service pa. Thanks for this review, Mommy Michi! At least your readers now know not to stay in that hotel.

  5. That's the bad thing about those small hotels/accommodations. No good customer service. :(

  6. Tsk tsk.. not good for business. Actually, I haven't been to Zoobic Safari but I'm sad about what's happening with Ocean Adventure. It has declined through the years! So, I guess, it's the same thing with Zoobic.

  7. 2 hours na hindi pa nalilinis ang pool? Double olympic size lang? I hate poor customer service talaga. :-S And yes, tama ka! Trust issue na yun kasi you promised a kid. And tayo nga if nag expect ka na ng something tapos hindi natuloy, ang sama na sa loob diba? Sa bata pa kaya. Oh well! Swim nalang next time. :)

  8. Kawawa naman Ethan:( Well, di na lang tayo tulog dyan.)