September 08, 2015

DreamPlay at City of Dreams Manila

I do believe that learning is not confined in the four corners of classrooms so I see to it that we have our own field trip and we do not rely in school field trip alone. When my son started school, we always treat him at the end of the school year. With or without award we will treat him because we’ve seen his effort in studying and doing his best. He deserves a break. 

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When he was in Nursery, we went to Sky Ranch and when he was in Pre-Kinder, we went to Mind Museum.  He graduated in Preschool last March  but we did not go out anymore after our Sambokojin celebration. 

My son wanted to visit Dinosaur Island and it is so far from where we live so we really need to reserve a weekend for that. Then during my blog hopping I’ve learned about DreamPlay and I asked my son if he wants to go there and he said yes. So ito na lang treat namin but summer became so busy and we were not able to visit it before school year 2015-2016.

I felt so guilty kasi kung kelan may award anak ko, nalimutan ko iprioritize yung promise ko so when I celebrated my birthday last month at Four Seasons Hotpot City, I told my husband that we will go to DreamPlay at City of Dreams Manila. Yes, we have City of Dreams here and no need to go to Macau.  

I cannot describe the happiness of my son when he saw the entrance of DreamPlay. He was really glad and excited to Play, Create and Learn

The line was not that long, maybe because other people were visiting Kidzania. Hehehe! While waiting for our turn, one staff gave us a form to fill up and she encoded it in the tablet. Upon reaching the counter, we availed the 4 hours playtime at P880 kid and P400 for adult. Then they gave us our wrist band assignment. 

Adults can only participate in DreamTales Library, Madagascar Plane, Dream Theater and Science Exhibits

They don’t have a map, the staff gave me a piece of paper where the attractions, height requirement and clothing requirement listed. Some say that Dreamplay is the mini version of Universal Studio but I guess not. We’ve been to Universal Studio Singapore and the activities there are different from what we’ve experienced here.

At first, we do not know where to start because there was no map so we immediately look for Gingy’s Kitchen to register. The earliest schedule we got is after 2 hours so if you are getting a 2 hours pass, you might miss other activities. The place is not big, maybe that is the reason why they are not giving a map because you can explore the place without a map. 

After registering in Gingy’s Kitchen, I checked the schedule of DreamTales Library for puppet show and Dream Theater. Then we decided to watch Dreamworks 4D movie habang wala pa ganu pila. We enjoyed the 4D movie, the only thing I dislike hindi nagmove yung chair, mas ok if the chair is also moving para feel na feel ang action.

After that, we explored the second level, we checked the Science Exhibits and Madagascar Plane

Then we moved to How to Fly the Dragon and Dragon slides. My son enjoyed the slides, natanggalan pa ng sapatos so the staff went inside the slide to look for his shoes. 

Next is DreamStudio where you will learn how to make animated films. No picture taking allowed inside the studio. 

Then we fell in line in DreamTales Library because there is maximum of 60 persons inside. Socks are required. 

Finally,  after two hours of waiting, we went back to Gingy’s kitchen for our schedule. This is one thing that I really liked in DreamPlay because it is a nice experience for kids to make and design their own ginger bread. 

We moved to Whatever Floats your Boat, where my son made a boat and fortunately the boat floats and reached the finish line. 

He played balls in Afrocircus, we played this game when we went to Legoland Malaysia. My son enjoyed playing here and I had to remind him na meron pa iba na attractions. 

So we went to Dinotrux and Shrek Swamp

Then to Kung Fu Fighting Fast as Lightning, my son has no idea that he will dance here but he had fun. 

We finished everything in 3 hours because there are attractions that my son cannot join because of height requirement like Wall of Destiny and Thread of Enlightenment. 

So we killed our time in Shrek Swamp and when we are about to go home, we saw Po. Yey, buzzer beater sa pila. Sayang lang, we did no meet the other Dreamworks Animation characters. 

Souvenir Shop is available too, mahal lang din ang price. Hehehe! 


1.I think 2 hours are not enough if you want to enjoy Dreamplay because there are fixed schedule for Gingy’s Kitchen, DreamTales Library and Dream Theater. It is first come first basis also.

2.Socks are required in other attractions so make sure you are wearing socks.

3.Outside food and beverages are not permitted inside the facility so make sure that you are not hungry when you visit. There are foods and drinks inside but expect for expensive rate. Eating inside will also consumes your play time. 

4.Adult with no child are not allowed to enter Dreamplay.

The rate is not cheap so I suggest they provide at least this map so those people who will avail 2 hours pass can manage their time. Souvenir na rin because you can’t take home the bracelet. 

Photo from Dreamplay site

Operating Hours 

Park hours 

Weekday 11AM to 8PM 

Weekend 10AM to 10PM 
(Counter closes at 7PM) 

DreamShop Hours 

Weekday 11AM to 8PM 

Weekend 10AM to 10PM 

Dreamplay Admission Rate 

Weekday Rate (Monday to Thursday) 

2 hours P480 children, P50 toddler, P260 adult 

4 hours P680 children, P50 toddler, P300 adult 
Hourly Extension P250 children and P120 adult 
Day Rate P1200 children, P50 toddler, P350 adult 

Weekend/Holiday Rate 

4 hours P880 children, P100 toddler, P400 adult 

Hourly Extension P300 chidlren, P150 adult 
Day Rate P1500 children, P100 toddler, P680 adult 

Toddler: Below 100cm 

Children: 100cm up to 17years old 
Adults: 18 years old and above


  1. We've been thinking of bringing the twins here, but we're so clueless about the activities. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I always take the opportunity to take my kids on trips, and they also go to a school who always comes up with amazing ways to learn through field trips (i.e. pollination and they go to a garden, machines and they go to a playground. I live in baguio, by the way, so the kids have plenty of exposure to nature :))

  3. Like you, I also want to go to places with my kids so they could experience new and different things aside from the ones in their textbooks. It looks like nasulit mo yung DreamPlay. There were lots of attractions that we missed. Yeah, i also hope they provided visitors with maps.

    1. Yes, sulit. There are only 2 attractions that we haven't tried due to height limit.

  4. Ang saya-saya naman! I want to go dreamplay :) I will treat also zd with my husband soon! Thank you for sharing your wonderful moments with your family.

  5. Bringing a kid to a dreamland is making things for him a reality. Though kids love to fantasize, love to play superhero bringing him to a place like is like making his dream come true. Besides, it is a great family bonding. Don't tell me that parents don't enjoy too. They do, aren't they?

  6. Must be fun to bring a kid here. I do not have one so I'll borrow my friend's kids. hehehe have you tried kidzania?

  7. Such a great place for kids! I'm sure this place will be as popular as Kidzania.

  8. I always wondered what went on inside DreamPlay! Thanks also for including the price list. I already shared this to my little siblings and now they're bugging me to schedule our trip na. Haha. Thank you! :)

  9. antagal ko ng plan to go here but because of the traffic and the schedule we can't seem to find the time. :(

  10. Wow! The place looks so awesome! My son would love it there. :)