October 12, 2015

Cadbury Chocolate in Malaysia

Last year, we had a chance to visit Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was just a short trip so we just visited the famous Petronas Twin Tower and had a KL City Tour. Since it was the first leg of our trip, I did not bother to research for the best pasalubong from Malaysia.

 RM127.50 less 40%

My husband had a business trip in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia last week so he asked me again what I want for pasalubong. I checked the net and Malaysia is known for OldTown White Coffee, tea, batik and handicrafts. I’m not fond of coffee and tea so I told my husband to buy chocolate instead. 

My friend told me that Cadbury chocolates are inexpensive in Malaysia because there is a Cadbury factory there so I informed my husband about it. And guess what? He bought Cadbury chocolate at the airport and it is really cheap. 

There is no tax. Promo is Buy 3 Free 1 and there is an additional 40% discount because the expiration is near. My husband checked the expiration and chocolates will expire in two months. But knowing us, it will not last for a month.


  1. Ooh.. I love Cadbury chocolate too.. very yummy!!

  2. When Mommy went to KL, she did not bought anything from Malaysia, we just bought chocolates from Duty Free instead. Medyo mahal nga lang talaga. Mahal din daw kasi ang mga souvenir items.
    She didn't even get a chance to buy chocolates from KL airport. Kung alam ko lang, sana dun na lang ako nagpabili ng chocolates. hehehe