July 24, 2019

OldTown White Coffee in Malaysia

OldTown White Coffee is a pride of Malaysia which was founded in the year 1999. They are the largest and halal-certified kopitiam restaurant chain. Kopi tiam or kopitiam means a traditional coffee shop that is mostly found in Southern Thailand, Singapore, Brunei, and Malaysia. These coffee shops offer toast or kaya plus coffee or tea. Some kopitiam in Malaysia offer extended menus where you can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner meals.

Whenever my husband goes to Malaysia, he always eats at OldTown White Coffee and at the same time, he buys OldTown White Coffee instant beverage mixes. Yes, the company is not just a coffee shop but they also manufacture instant beverage mixes. It started with a desire to serve the finest coffee at home or in their 200 outlets across Asia.

OldTown White Coffee is a perfect blend of three types of coffee beans which are Arabica, Liberica, and Robusta. OldTown White Coffee has different variants, they have Classic, Hazelnut, Less Sugar, Mocha, Cane Sugar, Coffee & Creamer, and Extra Rich. They also have OldTown White Milk Tea, Nan Yang White Coffee O with sugar added, Nan Yang White Coffee O Kosong, Black Series Coffee with sugar added and Black Series Black Coffee.

Among the flavors, we have tried the Classic, Hazelnut, Mocha and Extra Rich. Since I’m not addicted to coffee, my favorite variant is Mocha but my husband prefers the Classic one. My husband bought a lot of this coffee during his trip in Malaysia last December so this coffee was our gift to colleagues and friends.

Just this month, my husband went back to Kuala Lumpur and bought a few boxes of coffee. He also bought OldTown White Coffee Extra Rich, we haven’t tried it yet so I’ll just update this post.

So if ever you are going to Malaysia and you are a coffee lover, don’t forget to eat or drink at OldTown White Coffee shops or buy their instant beverage mixes, instant coffee, ready to drink OldTown White Coffee or even milk tea. This coffee is made from premium beans so expect that the price is not budget-friendly compared to the brands that you see in the supermarket.

OldTown White Coffee 3 in 1 Classic
A perfect smooth blend of the original white coffee. Rich, creamy and aromatic, it has a heightened lingering mouthfeel.

OldTown White Coffee 3 in 1 Hazelnut
A rich fragrant Hazelnut flavored white coffee blend. Creamy, nutty and unique, it leaves a tantalizing mouth feel.

OldTown White Coffee 3 in 1 Natural Cane Sugar
A satisfying blend with the great taste of natural cane sugar. Smooth, tasty and milky, it delivers medium strength coffee aromatics.

OldTown White Coffee 3 in 1 Less Sugar 
25% less sugar compared to OldTown White Coffee 3 in 1 Classic.

OldTown White Coffee 3 in 1 Mocha 
An irresistible treat- the perfect union of cocoa and OldTown White Coffee Blend. Indulge yourself with a creamy rich and full of depth OldTown White Coffee 3 in 1 Mocha.

OldTown White Coffee 2 in 1 Coffee & Creamer 
A great alternative for the health-conscious. A full-bodied white coffee minus the sugar.

OldTown White Coffee 3 in 1 Extra Rich 
Bolder and richer in taste and aroma, created using coffee beans that are roasted at a special high temperature. Stronger overall coffee enjoyment with our signature creamy and smooth texture.

OldTown 3 in 1 White Milk Tea 
A flavourful combination of milk and tea. Aromatic and calming with a smooth creamy mouthfeel.

OldTown Nan Yang White Coffee O with Sugar Added
White coffee “o” with sugar added, roasted to perfection! Strong, dark palette with a nice bittersweet balance.

OldTown Nan Yang White Coffee O Kosong 
Distinctive and strong- just like the good old days!Thick and bold with full-bodied white coffee “o” aromatics minus the sugar.

OldTown Black Series 2 in 1 Black Coffee with Sugar Added 
Features deep rich flavors with a hint of caramel, satisfying aroma and a lingering sweeter note. 

OldTown Black Series Black Coffee 
Features irresistible, deep intense flavors with a well-balanced hint of caramel.

OldTown Black Series Enrich Freezed Dried Instant Coffee 
Feature a both and smooth flavor made possible only from our premium freeze-dried coffee beans. Enjoy a 100% gourmet-style black coffee or brew it your way!

OldTown White Coffee RTD Can Drink 
Perfect for people on the move. Now you can truly enjoy the great taste of the original white coffee anytime, anywhere… chilled!

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