February 12, 2016

Our St. Lukes BGC Experience

Some people were busy looking for resorts or hotels to spend their long weekend last week while I was busy checking the room rates of St Lukes BGC. Check the rates here

My husband underwent Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy so we had hospital staycation last week. I will share the story on a separate post, for now let me share with you our experience in St Lukes BGC. 

I was thankful because my son has no classes last Friday so he was not absent. After his school, off we went to the hospital last February 4 as advised by the doctor, the operation is February 5 at 7AM so we need to be there, the day before. There are some preparations that need to follow like fasting at 11 PM. 

Admission Office 

After we parked the car, we went straight to the Admission office. Just get your number and wait for your turn. The staff gave us the folder with Philhealth forms, reminders and patient/visitor guide. Don’t forget to inform them about your parking ticket, the charge is P50 flat rate per day for in patient. 

Regular Private Room 

Then we were ushered to our room. We’re supposed to get the Small Private Room but it was not available so we settled in Regular Private Room. I was surprised because the room is big, I’ve been in different hospitals before and so far this is the biggest room that I’ve seen (regular private). 

The room has a bed, TV, DVD, fridge with a water bottle, telephone, cabinet, side table, couch, safety deposit box, hangers and slippers. 

The Admission Kit includes toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, face towel, glass, and spoon and fork. 

The bathroom has one towel too. 

Checking the facilities and amenities of St Lukes BGC, there is no doubt that it is also called a hospital hotel. My son even said, “mommy, this is like a hotel”. He doesn’t feel that we are in the hospital because he is so comfortable with our stay. Well, hotel rate din naman kasi ang rooms nila. Hehehe!


Salmon for dinner
I’ve been reading good reviews about their food and I agree with the reviews, gourmet ang food nila. I’ve stayed in different hospitals and ito lang yung time na I was looking forward to hospital food. As if ako yung patient noh! Hehehe!

While my husband was in the operating room, we were eating his meal, “Food for Companion”. You don’t have to go out if you need to buy food because there are so many restaurants at the ground floor

Expect your meals to be delivered to your room at

Breakfast 6:30 - 7:30 AM
Lunch      11:30 - 12:30 PM

Dinner     6:00 - 7:00 PM


My husband is the one who chose this hospital and so far we’re all satisfied with the service, from parking, admission office, doctors, nurses and other hospital staffs. 

Since I was staying in the room, I’ve been calling the O.R. to check my husband. After my husband’s operation, they called to inform me that my husband’s was already transferred to Recovery Room and when they will transfer my husband’s back to our room.

If you need anything, just press the button and someone will go to your room to attend your needs. 

The staffs are going in your room to inform you or if they need information like the staff from Infection Control. They even ask you if you need anything before going out. We requested for a medical certificate. 

With regard to billing, they were the one who process everything and they just gave me the papers that I need to settle. I attached our CF1 (Philhealth Form). One thing I like, I can pay the bill on the same floor, imagine kung baba pa ko sa lobby di ba, e nasa 11th floor kami. 

Note: Free wifi

We went home last February 6, so it was 3 days and 2 nights stay in the hospital. The rate of St Lukes Global City is not really budget friendly but if the service and food are good, I think it is still worth it. Kung may health card naman, why not.


  1. I agree the rate will be worth it if ganyan kaganda service. Parang hotel lang. To your husband, get well soon po.

  2. Wow, that's a really nice hospital room. I hope your hubby is doing fine after his surgery.

  3. Ooh, I would like that hospital food lol. And the room is hotel lang ang peg. I wouldnt want a staycation there though hehe

  4. Just like what you said, if you have a heatlhcard, why not pick a nice hospital that will give convenience not only to patients but to the companions too.
    Sana public hospitals will be like private hospitals too.

  5. Nice naman pla service and the food kahit mahal s St. Lukes :)

  6. Great accommodation, room is clean and nice. I would choose this kind of hospital too if I can get discount through health card. Guaranteed the service and care for sure. Ang food ang sarap! para nasa hotel lang.

  7. How much was your bill po? I'm about to undergo the same procedure tomorrow. Just want to know if my insurance can afford it. Thank you. I was able to get a small private room.

    1. I can't remember the exact bill pero hindi siya lalagpas ng 150K. Good luck on your procedure.