May 31, 2016

Trip to Tokyo Japan

This is just a summary of our trip from Manila to Tokyo and vice versa. Just to give you an idea, on what to expect or how to travel to Tokyo, Japan. 

Manila to Tokyo 

Japan is on my bucket list so I was really glad when our visas were all approved. I immediately checked the available flight for our schedule. You can choose Narita or Haneda airport if you are going to Tokyo, Japan

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I chose Narita because the flight is earlier but I realized that I should choose Haneda because it is near to Central Tokyo so travel time to Tama Center would be shorter and the fare would be cheaper.

From/To Narita International Airport By Airport Limousine Bus

Time: 120 - 145 min.

Fare: Adult JPY 3,400 Child JPY 1,700 

From/To Haneda Airport By Airport Limousine Bus 

Time: 80 - 120 min.

Fare: Adult JPY 1,540 Child JPY 770 

We left at 2AM in the morning for our 6:30AM flight. Before boarding, we downloaded the myPAL Player for our in-flight entertainment but we were so disappointed na hindi siya available sa flight namin. Waah! It was really a long flight for my son, I did not bring his Ipad pa naman para less bitbitin. 

Anyway, I was glad that they served the meal for kids first so no more long wait for them. There were only two choices so we chose both meals. I thought we have ice cream for dessert just like our Singapore to Manila experience but no ice cream for us, fruits lang ang dessert. Hehehe! So every flight is a different experience.

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After 4 hours we landed in Narita International Airport Terminal 2, we just walked on our way to Immigration. I was surprised to see a Filipina staff at the airport so she checked our immigration card to make sure na tama ang information and she said kahit wala na answer yung sa "money”. I forgot to fill out the back part, may 4 questions pa pala dun. :) 

Then we got our luggage and went to Airport Limousine Bus Ticket Counter. We landed at 11:30AM and the next schedule of the shuttle bus is 2:50PM. Waah! It was really a long wait so no use ang early flight namin, sana nag-Haneda airport na lang kami. We enjoyed our time na lang, people watching while waiting for our airport shuttle bus. 

Then we fell in line, parang airport din. They put a tag on our check-in luggage and you need to show it to get your luggage. The bus is clean and spacious and you need to fasten your seat belt. It is almost 2 hours ride from Narita airport to Tama Center. 

After our long travel, we finally reach the hotel (Keio Plaza Hotel Tama) which is just a 1 minute walk from the bus station.

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Tokyo to Manila 

After 6 days of vacation, we have to say goodbye to Tokyo. We bought our Airport Limousine Bus Ticket at the hotel and there was no extra charge. We just made a reservation and you can pay upon check-out. They gave us the tickets and went to Bus Station 16 as early as 4:30AM for our 5:10AM schedule. 

Again, almost two hours of travel so we just slept on the bus. We were thankful that we arrived on time because our flight is 9:30AM, di yata uso traffic sa Japan. Hehehe! 

We checked-in and went to immigration, on our way to immigration I was nervous because airport staff picked-up my hand carry bag and brought it into inspection table. Kinabahan talaga ko kung ano yung nakita sa bag ko, yung Japanese curry (in sachet) lang pala ang salarin. Bawal nga pala yung liquid and nawala sa isip ko na liquid yung Japanese curry. Pinagsama-sama ko lang kasi sa isang bag lahat ng pasalubong. Grrr, sayang yung Japanese curry. Lesson learned, check maigi ang handcarry bag. 

Then after immigration, I bought Royce Chocolates. Ang sarap mamili kung marami lang pera. Royce Chocolates are really affordable here in Japan pero ang mahal sa Pinas. Panic buying ang iba but I only bought 3 kinds of Royce Chocolates para makatikim lang ulit kami. hehehe!

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We did not wait long, boarding na agad kami and we’re so happy because this time we can watch a movie. Yehey! My in-flight entertainment na. I also noticed that PAL doesn’t provide headset na noh so better bring your own earphones. I watched “Everyday I Love You”

My son borrowed hubby's Ipad so he can watch movies. (no games on the Ipad)

These are the meals from Tokyo to Manila, my husband did not like the Poached COD. Buti na lang beef order namin. Hehehe! 

We really had a great time in Japan and I’ve learned a lot during this vacation which I will share in my upcoming post. 

Day 1 Arrival to Tokyo Japan 

Day 2 Sanrio Puroland 
          Shibuya Crossing + Hachiko Statue
Day 3 Tama Zoological Park 
          Keio Rail-Land
Day 4 Takahata Fudoson Temple 
          Showa Kinen Park 
          IKEA Tachikawa
Day 5 Tokyo DisneySea 
Day 6 Exploring Tama Tokyo 
Day 7 Departure. Tokyo to Manila


  1. A hassle free experience in your flight, maliban lang sa waiting time can't wait for your post for your Japan trip

    1. Yes, yung first day. Sayang yung oras sa paghintay ng bus.

  2. You had the experienced going to Japan and this is great! Your trip makes another amazing moment for you and family.

  3. The Royce chocolates makes me wanna go there. What a steal!

  4. Cant wait to read the Tokyo experience. Im always excited to hear my friend's stories about their travels and its nothing different reading post from online friends as well.

  5. Seems like it was a breeze sa trip nyo. :) Bakit nga ba mahal ng Royce Chocolates dito sa atin? Hehehe! ;P

  6. Japan is one of those places in our family travel bucket list. I'll keep these tips in mind if and when we finally visit the Land of the Rising Sun. Thanks for sharing!

  7. We were lucky we entered via Haneda. We took the Keikyu line to Central Tokyo. We were already at Central Tokyo in 30mins, for a little over Y700. It was fast, easy and cheap 😀. We also devoured on Royce Nama... but cant buy a lot since I was scared they would melt. Super sarap...

    1. If ever we will revisit Japan, Haneda na talaga kami. We bought cooling bag Y100 for the Royce Nama Chocolate. :)

  8. This is a very useful post. If only I can travel to Tokyo soon so that I can try out your suggestions. Nakakakaba nga yung nangyari with your hand carry. Pahamak yung curry. Haha!

    1. Yes, sobrang kabado ko. When I told this to my friend, she said, buti hindi bala nakita. Wala naman siguro laglag bala sa Japan. hehehe!

  9. Is 7 days enough na for Tokyo? :) We are planning to visit Japan too and I've been passively planning pa lang naman.

    1. For me, 7 days are not enough, we haven't visited Tokyo Disneyland and Mt. Fuji due to limited time.

  10. Stayed in Japan for 3 months last 2009 and I must say, Japan is my most favorite place I have visited so far. Looking forward to bring my family there in the future.

  11. I am really looking forward to visit Japan with my family soon.