February 24, 2021

How to Apply for Multiple Entry Japan Tourist Visa

This blog post is sitting in my draft for more than a year already. I was so excited to share this last year because we got a Multiple Entry Japan Tourist Visa but my excitement was gone when COVID19 news broke. We’ve been planning to go back to Japan so we can experience Spring, Fall, or Winter season there. 

In fact, as early as January, I was searching for accommodation and planning for our Osaka-Kyoto-Nara-Kobe trip. We were planning to visit a travel expo so we can score a cheap flight to Japan but all plans were canceled and until now, traveling is still unachievable. I don’t know when everything would be back to normal. I don’t know if we can still use this Japan Tourist Visa because, since last year, tourist visas are suspended. 

Whether we can use this or not, I will just post this to remind me na minsan sa aking buhay nagkaroon ako ng Multiple-Entry Visa. Hehehe! Last October 2019, we visited World Travel Expo and we availed the Japan Visa Processing promo for PHP600 from PHP1,200. It was a good deal already compared to our first Japan Tourist Visa application.  

Japan Visa is free but you cannot apply directly to Japan Embassy, so you need to look for a travel agency to process your visa application. The processing fee depends on the agency that you will choose. You can check the list of authorized travel agencies here. For our first application, sinabay kami ni hubby sa pag-apply niya ng Japan Business Visa through their company accredited travel agency. Unfortunately, their agency is not part of the authorized agency of the Japan Embassy so nadoble tuloy bayad namin because we paid 2 travel agencies, more story on this blog

Anyway, we realized that it is so easy to apply for Japan Visa as long as you have complete requirements but of course, the visa is still subject to their approval. Here is the list of visa requirements for a Japan Tourist Visa from H.I.S. Travel Agency. They sent the list of requirements and forms that we need (via email). We just printed and filled out the forms. 

Requirements for Japan Tourist Visa 

Philippine Passport 
Visa Application Form (A4 Size Paper) Download the application here 
2x2 Photo with White Background 
Original PSA Birth Certificate 
Original PSA Marriage Certificate 
Daily Itinerary in Japan (A4 Size Paper) 
Original Bank Certificate 
Photocopy of Income Tax Return, Form 2316 or 1701 
HIS Authorization Letter (A4 Size, signed per applicant) 
Request for Multiple Entry (optional, not guaranteed) 


A. Since I’m a housewife, the staff asked me to write a letter of explanation why I don’t have an ITR or Income Tax Return. 

B.They asked my husband to sign the Letter of Guarantee for me and my son. 

“I will guarantee the following items regarding the above-mentioned applicant’s entry into Japan: 

1. Expenses for the applicant’s stay in Japan 
2. Return travel expenses 
3. Compliance with Japanese laws and regulations” 

C. This was our second Japan Tourist Visa application but they still require us to submit the original PSA birth certificate and marriage certificate. Ganun daw talaga if you are applying as a family. 

D. They require us to submit the passport where our Japan Visas were issued. So we submitted our old and new passports.

E. This time, we submit a letter of request for a Multiple Entry Visa, this was part of the forms that were sent to us so print lang din namin. We did not do this during our first application, hindi rin kami aware na pwede pala magrequest. 

January 6, 2020 - submitted our application at H.I.S Travel Agency 
January 7, 2020 - visa approved; Multiple Entry for 5 years 
January 8, 2020 - passport our ready for pick-up 

Japan Tourist Visa Expense 

Photo PHP255 (PHP85 per person) 
PSA PHP720 (3 Birth Certificate and 1 Marriage Certificate) 
Japan Visa Processing PHP1800 (P600 per head) 
Bank Certificate Free (use our voucher) 

Total: P2,275 

We spent PHP2,275 for something that we haven’t used but I’m hoping and praying na in the future, we can still use this. May 4 years pa naman na natitira. Hehehe!

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