March 28, 2017

Lunch at Four Seasons Buffet and Hotpot City

If you still remember my post, I celebrated my birthday at Four Seasons Buffet and Hotpot City at SM MOA by the Bay branch. It is too far from our place but since it was my birthday, dinayo namin.

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Last year, I learned that they already have a branch here in the South so malapit-lapit na sa amin. I was planning to eat here after my son’s Recognition Day but unfortunately, coding kami sa araw na yun. 

So we celebrated in advance na lang, hehehe! I was so happy because we did not spend anything for this celebration. Two weeks ago, we received FREE eGift credits and one of the partner merchants is Four Seasons Buffet and Hotpot City so I redeemed P3000 worth of gift vouchers. 

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My husband called to reserve a table but he was advised na “walk-in” na lang so last Sunday, as early as 9AM off we went to SM Southmall. We registered and pang #4 na kami. Start of buffet is still 11AM but they start calling the number before 11AM. 

The branch in SM Southmall is not that big if I will compare it to SM MOA by the Bay. But what I like it here, we have our own stove and hotpot. We can choose our own Shabu Shabu broth and cook our own food, no sharing na. 

They will give you their Soup Menu and you can choose from the following: Pork Soup, Chicken Soup, Fish Soup, Sinigang Soup, Sukiyaki, Miso Soup, Chinese Herbs, Haidilao Tomato Soup, Haidilao Pickled vegetable, Haidilao Mala Soup, Haidilao Mushroom Soup and Sate Soup. 

We chose pork soup, chicken soup, sate soup and haidilao clear soup. Just like the other branches, they have different sections where you can get meat, seafood, vegetable, desserts, drinks and even cooked food.

 Two years ago, there is no steak or lechon in their buffet but now meron na. Yey!

The serving of the sliced meat is already limited compared to my first experience, which is okay for me to avoid leftover. There is an additional charge for leftover. My son had fun in cooking his own food na pinaubos din sa akin. Hehehe! Click here for the video.

I like the puto bumbong here.

When we asked for the bill, the staff suggested na magdessert pa ulit kami or coffee and tea. As much as we wanted to stay pa, we were in a hurry because we need to watch the Beauty and Beast movie at 1PM. I hope next time, we can stay long at ng masulit namin ang buffet rate, expensive na kasi siya e. Good thing, we got it for FREE. 

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Four Seasons Buffet and Hotpot City Rate 


Weekday Lunch: P688 
Weekday Dinner: P888 
Holiday and Weekends Lunch and Dinner P888

Kids below 3ft: FREE 

Kids 3ft -4ft 

Weekday Lunch P188 
Weekday Dinner P288 
Holiday and Weekend Lunch and Dinner P288 

Kids 4ft - 6ft 

Weekday Lunch P388 
Weekday Dinner P588 
Holiday and Weekend Lunch and Dinner P588 

Prices are subject to 5% service charge 

Four Seasons Buffet and Hotpot City Branches 

SM Southmall 
SM MOA by the Bay 


  1. I'm drooling! I love buffets! I haven't tried this [restaurant] yet, and their branch at Araneta is the nearest sa place namin. If it's part of the Vikings group well, I'm expecting that the food is superb. When we go to MOA I'll ask my hubby to visit Four Seasons :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ay grabe, kahit masira ang braces ko, di ko papatawarin ang buffet na 'to! Nakapako ang mata ko sa lechon! waaaa! Sarap!!! Mejo expensive nga sya, pero siguro kung minsan lang, pupunta ako dito. hehe.

    1. Yes, expensive pero paminsan-minsan ok din naman magbuffet. :)

  3. Love eating nowadays. Perhaps because I am pregnant and I crave most of the time. I just dont enjoy buffet thst much as parang sasabog ang tyan ko. I should know how to manage lang siguro what to get and not. Love kakanin as well. Ehehe. But not much of puto bumbong.

    1. True, sa totoo lang mahina kami sa buffet but we enjoy every experience naman, we just choose lang yung gusto lang talaga namin kainin.

  4. We were supposed to try this nung birthday ni mommy kaso sobrang traffic sa Alabang-Zapote Rd (what's new, hehe). Ganyan pala itsura inside, nakakatakam lahat ng food! :)

    1. Always traffic noh? Kaya lagi kami lunch if punta paAlabang para makauwi ng maaga.

  5. I know this one! We've been eyeing Four Seasons at SM Southmall kaso buntis pa ako and have to be on a diet. Kaya next time na lang. I would love to try their buffet. Nakakagutom tuloy! :D

    1. Sarap pa naman kumain pagpreggy, iba ang appetite. But self-control is a must or else baka maCS sa laki ng baby. hehehe!