July 24, 2017

Støvelfossen in Norway

While we’re eating at Melissa restaurant, my aunt asked what is our plan for the approaching holiday. Apparently, May 1 is also Labor Day in Norway, I thought sa Pilipinas lang ang holiday. If the weather is nice, my mom planned to visit Åfjord or Mussels Picking.  

We experienced mussels picking during our first visit in Norway but according to my mom, hindi na siya season but we still tried our luck so we went to Bruholmen to check if there is mussels or crabs. Unfortunately, we did not see anything. 

Fast forward to May 1, it was sunny so my mom decided to pursue our trip to Åfjord. It is more or less one-hour scenic drive from Ørland, whenever we’re on the road we always check if we can see moose, venison or sheep. We’re lucky to see these animals even from afar. 

On our way to Åfjord, my mom pointed this mountain at the right side of the road. They have a painting of this mountain where you can see a side view face. Thanks to my mom's camera lens, nazoom ng bonnga. Hindi kita face sa camera ko. hehehe!

After one hour, we reached our destination. Ito na pala yung falls na sinasabi ng mom ko. I was expecting a different kind of waterfalls, yung nakita ko sa Pilipinas. Hehehe! We just parked the car and slowly go down to the platform. Part of the stairs was damaged maybe because of the heavy snow during the winter. 

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Nevertheless, the Støvelfossen view is still nice. We’re glad to see another beautiful nature in Norway. My stepdad mentioned that during summer, you can see a lot of salmons in the area and they are jumping into the waterfalls. Åfjord is known for salmon fishing but we did not see any salmon during our visit. 

Watch the video here

After several minutes, we went back to the city center to look for a place where we can eat. It was a holiday so establishments are closed. We saw a picnic table near the Åfjord church so we ate our snacks first before we went home.


  1. The visit would surely be a lot more fun and exciting if you've seen those salmon jumping up and down. The thought makes me smile, too. Ihihi.

  2. We've never seen a waterfalls up close so we'd be thrilled to see that one. Siguro marami na kasi kayong nakitang waterfalls kaya nagulat ka hihi. Ganda! Love your trip.

  3. Wow mukang nasulit mo Mommy Michi ang Norway. More Norway posts pa para feeling namin nakapag Norway na din kami. Thanks for bringing us there thru your posts. :)