July 02, 2018

Thailand: Shopping at IKEA Bangna

One of my happy places is IKEA, I love visiting their stores if I have a chance so when we went to Bangkok, Thailand. I really added IKEA to our itinerary and it is non-negotiable. Hehehe! IKEA is located outside Bangkok so it is quite far. If you remember my old post, my husband went to IKEA Bangna two years ago and after his first visit, hindi na naulit.  

But since I was with him last summer, the day before our flight we went to IKEA Bangna. You can take a taxi or BTS Skytrain then ride the complimentary IKEA shuttle. We’re supposed to take a taxi on our way to IKEA but we’re waiting at the hotel lobby for 30 minutes and walang taxi na gusto maghatid dun. Then the hotel staff gave us a map and instructed us how we can reach IKEA via train. 

How to get to IKEA Bangna 

1. Taxi (THB300) 
2. Ride BTS Skytrain and alight at Udomsuk Station. Take a taxi to IKEA. 
3. Ride BTS Skytrain and alight at Udomsuk Station, go to Exit 5 and wait for IKEA Shuttle Bus. Service hours; 9AM from Udomsuk BTS station to 22:30 from IKEA Bangna 

According to their site, the bus leaves every 30 minutes but based on our experience, we waited for more than 30 minutes. We are just standing while waiting for the bus and we can inhale all the pollution. When the bus arrives, they only have limited seats so nakatayo ulit. After several minutes, the bus dropped us off at the unloading area then we entered the mall till we reach IKEA Bangna. We just asked for directions because we can’t see the entrance of the IKEA store. 

IKEA Restaurant & Cafe 

I was glad when I finally saw the IKEA store. Of course, before shopping, we ate dinner first so we have the energy to explore the store. The restaurant was not crowded so looking for a table is not a problem. IKEA Restaurant & Cafe is a self-service restaurant so you will get your food and drinks, then pay at the cashier. 

The menu is a little bit different here in Thailand. If I remember it right, there were no Swedish Meatballs at that time so my son ordered the Chicken Meatballs THB50 then he added French Toast THB15 and Almond Cake THB65. I ordered Salmon THB200 and added Blueberry Cheesecake THB85. My husband ordered Chicken (spicy), Sausage and Almond Cake THB65. Refillable Drink is THB25

IKEA Store 

After our hearty meal, we started shopping. I think this is the biggest IKEA that I have visited. We’re really tired after checking the store. It is big compared to IKEA that we have visited in Japan and Singapore. Kaya pala ayaw na balikan ni hubby, napapagod siya. Hehehe! 

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We have 90 + 10 kilos(bonus) check-in baggage allowance so I can even buy a shoe cabinet if I wanted but the problem is we don’t have enough space in the car or maski sa taxi na maghahatid sa amin sa airport hindi magakakasya gamit namin. So I just buy the things that will fit our luggage. I’m really hoping na matapos na yung IKEA Philippines so I can buy the things that I like. 

After paying and packing our stuff, we were surprised when we went out, it was raining so it is a challenge for us to get a taxi. So even there was a line at the taxi stand, naiiwan kami because the taxi will choose other passengers. 

We waited for more than 30 minutes and finally may pumayag na rin. Sa sobrang tagal namin, maski yung nagtatawag ng taxi natuwa na rin na may pumayag. It was raining so traffic is also bad, the taxi meter is THB180+ only but the taxi driver asked for THB300. Yes, same sa Pinas, they don’t follow meter. We just let it go, mas importante sa amin is makabalik ng hotel. 

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Four Points by Sheraton Bangkok 

IKEA Bangna 
38 Moo 6 Bangna-Trad km. 
8 Bangkaew Sub-District Bangplee District, 
Samutprakarn 10540 
Hours: 10AM–10PM 
Phone: +66 2 708 7999 

IKEA Restaurant & CafĂ© 
Open 9:30 - 21:30 hrs


  1. start na ng construction! pero 2020 pa daw. Sana mura din at masarap food!

    1. Wow, that's good news. Akala ko after 5 years pa e kasi malaki daw itatayo. Malapit-lapit na kung 2020.

  2. I can't wait for Ikea to open in Manila. I love their products- sturdy, simple/clean design and priced reasonably.

    1. True, simple and easy to assemble yung products.

  3. After reading your blogs for a while, I've noticed your penchant for Ikea stores haha! It does look big. I have never been to one, though, but I think I'll be drawn to it myself when I do.

    1. Yes, ever since I'm a kid I always browse their catalogue so it is one of my dream to visit one. So now, I'm happy na nakakavisit din pag may chance. :)

  4. I can't wait for IKEA to open in Manila. I can already imagine it's going to be one of my favorite place to shop. Goodbye budget.

  5. I already been 2 time at Ikea Bangna in Bangkok; I love that the place is huge and even in weekend is not that crowded. Hopefully it would be coming in the next years to Myanmar as well!

    1. We're also waiting for IKEA Philippines too. :)