July 08, 2016

Japan: IKEA Tachikawa

If Disneyland is my son’s happy place, IKEA is my happy place. When I was a kid, whenever I visit my aunt’s house, I always checked her IKEA magazine collection. I enjoy browsing IKEA magazine and dreaming that I will have my own house someday. 

Since then, I’ve been meaning to visit IKEA and I even included that in my itinerary when we went to Singapore two years ago. But unfortunately, after getting off the train, I can’t find the shuttle bus going to IKEA Tampines. I don’t want to take a taxi because taxi in SG is expensive so we just went back to hotel ng sawi. 

So I was really surprised when I saw IKEA on our way to Showa Kinen Park, a part of me wants to cancel our trip in the park and just spend our time in IKEA. Hahaha! But I have to fulfill my promise to my son so we went to the park first and rode a pedal boat. 

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After our trip to the park, even my feet and legs were aching, I will not miss the opportunity of visiting the store. So while my husband and son were relaxing on the couch, I explore IKEA. I wanted to buy a lot like a cabinet, bookshelves and storage bins but I know na mahihirapan ko iuwi yun at baka may tax pa pagdating ng Pinas.

How I wish we have IKEA here in the country, I’ve been checking one local store here in the Philippines that has IKEA products but of course, mahal na siya and medyo malayo din sa amin so I’m just browsing their products online. I will visit if my budget permits. 

 Anyway, I still bought few stuff na maisisingit ko sa luggage. The Kalas spoon and fork, bowl, plates, and glasses are 199 yen per pack lang. The Istad 299 yen (storage bag), Graddsas Cream Sauce is 245 yen, Choklad Ljus (milk chocolate 97 yen and with nuts is 130 yen). The chocolate is yummy, sayang I only bought few pieces. Do the math and you will know that it is affordable.

I’m not prepared so I don’t have an eco-bag with me and nakabili na ko when I realized na di pala uso dun ang plastic, bring your own bag pala ang peg. So I just wrapped my stuff in the paper and pilit namin pinagkasya sa bag namin. Hahaha! Lesson learned, always bring eco-bag. 

After shopping, hmmm, parang ang daming pinamili. Hehehe! I was excited to eat Swedish meatball for dinner so I was really disappointed when I saw that there is no Swedish meatball. Waah! Anyway, we still ate snacks because their meal is very affordable. 

For the last few days, I’ve been buying ice cream cone/cup for 300 yen and I can’t believe na 50 yen lang sa IKEA. The hotdog with unlimited drinks 150 yen lang, Oh my goodness, ilipat nga ito sa Tama Center. Hehehe! Take note, you have to order in their food vending machine, get your food, drinks and condiments and clean before you leave.

IKEA Tachikawa 

6, Midori-cho, 
Tachikawa, Tokyo 190-0014 

7 minutes walk from Takamatsu station for Tama monorail.

Estimated time to Takamatsu station 
25 min from Tama center station 
15 min from Takahatafudo station 
7 min from Tamagawajyosui


  1. I've never been to any Ikea store, but I hear a lot of wonderful things about it. Well, I do hope one day, itatagpo din kami ng tadhana ng tindahang to. haha.

  2. It's also my dream to go to an Ikea store!!

  3. If only IKEA is just like malls, it would be all around PH for sure.

  4. Sis this is my wish din to visit IKEA or magkaron ng IKEA dito sa Philippines :-) sabi nila mura cabinet and table dito :-)