August 30, 2018

Brunch at Cafe Mary Grace

Since last week, my son was busy practicing for their Cheers and Yells. They have this yearly competition in their school from Grade 1 to Grade 6. I was not able to watch their past competition since there was no invitation, feeling ko for students lang. But after few years, I learned na pwede naman pala manood ang parents so I asked my son if he wants us to watch his competition. He said, “No, it’s embarrassing”. Kaloka, nahihiya na siya na ngayon, e since preschool nanonood naman kami. 

My husband was free so we went to school to watch their Cheers and Yells, my son was surprised when he saw us in the Audigym, #stageparents hehehe! We’re happy to see his performance and to watch other grade levels performance too. How I wish, alam ko na pwede manood parents, sana since Grade 1 napanood ko para may pictures and videos. And bonus pa, nagchampion pa sila, they beat the Grade 5 and 6 level. Sulit yung pagbili ko ng white shorts for their costume. Second time na nila nagchampion. Pero first time daw nagchampion ang grade 4 since the year 1985. 

Grade 1 (2015) - 1st runner up 
Grade 2 (2016) - Champion 
Grade 3 (2017) - No Cheers and Yells Competition 
Grade 4 (2018) - Champion 

After watching, it is time for errands but we decided to eat brunch first kasi magugutom na naman ko sa pila sa bank and SSS. We dropped by at Southwoods Mall just to eat, nag-iisip ako kung ano pa ba ang hindi namin nakainan sa Southwoods Mall and I remember Cafe Mary Grace. They recently opened a branch here. Yey! 

The last time that we ate at Cafe Mary Grace was five years ago pa at Alabang Town Center branch. I remember that they don’t have rice meals, more on desserts and pasta sila so hindi na naulit. Just this year, I learned that they have a branch in Festival Mall so I was able to buy cheese roll and ensaymada pag napapadaan. 

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Cafe Mary Grace Festival Mall

Yesterday, we had brunch at Cafe Mary Grace and I was glad that they already improved their menu. They have rice meals na rin. We ordered Seafood Pasta P350 and Sirloin Beef Tapa with Egg P398. There were only few diners so our orders were served after 15 minutes. 

The Seafood Pasta is a medley of fresh clams, mussels, prawns, cream dory, squid with herbs, mushrooms, and olives. My husband said it was yummy and he finished everything and no doubt that it is one of the best sellers. I was surprised when I saw the Sirloin Beef Tapa, ang dami pala serving so it is good for sharing if you have kids na kasama. It has side dishes pa and sarap na sarap si hubby dun. I did not try it kasi hindi ko mahilig sa may vinegar na food except adobo and daing na bangus. The price is a little bit pricey buti na lang masarap food and service is good.

Update March 2019: Lunch at Cafe Mary Grace

Yey, finally school year 2018-2019 is already over. We attended my son's recognition because he got "Gold Eagle Award" and before we went home we dropped by at Southwoods Mall. We went straight to Cafe Mary Grace for our lunch, we ordered Pork Tocino P348, Spanish Sardines P358 and Seafood Pasta P390.

The last time we ate at Cafe Mary Grace (Festival Mall) was last November 2018 so I was really surprised when I saw their menu, there was P40 price increase na agad sa mga meals nila. Waah! Masakit na sa bulsa kumain sa Cafe Mary Grace.

My husband ordered seafood pasta before and he liked it very much so he wants to order it again. But I don’t want to eat rice meal so I told him to order other pasta na lang because I want to try the Seafood Pasta. Hehehe!

So he ordered Spanish Sardines & Olives, the pasta was cooked in spanish sardines, garlic, olive oil and topped with tomatoes and mushrooms. The taste is just okay, maasim daw masyado. He was able to finish the pasta but it is not something that he would order again.

My son ordered Pork Tocino with scrambled eggs and rice (choice of garlic rice or plain rice). This is part of their all-day breakfast menu, the meal includes homemade pickled mangoes, tomato wansoy salsa, and vinegar. My husband ate the side dish because that is his favorite too.

My son almost finished this meal, as in mga dalawang subo na lang ng kanin ang natira. I was really surprised because when I ate the Sirloin Tapa and Vigan Longganisa, hindi ko nga halos maubos so I thought pwede kami magshare ng anak ko if ever kasama na namin siya sa Cafe Mary Grace. Hindi pala. Toinks!

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Cafe Mary Grace Festival Mall  
Cafe Mary Grace Alabang Town Center 

Cafe Mary Grace
Ground Floor, Garden Atrium,
Southwoods Mall,
Brgy. San Francisco, Southwoods City,
BiƱan, Laguna
Monday - Sunday 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM

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