October 17, 2018

Cafe Mary Grace Cakes and Pastries

I started limiting my carb and sugar intake last year + exercise and I was so happy that slowly, I’m losing weight. But when summer vacation came, I totally forgot about my diet and exercise. Just this month, I bought clothes online and when my order came, one blouse did not fit me well, kasya naman huwag nga lang ko hihinga. My mom even asked me kung nagdadiet pa ko, kasi mukha na daw ko mataba ulit. So I checked my photos and weight. Reality bites, I’m almost back to my old weight.
“My life is a constant battle between my love for food and not wanting to get fat” 

Anyare! Napasarap ko ng kain ulit. Hahaha! In addition, may branch na ng Cafe Mary Grace na malapit sa amin so I’m starting to try their cakes and pastries. Yes, sugar overload. Take note, I’m just buying the mini cake pero ang calories hindi nawawala.
“Calories, tiny creatures that live in your wardrobe and sew your clothes a little bit tighter every night” 

Anyway, I don’t know when I will start my diet and exercise again but for now, let me share the cakes and pastries that we have tried in Cafe Mary Grace.

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Cafe Mary Grace is very popular with their ensaymada because their cafe started with ensaymada. It was the year 1994 when Mary Grace started selling ensaymada and cheese rolls in the bazaar. After several years, she opened her first kiosk in Glorietta, then her first cafe in Serendra, and the rest is now history.

So when we first dined at Cafe Mary Grace, we ordered their famous ensaymada. The classic ensaymada is made of butter, eggs and topped with Edam Cheese. The bread is soft, whether grilled or not. It is best paired with their chocolate drink daw but I haven’t tried it yet, maybe next time. You can buy their ensayamada per piece for P85 but if you want to save money, buy 6, 8 or 12 pieces so you can get discount. They also offer ensaymada with a twist too.

I remember, when I attended a baking class, while we’re making ensaymada, nashare din nung chef yung story ng Cafe Mary Grace.

Cheese Roll 

Aside from ensaymada, Cafe Mary Grace is also famous for their classic or grilled cheese roll. You can buy this at P55 per piece or buy 6 or 12 pieces for a discount. I always buy this, since mas mura siya kaysa sa ensaymada. Hehehe! The cheese roll is still soft kahit galing fridge pa siya, so I can eat it kahit hindi ko na initin pa.


When my husband celebrated his birthday at Sambokojin, I bought a Mini Tiramisu before going home. It is a simple coffee-brandy sponge cake with cream filling. We also enjoyed this cake.

PHP1125 - Whole
Chocolate Cake 

My son likes chocolate cake so every birthday celebration niya, yun ang gusto niya. So I bought Mini Chocolate Cake P320. It is made of premium Belgian Chocolate with a creamy custard filling. So if you are a chocolate lover, you will love this. It is not overly sweet too, mas matamis pa yung Contis Chocolate Cake.

Classic Cheesecake 

I also bought Mini Classic Cheesecake P390. It is simple cream cheese with graham cracker crust. The taste is good but I still prefer the cheesecake of Calea in Bacolod, ang layo lang. Hehehe!

Mango Bene

Mango Bene is a frozen layer of meringue, custard cream, and mangoes. It is not overly sweet but I prefer Mango Bravo of Contis, nangingilo kasi ko sa frozen mango.

Toasted Almond Sansrival

This Sansrival is adorned with toasted almonds, hindi tinipid sa almonds. The price of this mini sansrival is P595, isang kainan lang namin 3. It is more or less PHP200 for a dessert per person. Mas sulit siguro pag whole na lang bibilhin PHP1,595.

Update: August 2020

When community quarantine became less strict, my husband was able to visit the mall and buy cakes and pastries. He either visits Red Ribbon or Cafe Mary Grace. He bought Ensaymada PHP658 (6pcs), Cheese roll PHP404 (6pcs), Chocolate cake PHP1,129 for Mother's Day, Toasted Almond Sanrival, Tiramisu PHP1,125 for my birthday, and Cafe Mary Grace Cheesecake P1,238 for my his birthday. I was surprised when I saw the receipts parang masakit na sa bulsa ang presyo. hehehe!

Update: October 2023

Sea Salt Caramel Vanilla

We usually order their Classic Cheesecake but I saw this Sea Salt Caramel Vanilla PHP1628 so for a change, I bought it for my son’s birthday. It is a chiffon cake with caramel, vanilla bean cream, sea salt, and chocolate feuilletine. We liked this cake so much na in less than 48 hours, naubos namin tatlo. Hehehe!

Update: February 2024

Banana Bella

For the past few months, I've been buying Sea Salt Caramel Vanilla so this month, I tried a new dessert which is Banana Bella PHP1527. This pie is a layer of bananas, Belgian truffle ganache, custard cream, and buttery pie crust. Another version of Banoffee pie, the taste is good but I won't lie, my family still prefers the Banapple version. 

Compared to other bakeshops, their price is a little bit expensive but so far, all that we have tried are delicious. Cafe Mary Grace makes sure that their baked goods are all handmade, and homemade and they only use all-natural and wholesome ingredients and have no additives, colorings, or preservatives.

Care to share your favorites at Cafe Mary Grace.

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