January 08, 2019

Art Craze Paint by Number Kit Experience

Last year, I was thinking of a gift that my son would appreciate. I always follow my gift-giving philosophy so it would be easy to choose.

Something they want 
Something they need 
Something to wear 
Something to read 

I gifted him a book last year but as usual, he didn’t appreciate it that much because he is not fond of reading books unless he is the one who chose that book. Hehehe! Then I remembered that he enjoys painting, I bought his first painting kit a few years ago and the rest is history.

Craft Easy Canvas Painting Kit
Painting by Numbers
Painting at Sip & Gogh
DIY Christmas Painting 

I ordered Paint by Number Kit online, this is bigger compared to his previous painting kits so he has something to do during his Christmas break. As I mentioned in my Instagram post, my number one dilemma every school break is yung favorite line ng anak ko “Mommy, I’m bored”. He is not allowed to use his gadgets every weekdays kahit school break pa  so yan lagi niya sinasabi. And I always tell him, nung bata ko hindi naman uso gadget pero hindi ako nabobored. Hehehe!

Anyway, I wrapped my gift and put it under the Christmas tree. In my mind my son will like my gift but after few days, my husband told me “Ayaw daw ni Ethan nung malaki na canvas”. Waah! My husband was browsing his Facebook newsfeed and he saw my gift online and he asked my son kung gusto niya ng ganun? My son said yes, but ayaw daw niya ng malaki at mahirap.

So nagkaproblema ko bigla and naghanap na naman ng gift. I remembered Art Craze- Paint by Numbers, I already knew this store pero malayo yung store niya sa amin. I was browsing their Instagram feed and then I saw Pikachu. My son likes Pokemon so I’m pretty sure that he will like this so I asked for the price and shipping fee.

Art Craze Paint by Number Sizes and Prices

10x15cm - P180
20x20cm - P480
25x25cm - P580
20x30cm - P680
30x40cm - P800
40x40cm - P1000
40x50cm - P1300

Shipping Rates 

Courier Rates (LBC, JRS, etc) 

10x15cm, 20x20cm, 20x30cm 
Metro Manila - P100 to P150 Luzon P260, Visayas - P280 and Mindanao - P300

25x25cm, 30x40cm, 40x40, 40x50cm 
Metro Manila - P150 to P180 Luzon - P260, Visayas - P280 and Mindanao - P300

Grab Express/Lalamove same-day delivery/Provincial bus: Estimate quotation can be requested
Free shipping for orders P4000 and up within the Philippines.

We only have few days before Christmas so I don’t want to order online at baka 2019 ko na mareceived yung package. But since it was Christmas Season, they had booth at World Bazaar Festival. My husband asked them if the canvas is available at the Bazaar and they said yes. So after my husband got his visa, we dropped by at World Trade Center. May entrance fee siya so ako na lang bumaba and I just looked for their booth.

Unfortunately, the canvas was not available there. I was a bit disappointed kasi nagmessaged pa kami and dinayo ko pa sa World Bazaar Festival yun tapos wala. Good thing, there is another Pikachu Canvas so I bought it. The canvas is really small, I’m aware of the 10x15cm size pero iba pa rin pag nakita mo in person. Kasing laki lang ng postcard but it has easel, palette, paint brush and 8 paint colors. It has a box too so mukha ng presentable for gifts. The box has instructions too.

Painting Preparation

- moisten brushes which will be used for painting
- prepare a glass with water
- prepare newspapers and place it on the desktop where you will be painting

Start Painting 

Step 1: Open the box, bring our the canvas, paint brushes, tubes of paint with numbers and wooden frame.
Step 2: Match the color with the numbers on the canvas.
Step 3: Fill in the zone one by one, or according to the sequence of the colors from light to dark. If painting a face, it is better to start with the eyes first and then the other smaller parts of the painting before doing the rest.
Step 4: Check your work and see if you missed any spot. Continue on the next number until you finish with the last color available.

My son was happy when he opened his gift and he started painting it after Christmas. He was busy for two days. Even it was just a small canvas, ang tagal din niya natapos. Once dry kasi, inulit pa niya para mas okay yung colors. After he finished this, I asked him kung gusto pa niya and he said no. Hahaha! Napagod na siya so mukhang ako na lang magpaint nung una ko na nabili.