December 11, 2015

Gift Giving Philosophy

Christmas is fast approaching and we only have two weeks from now to prepare for the season. Honestly, I haven’t finished my list yet even I started buying gifts since last month. I just could not find time to go to the mall and buy everything that I need, nakakapagod din. Maybe next year, I will start my shopping as early as October. Hehehe! 

For the last few years, I’ve been following this gift giving philosophy in choosing gifts for my son. It really helps me in buying gifts. 

Something they want... 

This is very easy because my son will always tell me his wants so I just take note everything so he can get it on his birthday or Christmas. But I don’t really buy everything on his list, of course, it still depends on our budget. 

Something they need...

I buy something that I think my son needs but it is not in his “want list”. Just like his 7th birthday. I feel that he needs to replace his rubber shoes but he is not asking for it. You can also buy things for his hobbies, school or everyday need. 

Something to wear...

I buy clothes, shoes, watches, jewelry or anything that he can wear. This is easy because every year, we really buy clothes for him kasi mabilis lumaki.

Something to read... 

My son is not fond of reading books but I want him to like books so I make sure that he will read a book before going to bed except for days that we are not at home. Last year, I gave him 365 bedtime stories so he has no excuse not to read a book. This year, I bought Children’s Bible Stories. 

Every year, I buy 3 gifts so I just choose from this gift-giving philosophy. One from my daddy, one from mommy and one from Wowa since my mom sends cash gift and I will be the one to buy. Care to share your gift-giving philosophy.


  1. We basically have the same guidelines when it comes to giving gifts. In addition to your list, I buy practical and functional items.

  2. I have same thing as you do too Sis. Gifts that they can use, need, wear and read. Your not alone, I'm not done shopping as well. kakapagod at hirap daming tao.

  3. I am still planning to buy gifts. Hopefully this coming weekend.

  4. We are almost done with our Christmas shopping and we always make sure it is useful for each of our family member.

  5. Nice philosophy. Might try to do the same thing too!

  6. This is nice sis, atleast madali mag-isip. I also start buying books for our son since hilig naman nya magbasa. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  7. Nice idea you got there! :) As for me I buy something very useful. :D

    Happy Christmas to you and your family! ;)