May 09, 2019

Oslo Airport to Elverum Station via NSB Train

We’re back in Norway last month and we stayed in my sister’s house in Elverum for the first few days. Oslo Norway is more or less two hours away from Elverum via car, bus or train. My sister was supposed to pick us up but there was an emergency so she could not make it. My mom informed me that she will just meet us at Elverum Station.

This was the first time that we are going to travel in Norway without my mom so I was a little bit worried because

1. We don’t know where is the train station.
2. We are not sure if the Ticket Counter is already open by the time that we arrived.
3. We are not sure if we can make it on time, 8:59AM is the first trip and the next one is 14:59.
4. We don’t know if our credit card or debit card will work in Europe.

Fast forward to our trip, after getting our luggage, we immediately look for the train station. I was thankful that we did not have a hard time looking for the train station. We just followed the sign to Train Station. We did not see any ticket counter so we bought our ticket at Automated Ticket Machine. There is English translation so just follow the steps.

Our dilemma began when the machine was rejecting our credit card, we tried it twice but payment cannot go through. We used our debit card and at last, we were able to purchase our train ticket. 650 NOK for two adults and 1 Kid.

Oslo Lufthavn to Elverum Station via NSB Train (Oslo Airport to Elverum Station) 

It was past 8AM but we just stayed at the train station even we were freezing because we don’t want to miss our train. Travel time is 1 hour and 36 minutes, after 3 stops, we need to transfer train at Hamar Station. There is no assigned seat number so we just sit anywhere, the conductor will check your ticket.

There is a small screen where you can look for your train destination. There is an announcement few minutes before the train stop but don’t expect for English Translation. Good thing I took note the different stops and time just to make sure that we will not get lost. I saw a vending machine inside the train so you can buy drinks or snacks. I'm thankful for free wifi on the train.

08.59 Track 1 R10
Line R10 towards Lillehammer List of stops: 3 stops Duration (51min)
Arrival at Hamar Track 1

We got off at Hamar Station and we transferred to Track 2. There is already a train at the Hamar Station but we don’t know if that is our train. Good thing that we saw the conductor so we asked if that train is going to Elverum and he said yes. I realized that it is not easy to travel by train in Norway because most of the trains are elevated so we have to lift our luggage just to get in. It is not easy since we have three luggage. We just followed the seat number that was printed on our ticket. The conductor will check your ticket.

Departing from Hamar Track 2
Line Region towards Røros List of stops: 2 stop Duration (24min)
Arrival Elverum at 10.35

Finally, we arrived at Elverum after two stops. We were waiting for the door to open, then one passenger pointed us the button that we need to press. Keep in mind that there are trains that you need to press the button to open the door. lol

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Oslo Airport to Elverum Train Station Video

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