April 09, 2019

Biyaheng Europe: Manila Philippines to Elverum Norway

Several years ago, I’ve been dreaming to go back to Norway with my family and my dream became a reality two years ago. I never thought that my son will love and enjoy Norway. So I was really surprised when he said: “See you after 2 or 3 years”. What!?! Ganun kabilis? Parang ang mura ng pamasahe? We told him that airfare is expensive so it will take time before we can visit Norway again.

Since then, we are saving again for our Norway trip. Last quarter of the year was a bit challenging so we’re not sure if we can push our trip, dami kasi expenses related to health. But one thing I realized, “Life is short, we don’t know kung hanggang kelan kami healthy na pwede pa magtravel so let us enjoy the present”

Start of the year 2019, I became busy preparing for our Schengen Visa Application. We need to apply for our visa before my husband leaves for his USA Trip. Good thing that we got our Schengen visa after few days of application and we bought our plane ticket at Philippine Travel Tour Expo before my husband’s flight.

We want to save money for our airfare so we booked Clark to Oslo to Clark ticket. Yes, even we add the gasoline, toll fees, and kahit pa yung effort. Mas malaki tipid if we will fly in Clark Airport, in addition, mas mura Park N Fly fee sa Clark.

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Fast forward to our trip, we left past 10AM for our 6:30AM flight. From our house, we traveled more or less 4 hours because of the EDSA traffic. By the time we arrived, Qatar Airways counter is already open for check-in. We fill out a form + departure card while waiting for our turn then off we went to our Boarding Gate.

Terminal Fee 

I was surprised when we need to pay for the Terminal Fee, I have no idea na hindi pa siya included sa airfare, nasanay ko sa NAIA. Travel Tax lang pala yung kasama sa ticket. So at Clark International Airport, you need to pay the terminal fee whether domestic or international flight at the airport.

Terminal Fee P600 x 3
Total PHP1800

Clark International Airport Boarding Gate

I thought they have no airport lounge at the CIA but we saw two airport lounges at the boarding gate. Few months ago, we did not see any airport lounge when we went to Batanes, baka sa Domestic Flight ng Clark, walang lounge. Anyway, we just stayed in the boarding area since we did not bring the credit card (with airport lounge access). Staying at the boarding gate is not a problem because it is not crowded so we have enough space. There are food stalls and souvenir shops where you can buy your last minute pasalubong.

Qatar Airways 

We’re happy that flight is on-time because I was worried that we might miss our connecting flight if there will be flight delays. This was our first time flying with Qatar Airways and so far we have no regrets.

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Clark for Doha 10 hrs and 5 min 
Layover 1h and 55 min 
Doha to Oslo 6h and 45 min 

Oslo Airport 

After 19 hours of traveling from Clark Aiport, we finally reached Oslo Airport. This was my third visit in Norway, but this was also the first time that the Immigration Officer asked for my invitation letter and return ticket. So ang dami check ng documents and type-type sa computer niya. It was past 7:30AM and I was worried because we need to catch our 8:59AM train. I felt relieved when the IO already stamped our passport.

Oslo Airport Train Station 

Then we went straight to Baggage Claim Area to get our luggage and off we went to Oslo Airport Train Station. Oslo Airport is always my layover whenever we visit my mom but this was the first time na nakalabas talaga ko ng airport. This time no more connecting flight to Trondheim because we’re going to stay in Elverum.

My sister was supposed to fetch us at the airport but because of an unexpected event, she could not make it so our adventure begins. We can buy a train ticket online, train ticket counter and ticket machine. But we did not pre-book our train ticket because we are not sure if we can make it on time. The ticket counter was still closed by the time we arrived at the airport so our only option is the ticket machine.

We tried buying the ticket using the machine but our credit card failed us. Nagcacancel and decline yung transactions. I was so disappointed because my husband already informed the credit card company that we will be using the card abroad pero hindi gumana. Thank God that our ATM card worked. Finally, we were able to buy our train ticket. Total is 650NOK for 2 adults and 1 kid.

Then we went to the train station which is just outside the airport so we did not have a problem looking for it. I was thankful na nabutan namin yung first trip because the next trip is 3PM pa. The bus is another option but my mom told me na baka mahirapan pa kami makita yung bababaan. We’re freezing while waiting for our train ride and we can’t go inside the airport para magpainit kasi nga first time namin and we don’t want to miss our train. We patiently waited at the train station kahit malamig. Our body is still adjusting sa lamig ng Norway, summer sa Pilipinas pero may snow pa sa Norway.

Good thing that I already take note of the details because we don’t have internet access at the train station and there is no English translation too so we need to check each stops at baka mamali kami ng babaan. We need to change train din kasi so medyo nakakaba.

Oslo Airport Station to Elverum Station via NSB 

08.59 to 10:35  Travel time is 1 h 36 min 1 change Track 1 R10 
Line R10 towards Lillehammer List of stops: 3 stops Duration (51min) 
Eidsvoll 09.09
Tangen 09.29
Stange 09.39
Arrival at Hamar 09.50 Track 1 
Walk to Hamar Station (4min): Transfer time 18min 
Departing from Hamar at 10.11 Track 2
Line Region towards Røros List of stops: 2 stop Duration (24min) 
Ilseng 10.16 Embarking and disembarking on signal only
Løten 10.23 Embarking and disembarking on signal only
Arrival Elverum at 10.35 Track 4: You have reached your destination 

There is already FREE wifi at the train so I was able to inform my mom that we made it on the first trip. Hindi naman kami nabored sa train ride because of the beautiful view.

My mom went to Elverum Train Station to fetch us. Yey, after 30 hours of traveling, we finally reach Elverum and we’re thankful for safe and smooth travel.

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From the train station, we just walked to reach my sister’s house. This is it! Our summer vacation begins.


  1. Naloka ako sa credit card na hindi gumagana! If i were you nagpanic na ako :) I wonder if i can last a day sa cold places.. my allergies wont let me enjoy even in an airconditioned room.

    1. Nakakanerbiyos nung hindi gumana, buti pwede ang debit card na pambayad. Oh, may ganyan pala na allergy. Don't worry baka may gamot naman na pwede inumin para di magtrigger allergy mo. :)

  2. Okay ang transportation sa ibang bansa :-) ang efficient. Yan pala binili mo ticket nung nagkita tayo during travel expo

    1. Yes, nung nagkita tayo sa travel expo. Ticket and luggage para sa biyahe ang binili. :)

  3. I love your travel photos! Train ride is on my bucket-list. 30hours traveling, ang sayaaa!

    1. Thanks! Masaya pero nakakapagod din ang biyahe. #jetlag

  4. whenever i visit other places, i always love to try the train station. i dont know what kind of fixation i have with trains but nakakatuwa sya sakyan tlaga.

    1. Enjoy ang train kasi may view din na nakikita so nakakapasyal ka na rin. :)