July 23, 2020

Breakfast Waffle

We have a waffle maker at home but I stopped using it because I was having a hard time cleaning it. It is supposed to be a non-stick waffle maker but I don’t know bakit lagi may dumidikit and ang hirap alisin after ko gamitin. I checked this old blog post, and I can’t remember if this was also the last time that I cooked waffle, almost 8 years ago na pala and I’m not sure if my old waffle maker is still okay.

Moving on, my husband bought a new waffle maker last February but it was only this month that I was able to use it. I’ve been cooking a lot of pancakes and French Toasts during this community quarantine so for a change, nagwaffle naman ako. This time, I only use the Pancake Instant Mix for my waffle.

I love my new waffle maker, it is so easy to use and so easy to clean. And because of that, naubos ko ang 4 packs ng hotcake instant mix namin. My son loves eating it with Nutella.

Next time, I will try to cook waffles from scratch, baka mas okay ang texture. I’m missing the waffle that we usually eat in Norway. Parang gusto ko ulit ng bagong waffle maker, na ganito shapes. Hehehe!

Updated: October 2020: Waffle with Whipped Cream

I was planning to make crepe last month so I told my husband to buy whipped cream. Fortunately, he found a whipped cream at the grocery. We don't normally buy whipped cream but after trying this, I guess, mapapabili na ko lagi. I forgot to make crepe but I used it for our waffle. Mas masarap and waffle + Nutella + whipped cream. Elle & Vire is a French brand pala and according to my research, they are number 1 in the cream market and number 2 in the butter market. I just can't remember the price, I will update this post kapag bumili na kami ulit.

July 31, 2012


No classes for two consecutive days and I feel like a student again because I’m also happy. Class suspension means I have more time to do my chores and blog hopping but my son wasn’t happy because he loves to go to school even on the weekend. Every morning when I say “it’s time to take a bath”, my son will shout “Yehey! School time!” well, I do hope that he will be like this till college time.

Anyway, while doing my chores, I saw our waffle maker and I know that it’s been years since the last time I made a waffle so I cleaned the waffle maker and checked the internet for an easy waffle recipe. We made this for our merienda, I ate 2 pieces and my son ate 4 pieces. Next time I will add cheese or sausage.

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