March 18, 2020

French Toasts Recipe

Life has been so unpredictable these past few days and we can’t help but feel worried. We worry about our health and our future. But I know that worrying won’t help, we just need to have faith that we will get through this and this too shall pass.

I hope you are doing okay despite the coronavirus health scare. Today is Day 4 of community quarantine and it’s been more than a week already that I’m inside our humble abode. I am a SAHM so I have no problem with staying at home because this is my life. We need to stay home until April 14 and I hope that our food stock will last so my husband won’t need to go out anymore. Tipirin na lang kung ano laman ng fridge and pantry namin.

Anyway, we always have a loaf bread at home but there are times na hindi siya napapansin like this week. My husband bought roll cake and mamon before the lockdown and because of that hindi namin nakain yung bread. But this expired bread will not put into waste because there are so many ways to save stale bread or expired bread. Especially now na wala naman kami stock ng loaf bread, may value ito expired bread. You can either make bread pudding or French Toast, I prefer French Toasts because you can cook this in less than 30 minutes.

I always cook French Toast because my son loves it. I remember, when my son was still in toddler years, he is/was a picky eater who only considered breakfast and snacks as his mealtime. He rarely eats lunch and dinner and if he eats lunch and dinner, we are the happiest people on earth. He does not like rice but he likes pasta, noodles, oatmeal, cereal, and bread.

From time to time, I cook French toasts but most of the time, he is satisfied with bread and Nutella. Until now, he still eats Nutella sandwich kahit yan lang ipabaon ko sa kanya sa school, happy na siya doon. And because of that I have no problem whenever we go to Norway because nabubuhay sa tinapay anak ko. lol

Going back to French Toast, this is very easy to make because I’m pretty sure that you have all the ingredients in your pantry such as bread, egg, butter, milk, sugar, and cinnamon powder. Cinnamon is optional because not all people like cinnamon powder. There are so many French Toasts recipes that you can find online but this is how I cook our French Toast.


6 slices of bread
1 egg
1 cup of fresh milk
1 tbsp of sugar

Cinnamon powder
Powdered sugar
Maple Syrup
Chocolate syrup
Whipped cream

How to Cook French Toast: 

1. Beat the egg
2. Add milk and sugar and mix.
3. Soak the bread in an egg mixture just enough to coat the bread.
4. Heat your pan and put butter.
5. Place your bread in the pan and cook until golden brown, about 2 to 3 minutes on each side
6. You can sprinkle cinnamon powder or powdered sugar on top of the French Toast. 
You can also put maple syrup, chocolate syrup, or whipped cream.

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