August 05, 2021

Korean Egg Roll (Gyeran Mari)

I have already watched a lot of Korean drama series, variety shows, and movies so slowly I’m adding Korean foods to our menu. I’m a picky eater so I know for sure that I can only add few dishes to my list. One of the side dishes that I’ve been meaning to cook is Korean Egg Roll or Gyeran Mari. It is a popular Korean side dish that I always see whenever I watch drama series, movies, and even variety shows.

The only thing that hinders me is I know that I am not good at rolling eggs, that is why I rarely cook omelets at home. Then I realized maybe I should invest in Omelet Pan but I was hesitant to buy because it is expensive but after few months, naicheck-out ko na rin sa cart ko. I finally bought Neoflam Fika Egg Roll Pan, I know that there are cheaper versions of egg roll pans pero gusto ko yung design ng Neoflam. Hehehe! 

Neoflam Fika Cookwares are also available in SM and it is cheaper compared to other sellers online but SM does not offer Egg Roll Pan so I ordered my pan in South Korea. You can purchase from this store. What I love about this pan, the egg mixture doesn’t stick talaga so you don’t need a lot of oil and rolling an egg is not a problem. 

In cooking gyeran mari, you only need eggs, salt, and cooking oil but of course, you can also add other ingredients like carrots, bell pepper, spring onion, ham, cheese, and more. The list goes on depending on your preference. On my first try, I added bell pepper and spring onion. I mixed all the ingredients in a  measuring cup so it would be easy for me to pour the egg mixture. 

Korean Egg Roll Recipe 

4 Eggs 
1 tbsp of spring onion 
1 tbsp of bell pepper 
Garlic salt 
1 tbsp of cooking oil 

1. Mix the ingredients 
2. Heat the pan on low heat and add cooking oil. 
3. Pour a thin layer of egg mixture into the pan and spread. 
4. If the egg is semi-cooked, start rolling the egg to the other side. 
5. Pour a thin layer into the empty space. 
6. If the egg is semi-cooked, start rolling the egg again to the other side, 
7. Repeat the process until you finish your egg mixture. 
8. Remove the rolled egg from the pan and let it cool. 
9. Slice the egg for about 1 inch thick. 

I'm so happy with my first try of Korean Egg Roll so I have no regrets about purchasing my egg roll pan. Hindi ko nagagawa ito sa round na pan e. Now, I have the confidence in making omelets and egg rolls. The advantage of this, my son can eat vegetables too. 

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