August 12, 2021

My Japanese Drama Series List

I watched a lot of Korean drama series but there are times that I cannot finish one series so I also have a long list of unfinished dramas and I don’t know if I can convince myself to finish those series. A few days ago, I was watching one kdrama but I lost interest when one character died. I watch series to unwind so if I feel that the story is too heavy or all about revenge, I lost interest. 

Two months ago, I started watching Japanese Drama Series, I already blogged about Doctor X, we enjoyed this series so much and we finished the 6 seasons in just two weeks. Then we watched Legal V because the lead actress is Ryko Yonekura too. Then just this week, I shifted to Japanese drama series again because I can’t find a good kdrama to binge-watch. I also enjoyed Kotaro Lives Alone, it was a short series that you can finish in less than 5 hours. 

I created this blog to document the series that I have watched, let us see if I can reach 100 too. Lol

1. Doctor X  Season 1
2. Doctor X Season 2
3. Doctor X Season 3
4. Doctor X Season 4
5. Docyor X Season 5
6. Doctor X Season 6
7. Legal V 
8. Kotaro Lives Alone
9. The Ingenuity of the Househusband
10. Doctor X Season 7
11. Alice in Borderland
12. Alice in Borderland 2
13. Let's Get Divorced
14. Burn the House Down
15. From Me To You

Unfinished Japanese Drama Series

Good Morning Call Epi 6
Midnight Diner: Tokyo Series Epi 1

Care to share your favorite Japanese drama series.

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