July 05, 2021

Doctor X: Japanese Medical Drama

It’s been a decade already since I started watching Korean drama series and as of this writing I already watched 115 series. This does not include the series that I have stopped watching because I lost interest. These past few weeks, I have started few series but after watching few episodes, I can’t push myself to continue. 

So when my husband and son started watching Doctor X, I stopped watching Korean drama and shifted my interest to Japanese series. We seldom watched series together because we have different preferences and the last series that we binged watched is Dr. John. But we all liked Doctor X and we finished the 6 seasons in two weeks. 

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Doctor X is the first-ever Japanese series that I watched and I have no idea that I will love the series. It is a Japanese Medical Drama starring Ryko Yonekura, an exceptional freelance surgeon whose hobby is surgery. She only works until 5PM and doesn’t accept any tasks that don’t require a medical license and most of all she doesn’t care about career, status, or politics. 

As you watched the series, you may feel that the flow of the story is the same but despite the repetitive pattern we still continue to watch the six seasons because it is not stressful to watch. I also like the lead actress here, she is indeed perfect for the role. The first season was premiered in October 2012 and imagine after so many years, Ryko Yonekura still looks young. 

The series is quite relatable because I have family members who passed away because of chronic illnesses and I have family members who are still battling with cancers. How I wish there is a doctor like Doctor X in real life who is willing do to non-operable, high risk, or impossible surgeries that other surgeons do not want to do. A doctor who never gives up on her patient, who never abandons the patient even the surgery seems impossible, and willing to risks her job just to save the patient. Even Stage IV cancer is not a death sentence because she can operate and cure it. 

The first impression on Michiko Daimon is she doesn’t care at all but the truth is, she cares a lot for her patient. Doctor X's trademark line is “I never fail” because she believes that there is no second chance for the patient if you commit mistakes. The doctor may learn from the mistakes but the patient may suffer or lose life because of that mistake. 

I also like how manager aka “melon man” Akira Kanbara and anesthesiologist Hiromi Jonuchi support Michiko Daimon. And how other doctors started to believe in her extraordinary skills and later on supported her too. This medical drama is more on comedy but there are also touching episodes here such as 

* When Michiko Daimon started to ask where her money goes 
* When Akira Kanbara, Hiromi Jonuchi and Michiko Daimon got sick. 

Doctor X Quotable Lines 

Itashimasen “I won’t do it” 

Watashi shippai shinai no de! “I never fail”

"Change and challenge"

“A surgeon’s competency is determined by basic training. The passion for learning how to operate is watching skilled surgeons at work. Like a river flowing constantly, repeat the basic techniques to create a clean final operative field. That’s the ideal operation."

“No matter how tough the surgery, never abandon the patient”

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