December 22, 2021

How to Spend the Holidays at Home If You Have Kids

A few days before Christmas and here we go again, the holidays still look and feel different. It is another year of staying at home because we are still dealing with COVID19 issues. Although, the world is slowly opening up not all people have the vaccines yet especially the kids here in the Philippines so we have no choice but to adjust our holiday celebrations. 

There are some Christmas traditions that we still cannot do because of the restrictions like watching events, shows, or concerts. Watching movies on the big screen. Attending Christmas parties, reunions, or get together and most especially, spending the holiday in a different place or country.

Other people are busy planning and packing for their annual holiday, but here we are, we are not going anywhere. Our Christmas break is another staycation. I’m not bitter because one of the advantages of HOLISTAY is, it is more budget-friendly and less stressful. We have more time to relax, get more sleep, read a book or just do the things that we wanted to do but have no time. 

Stay-at-home vacation means we have more time for family bonding. And since the majority of us will spend the holidays at home, I’m sharing some ideas on how to spend the holidays at home especially if you have kids. 

Decorate Your Home 

I hope COVID19 won’t stop you from decorating your home for the holidays. We usually start as early as the first week of December so it will set our mood that Christmas is approaching. Kids and kids at heart love to put up Christmas tree and hang Christmas stockings. 

Make Holiday Ornaments or Decors 

If you love crafting or DIY projects, I highly suggest making holiday ornaments or decors. No need to buy new ornaments every year, you can upcycle, recycle, or use whatever materials you have at home. Pinterest would be your best friend when you need some inspiration. Our Christmas tree is a testament to the different ornaments that we did every year. 

Make Christmas Card 

Nowadays, Christmas cards seem to be a thing of the past but we still make and send Christmas cards especially to my mom who is across the miles. Like Melanie White says, “Sending Christmas cards is a good way to let your friends and family know that you think they’re worth the price of a stamp”

Wrapping and Delivering Holiday Gifts 

If you are dealing with a holiday rush, allow your kids to help you in wrapping or packing presents. If time permits, deliver or ship your gifts as early as possible. 

Baked Christmas Goodies 

Let us stop checking the weight loss calculator because “Calories don’t count on the holidays” so enjoy baking Christmas goodies with kids like gingerbread men, snowflake cookies, Christmas light sugar cookies, fruitcakes, and many more. The smell of the Christmas goodies will boost our holiday spirit. 

Movie Marathon 

Since we are not yet comfortable watching movies on the big screen. We are thankful for our Netflix subscription because we can binge-watch holiday movies every night. Some wholesome and popular movies are The Christmas Chronicles, Klaus, The Princess Switch, Jingle Jangle, The Grinch, and many more. 

Turn off the Technology 

Offline is a new luxury so turn off the technology and have a family bonding. Have a family game night and play board games or cards. Our favorites are Monopoly, Chess, and Uno cards. Toddlers and kids also enjoy reading time, take time to read Christmas stories or Bible stories. 

Kid’s Playtime 

Though offline is a good idea but remember, it is Christmas break so let your kids enjoy the holiday too. Let them play online games while you are busy preparing or cooking for the holiday menu. There are culinary-related online games that they can play too wherein they can learn about food, cooking, farming, culinary arts, restaurant business, and others. 

Make a Year in Summary Scrapbook or Photobook 

Pandemic or not, it is nice to end the year by writing a Highlight of the Year, creating a scrapbook, or printing a photobook. It is the best souvenir for the year and it is something that you can look back as the years go by. 

What are your favorite holiday activities with your kids?

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