December 01, 2017

Our Christmas Tree Story

First day of December and the countdown begins today. I just finished our Scripture Countdown two days ago, you can check my post here. Yesterday, our Christmas tree is up and I’m starting to feel the holiday already. Actually, my husband and son wanted to put it up after All Saints Day pero ang aga pa, hanggang sa naging busy na so kahapon lang namin ginawa. 

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It is our tradition to put up the Christmas tree together. This tree has been with us since 2010 and we’ve been using same ornaments since 2012. We just add new decor each year and it is nice to see those additional decors because it brings back memories. We’ve made those ornaments so we’re happy to see them every year. 

My son was only five years old when we painted these angel ornaments. Natatawa na lang siya pag nakikita niya yan. Kawawa ang face ng angels. Hehehe! 

My son made this paper Christmas ornament which is part of our Advent Calendar activity. 

These are our handmade gingerbread ornaments that I sewed last year. My son helped me by stuffing the gingerbread. 

And lastly our Polymer Clay Ornaments with our fingerprints. 

If I have more time, I planning to make new ornaments for our tree. We bought new Christmas lights pala this year, maganda pala yung white light.

I let my son put all the ornaments, I just rearrange the decors after, kasi yung ibang space wala nakalagay. hehehe!


  1. so cute, kami wala pang Christmas tree maybe next year makabili na kami. what we have now for christmas decor is the garland in stair railings

  2. Our Christmas tree has been up since last Christmas. Haha! Hindi na talaga namin binalik sa box. I love your idea of making your own Christmas tree decor though. Aside sa mahal na ang mga decor ngayon, making your own is also a great bonding activity.

  3. Ang tibay ng Christmas tree, pang matagalan! Nakakatuwa na talagang part of the family tradition na talaga ang pag puput up ng Christmas tree sa inyo. We grew up without a Christmas tree at home so hanggang ngayon, dala parin namin sya.

  4. I'm planning to have some decorations in the house. These are some great ideas. We don't have Christmas tree in this place, I might twist it a little. =)

  5. I love the gingerbread man ornaments! We have a little Christmas tree at home because my son wanted to (I'm not really into Christmas) and he decorated it with his toys. :)