October 27, 2023

Cricut Cards

I have had my Cricut Maker for 3 years already but I haven’t availed the Cricut Access Free Trial yet because I am an occasional crafter so I feel masasayang ko lang yung subscription kung hindi rin naman ako palaging magcraft. 

Instead, I just buy designs that I want and need, so I just upload and cut. It was only last year when I started browsing Cricut Design Space because I wanted to try my Cricut Card Mat. 

I just searched for Free Insert Cards that I can try. If you remember my “Cricut Birthday Cards” blog post, I mentioned that I cut a lot of cards but I forgot to finish them. And it took me more than a year to check my PHD craft aka Project-Half-Done. 

Then I found out that most of the designs that I cut before are now “Access Exclusive” but I didn’t want to throw my cards so I repurposed them. The advantage of having no internet connection, naghahanap ng gagawin. 

It’s Your Birthday Card #M15E2B4BD - Access Exclusive 

Get Well Bandage and Hearts Card #M3041DA11 - Access Exclusive 

Happy Llama Birthday Insert Card #M10AD4054 - Access Exclusive 

Cricut Candle Card #M15E2B428 

Happy Birthday Explosion Card #M47EE4 

You can check my other projects on Cricut Design Space.

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