September 01, 2022

Cricut Birthday Cards

I've had my Cricut for more than two years already, but I haven’t availed of the Cricut Access Free Trial yet. I also haven’t explored the available designs because I have a lot of digital files that I’ve hoarded in the past. 

But two months ago, I wanted to try my new Cricut Card mat, so I started browsing Cricut Design Space for birthday card designs. I was surprised that there are FREE designs (for a limited time) that I can use without registering for Cricut Access. So I saved the free designs and started cutting the cards. 

I’ve cut a lot of card designs but I forgot to cut the insert cards, so I’m just sharing the designs that I have finished and I will update this post when I finish the other card projects. Check my update here.

Congrats Balloons Card #M186AC2 

This is the first card that I’ve tried because my Cricut mat was not yet delivered, so I used the regular mat for this project. I like this colorful card even though it is not perfect. I thought it was an easy project, but it took me a long time to assemble the card. Despite that, I will make this project again using different colors and cardstock.

Have a Magical Birthday Card S40 #M303F828B 

I was supposed to give this card to my goddaughter, but I am not satisfied with the end result, so I will just keep it.

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