February 29, 2012

Personality Test

Yesterday, while doing my blog hopping, I read Mel’s post about personality plus. I remember the quiz that I took in Facebook and my temperament is Choleric.

According to her post, Powerful Choleric are born leaders, most dominant, are usually right, strong-willed, goal-oriented, organizes well, thrives on opposition, can run anything, compulsive need for change, has little need for friends.

I agree with some of the qualities including “has little need for friends”, that is why it was easy for me to deactivate my Facebook account and create a new one so I can limit my friends to family and close-friends, people which I’m sure that won’t walk past me in the street.  

Mel also gave me the possible problems and resolutions of Powerful Choleric

· Problem: Powerful Choleric are compulsive worker: Learn to Relax, Enjoy the Relaxation Time, Take the pressure of Others, Plan Leisure Activities

· Problem: Powerful Choleric must be in Control: Respond to other Leadership, Don’t look down on the ‘Dummies’, Stop Manipulating
· Problem: Powerful Choleric don’t know how to handle People: Practice Patience, Keep advise until asked, Tone down your approach, Stop arguing and causing trouble
· Problem: Powerful Choleric are right but unpopular: Let someone else be right, Learn to Apolologize, Admit you have some faults.

When I was in elementary, I read a book about temperament and took a quiz. The result is Choleric, I just forgot the other temperament because it can be combination of two temperaments but my dominant temperament is always choleric, any quiz I took even in Facebook, I got the same result. Since then, I know my possible problems, though there are times I’m still in denial. Hehe!

Problem: Powerful Choleric are compulsive worker: I’ve learned to relax now and avoid stress. You know already that stress is not good for my health because I have psoriasis.

Problem: Powerful Choleric must be in Control: Remember my post about fascinating womanhood; I confessed that I’m not a submissive wife but I’m trying to be. Ask my husband if there’s a slight improvement. Hehe!

Problem: Powerful Choleric don’t know how to handle People: I don’t get this because if powerful choleric are born leaders, they know how to relate and handle people. Talking about patience, I admit that I have very very little patience maybe that is the reason why God gave me hyperactive son to practice my patience. =)

Problem: Powerful Choleric are right but unpopular: I don’t know how I do it but I have my own way to prove that it’s not my fault so my husband will just say “ok, ako na ang may kasalanan pati pumatay kay Rizal” hahaha! (or pinagbibigyan lang ko?)

How about you? Do you know your temperament?

February 27, 2012

Food Trip in Bacolod

Bacolod is not popular for tourist spots but if you want a food trip, Bacolod is the place to be…The food is not expensive compared to Metro Manila price so you will enjoy eating without splurging much. The downside part of our trip is we gained more pounds. (panira ng diet).

1. McDonalds 

My husband suggested this place, he said “malapit lang hon, sa Mcdo na lang tayo” and I trusted him but it is very faaaaaaaar from Circle Inn, I guess 1 km (almost). McDonald is located just in front of Capitol Lagoon, can you imagine that, nilakad lang namin. Actually, we’re not really hungry because we ate lasagna at NAIA 3 just before our flight. But we don’t know where to go so we went to Mcdonald.
2. Calea 

I’ve been reading good reviews about their cakes so even I dislike cheesecake, I tried it and you know what, I now love blueberry cheesecake and white cheesecake. I can have this every single day, how I wish we have Calea in Metro Manila. Did you know that Calea is just in front of L’Fisher Hotel and Saltimbocca Inn. That’s the reason why I said that they have the best location. We stayed for almost two hours again, coffee and cake food trip. P85 white choco cheesecake P85 blueberry cheesecake P85 imported chocolate cake

Our vote:
Hubby: 1. White Cheesecake 2. Blueberry Cheesecake 3. Imported Chocolate Cake
Me: 1. Blueberry Cheesecake 2. White Cheesecake 3. Imported Chocolate Cake

If Bacolod is our last stop, I will definitely buy one whole blueberry cheesecake. Writing this post is a torture because I really miss Calea.

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3. Circle Inn 

Hubby didn’t like to eat lunch and he just wanted to sleep and sleep so we (me and my son) just called Circle Inn restaurant for room service. We ordered Dinuguan and Crispy Fried Chicken and Rice. Foods were just ok.

Read: Circle Inn 

4. 21 Restaurant

The place looks intimidating and we’re really thinking twice if we will eat here or not because we’re just wearing a shirt and jeans. When I saw someone wearing a shirt and shorts we finally entered the restaurant. 

Looking at the interior of the restaurant, I assume that the price is not affordable but I was shocked when I saw the price, it is not expensive. In addition to that, there’s no service charge but I’m sure you will give a tip because of the good service. We enjoyed our food; steak is so tender, juicy and flavourful. Great place to have a date. Fish Parmesan P270, Plain Rice P25, Steak with Mashed Potato P295. My son loves mashed potato and fried onion

After dinner, we dropped by at Calea again, do I have to say more. Additional P5 for takeout order (extra plastic daw)

5. Pendy’s

We had breakfast here at the same time, we bought pasalubong. Price is a little bit expensive and the taste is just ok, for me nothing special but my husband said their La Paz batchoy is better than Ted’s in Iloilo. Pansit P120, Batchoy P120, Butter Toast P25, and Half Moon P40.
6. Aida’s Manokan Country

This is the reason why I have to extend our stay in Bacolod. Of course, I won’t leave Bacolod without tasting the authentic Bacolod Inasal. Here in Metro Manila, I’m not a big fan of Inasal because I find them dry but in Bacolod, their chicken is juicy and flavourful. P70 Pechopak P16 rice

February 25, 2012

The Ruins of the Mansion

My initial plan is Iloilo and Guimaras only but when I learned that I can go to Bacolod via fast craft for 1 hour only, I asked hubby to file 2 days’ vacation leave. Thanks to Airphil seat sale, I was able to book Manila to Bacolod for P2k+ for 3 persons.

Few days before our trip, the weather was not good and I always check the weather forecast of Bacolod and Iloilo and it always says, there will be rain shower and a chance of t-storm so I was really worried that we will not enjoy our trip. It was raining when we left the house until we arrived in Bacolod at 5:15AM but God is so good because when we start our tour, no more rain shower.

Since we can’t check-in early at Circle Inn, we went to McDonalds for breakfast, we stayed there until 7AM before we visit Capitol Lagoon and the Ruins. The first time I saw “The Ruins” pictures on Facebook and Internet, I was really amazed and how much more when you really see it up close.

"The Ruins of the Mansion of Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson was built in loving memory of his deceased wife Maria Braga after her death in 1911. The mansion of Italianate architecture was designed to be a monument of their enduring love affair. In the eve of World War II in 1942, the mansion was torched by guerrilla fighters and was burning for 3 days leaving behind reminders of a glorious past."

There is a mini-golf course for a minimal fee. They also have a restaurant but we haven’t tried since we left before the opening time.

The place is really relaxing my only concern is there is no tourist guide that will tour you around the mansion and explain the history of it; instead you have to read the information posted on the wall which I find incomplete from what I’ve read before. P60 is the entrance fee so I find it expensive. But still, it is worth the visit, best location for pre-nup pictures or garden wedding.

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How to get to The Ruins in Talisay: 

From Capitol Lagoon, we rode “Bata Jeep” and told manong driver that we’re going to “The Ruins”, (P7.50/pax). He dropped us off at the terminal of tricycle and then we took a tricycle to “The Ruins” (P15/pax). The tricycle driver asked me “Ma’m, sandali lang po ba kayo?” I said, “mga isang oras manong”. He said, ah, kala ko sandali lang.

But we stayed for almost two hours and when we left, I saw the tricycle driver waiting for us though I did not ask him to wait. Actually, we’re ready to walk around 500 meters just to reach the next terminal of the tricycle. I’ve read before that you could hire a taxi for P500 or you could ask the tricycle driver to wait for you P100.

The Ruins of the Mansion 
Hds. Sta. Maria, Talisay City,
Negros Occidental, Philippines

February 24, 2012

The Magnificent Isle of Skye, UK

The United Kingdom is a prosperous city and its economy is one of the most stable in the world. The cost of living here is high but the popular attractions available at this place are what keep the tourists coming to this country, again and again, making it one of the top tourists’ destinations in the world. The United Kingdom has a lot of charms and a week or two is not enough if you want to visit all the attractive places here. Some of the landmarks here are the Edinburgh Castle, the Stonehedge, Canterbury Cathedral and the Giant’s Causeway. 

As mentioned earlier, the cost of living in this country is high but it can be more expensive as you move to the primary cities like London and Manchester. If you take taxis frequently, you will also mess up with your travel budget as they are really expensive. Therefore, you can save quite an amount of money if you hire a car at car rental UK. This car rental company gives you the best package based on your budget and you will not have any problems with the car because all of the cars prepared for the customers here are regularly serviced and checked by professional mechanics. 

Usually, all the popular places in the United Kingdom are located inside England like London and Manchester but there are also some tourism places in the other countries like Scotland. Skye or also known as the Isle of Skye for some is an island with a total area of around 1,600 square kilometers and the structures of the island are directly influenced by a lot of cultures like the Norse, Gaelic, and English. The Isle of Skye is made popular among the tourists mainly because of the incredible scenery here that are sculptured by the mountains and you can also see the nice white-washed villages of the island.

Even though this island is a bit congested with tourists during the holiday season and also because of the weather here, you can still have a great time at the Isle of Skye. The best time to visit this place will be during the summer as the rainy days are rare, and the best place to go will be the Fairy Glen, which is a magical place for those who love to see the scenery of the mountains and greenest field you will ever see in your life. You can have a great time here by walking using the trails provided and take a lot of pictures as a souvenir of your visit here.

Circle Inn

A month before our flight I emailed one hotel in Bacolod to inquire if they still offer the promo rate on their website and she said yes. I replied to her email to reserve one room for us. Then a week before our flight I confirm my reservation with them but to my disappointment, the room was not reserved and she said they no longer offer promo rate and if we want to reserve the room please reply immediately because Feb 15-19 is their peak season. 

I did not answer back because I was really disappointed so, I searched the internet for possible accommodation; Circle Inn immediately responded to my inquiry and they told me the same thing.

“Please note that we are on peak season on Feb 15-19, 2012. We are requiring 50% non-refundable and non-rebookable confirmation deposit for the reservations we received within those dates.” 

I reserved a room immediately because I only have few days left before our flight. I also availed the airport pick-up for P500, actually, we can take a van from the airport for P100/pax but my husband wants to avail the airport pick-up because our arrival time is 5:25AM (yes, ganyan kaaga, yan ang natira sa promo fare.) 

Fast forward to our trip, we arrived at the hotel as early as 6AM, no early check-in so we just left our things and off we went to Capitol Lagoon to start our Bacolod Adventure. We went back at lunchtime and I was glad that they allowed us to check-in already. Circle Inn is a budget hotel so this is the room, twin beds, and bathroom. 

It was time for lunch but my husband wanted to sleep so my son and I just ordered at the hotel for our lunch. I ordered dinuguan, fried chicken, and rice. 

They have a pool too, my husband and son had night swimming while I was busy packing our stuff. 

I have no problem with our stay in Circle Inn; my only concern is the location. I did not check on their location, Circle Inn is two to three jeepneys away from tourist spots and restaurant so we’re having a hard time in commuting. We have to walk two to three blocks away from the hotel just to look for trisikad or tricycle going to Lacson Street. We could save more if we stay at L’ Fisher or Saltimbocca Inn because most of our food trip is located in Lacson Street.

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Food Trip in Bacolod

Circle Inn 
Lopez Jaena – Malaspina Streets, Capitol Shopping Center 
Bacolod City 6100 Philippines 
Telephone: 63-34-709-9111 OR 63-34-709-9009  
Telefax: 63-34-433-2538  
Mobile/Text Messaging: 63-917-445-9972  

February 23, 2012

Pasalubong from Bacolod, Iloilo and Guimaras

I’ve watched Eat, Pray, Love movie of Julia Roberts last year and this inspires me to create our own version of Eat. Pray, Love since we can’t afford to go to Italy, India and Indonesia. Last Friday we had another trip to celebrate our wedding anniversary, so we Eat in Bacolod, we Pray in Iloilo and we celebrate Love in Guimaras.

These are some pasalubong that we bought from each places though our Bacolod pasalubong did not reach Manila, it was gone in 24 hours. (except for muscuvado sugar)


Virgie's galletas
Muscuvado sugar, 
Pendy's meringue, 
Pendy's Napoleones 
Pendy's half moon cake

Bacolod is known for sugar plantations so it is not surprising if they love sweet foods. We went to Pendy’s for our breakfast and to buy some pasalubong. I will not leave Bacolod without tasting their famous Napoleones. We all love their Napoleones and too bad I only bought 2 boxes, I should buy at least 3 boxes, one for each of us. We also love half-moon, a simple cake with leche flan on top. So if you will visit Bacolod, don’t forget to buy Napoleones and half-moon at Pendy’s.

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Guimaras mango
Trappistine chocolate cookies
Mango yema
Mango cookies
Mango biscocho 
Mango otap

They say that Guimaras Island is the home of the sweetest mango in the world so I make sure that we can taste this and now I understand why it is called the sweetest mango because it is really sweet. (no doubt na pang-export) I only bought 3 kilos, P70 per kilo for the unripe mango and P75 per kilo for the ripe mango. 

If you plan to visit Guimaras, try to attend their Manggahan Festival on April 15 – 22, 2012. Our driver/tour guide told us that during the festival there is “eat all you can mango” for P50. 

I also bought some mango products in Trappist Monastery but I find it weird when the package says mango yema, mango cookies and mango biscocho but we can’t taste any mango flavour. My husband said, “baka mango color lang”. =) I haven’t tried the mango otap yet.


I’ve tried Biscocho Haus butterscotch last year so this time I bought butterscotch at JD Bakeshop (P150 per box), some says that JD butterscotch is better than Biscocho Haus but to tell you honestly, I can’t tell the difference except for the size and packaging. For me, they both taste good.

February 22, 2012

Day 4: Laoag Tour Part 2

Sad to say but this is the last day of our Ilocos trip, after breakfast, we went to St. William Cathedral, Tobacco Monopoly Momument, and Provincial Capitol. These tourist spots are all walking distance from UKL Ever Hotel, actually, there’s nothing special about this spot but this is part of my itinerary. 

Then we dropped by the market to buy bagnet and Ilocos longganisa.

After check-out, we went to La Preciosa for our lunch while my sister went to her college friend’s house.

Then we went to Museo Ilocos Norte, P30 entrance fee.

We went back to our hotel to pick up our luggage and off we went to Laoag airport and that was the start of our Sunday mishaps.  End of my Ilocos series. =)

February 21, 2012

Kapurpurawan Rock Formation

I had second thought in including Kapurpurawan Rock Formation in our itinerary because I know that we have to walk around 500 meters just to reach the place. I have no problem in walking or trekking but we have kids in tow so I wasn’t sure if they will enjoy this place but since we are going to skip Kaibigan Falls, I included this in my itinerary.

I have no regrets because this rock formation is really amazing. I’m not good at adjectives so all I can say is WOW and I’m glad that I’ve been here though seeing it up close is not easy.

From the parking lot, you have to go down the stairs and walk on a rough and rocky road. I brought an umbrella but I wasn’t able to use it because the wind was just too strong.

I was so happy that my husband joined our trip because if not, I don’t know if I will be able to reach the rock formation because look at my son, he doesn’t want to walk. =)

Kapurpurawan Rock Formation is really amazing and if we’re not in a hurry, we could stay longer here.

gustong umakyat din pero nadudulas. =)

This is the view at the back of the rock formation.

Rent your Textbooks and Save Money

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Discover Great Orlando Hotel Deals Online

If you are planning a weekend or holiday getaway alone, with friends or family, Orlando Florida may be among your top preferences. You probably do not have the luxury of going through different brochures or walk around town looking for an ideal vacation spot. So why not tap into the convenience that the Internet provides, evaluate and compare different hotels in Orlando, and even make a reservation online?

Many new tourists are not aware of such provisions; and even when they are, they are probably hesitant to take this approach because they doubt its reliability and security. Making online hotel bookings is not only safe and private but also very favorable because it brings the services right to your desk or couch. There is a globally set standard that all websites maintain a strict privacy policy such that all customer information which will be specified will not be disclosed to unauthorized persons.

For most Orlando hotels, you are not even required to give personal details. They only ask you to specify your arrival dates, a number of people to be catered for, the type of accommodation preferred and any other additions that will enhance how services are rendered to you. Additionally, if this feels a bit too detached for your choice of customer care, telephone contacts should be provided at the site. Virtually all reputable Orlando Florida hotels have implemented this design.

Concerning payment details, very few hotels in Orlando ask for online money transfer. Although some have adopted online transactions, it would be advisable to hold onto your money until you are sure that you are paying for tangible services. Hackers and con artists have perfected their game and may disguise themselves well by offering unbeatable Orlando hotel deals. Be very careful as to where you disclose your credit card information otherwise, you may end up broke even before you can taste what Orlando Florida has to offer.

February 16, 2012

1st Blog Anniversary and Giveaway

Today is the exact date of my first blog anniversary and I can’t believe that it’s been a year already. I would like to thank you for wasting your time, I mean taking your time reading my post. I have no idea that someone would be interested reading my blog, when I started my blog I only have 3 readers, me, myself and I. Then I told my mom and hubby about it and they became my number one fan. Thank you for your support.

Like I always say, Michi Photostory is like my online diary and sort of “me time”, as a full time mom, I need to have an outlet where I can freely write or express my feelings. And this blog is so helpful and keep me sane. I’m happy to share my experiences as a mom and wife, our travel escapades, our food trip and others. You have no idea how happy I am when my followers and subscribers are increasing and most of all I really appreciate your comments and thoughts. It is my pleasure answering your questions and messages because in my own little way, I can help. 

I never thought that blogging could be fun and interesting. I have learned a lot through blog hopping, I saw interesting places around the world and I came to know hole in the wall restaurant, and because of that I have long list of “places to go to”, “must see resort” and “food trip list”. I learned new information, ideas and techniques in dealing with kids and reading mommy blogger’s posts make me appreciate and enjoy motherhood. I even gained weight in reading food blog post, because of your post I keep on trying new recipes and restaurants.

Thank you for those bloggers who help me in doing my itinerary and planning our trip. Thank you for those people who gave me opportunity to earn on this blog, it is not that much but still thankful for the few paid post and paid links. One thing I learn about blogging is, “Blogging is not all about earning but learning and gaining friends” and I’m glad because I gained online friends.

I hope someday, I can also meet you in person. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for following my blog and to show my appreciation, I will be giving a small reward (Starbucks Tumbler) to my top commentator. As of this moment, I have 359 blog posts and 2,122 comments so I know that it would be difficult for me to check my top commentator so I added a widget last Sunday. Here are my top 20 commentators…. (drum roll).

Congratulations Tin of The Average Jane and thank you for all the comments, feedbacks, thoughts and suggestions. Do not forget to drop your email in my comment box. I will send the item after our post valentines celebration, bf-gf anniversary, wedding anniversary, and blog anniversary celebration. No doubt that February is my favorite month, so many things to celebrate.
this is the reason why I need to go to Starbucks last Tuesday. =)