November 14, 2018

Lunch at Su Won Garden Korean Restaurant

We cannot deny that Filipinos have a growing interest in Korean stuff like K-pop, Korean drama, Korean beauty products, Korean fashion, Korean brands and of course Korean food and drinks. Filipinos are aware of kimchi, soju, ramyeon, and samgyeopsal. I love watching Korean Drama so I am familiar with samgyeopsal and it is one of their ways to celebrate something.

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Samgyeopsal is a three-layer pork meat and it is one of the popular Korean BBQ dishes. It is not marinated nor seasoned so there are side dishes, sauces and vegetables that can be added according to your preference. Grilled meat is not only limited to pork, but you can also try chicken, ribs, beef and many more. Some restaurants offered marinated or seasoned meat.

Three years ago,, we ate at Baek Yuen Korean Restaurant in Silang Cavite and we enjoyed our first samgyeopsal experience. Then we discovered All 4 U Unlimited Korean Restaurant in Festival Mall and we ate there a few times already. And last week, we finally tried Su Won Garden Korean Restaurant.

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All 4 U Unlimited Korean Restaurant

Su Won Garden Restaurant 

I’ve learned about this restaurant last summer but it was only last week that we paid a visit. I was blogging about Jakarta Eats and I casually said, “nagugutom naman ako dito sa blog ko” and my husband immediately said, lunch tayo dun sa Southwoods. So rain or shine, off we went to Southwoods, it is so easy to find because it is near Nina’s Kitchen and Southwoods Mall.

It was past 11AM so parking is not difficult, they have a small parking space beside the restaurant. Su Won Garden Korean Restaurant is big so it can accommodate a lot of people, they have an indoor and outdoor setting. This is formerly Villa Cristina Resort so you will notice the swimming pool, guest can eat and swim for a fee.

We’re the first diners so I was able to take photos bago pa nagdatingan ang iba. The staff immediately gave us the menu, you can choose a la carte or unlimited grilled meat. Prices may vary depending on your meat choices. Since it was our first time, we chose the P499 Unlimited Grilled Beef, Pork, and Chicken. All orders should be the same in one table, so hindi pwede, P399 isa or P499 isa.

There are 9 choices of meat, we can choose from the following

1. Samgyeopsal Pork
2. Daepae Samgyeopsal Pork
3. Gochujang Samgyeopsal Pork
4. Honey Peppered Citrus Chicken
5. Dak Bulgogi Chicken
6. Dak Galbi Chicken
7. Woo Sam Gyup Beef
8. Marinated Woo Sam Gyup Beef
9. Beef Bulgogi Beef

We ordered almost everything except for Honey Peppered Citrus Chicken and Dak Galbi. We are not fond of grilled chicken sa mga buffet kasi. The Unlimited Mixed Grilled includes side dishes, sauces, rice, soup, salad, lettuce, and fruits.

When they served the meat, I noticed there are 3 kinds of pork, 2 kinds of beef and 1 kind of chicken, checking the photos, parang wala yung isa, either Marinated Woo Sam Gyup Beef or Woo Sam Gyup Beef. I’m not sure kung hindi lang ba siya available that time.

Anyway, my husband and I started our feast. You cannot ask for a refill until you finish everything. And you cannot just refill one meat, kelangan daw combination. I wanted beef lang sana for our refill but the staff said, hindi daw pwede isa lang. It should be 3 kinds of meat per refill so I have no choice but to order other meat. #eatpamore They replaced the griller before grilling our refill.

We were satisfied with our first experience at Su Won Garden Korean Restaurant but I’m not sure if we will eat here with my son, kasi full payment na yung 9 yrs old above, lugi kami. I hope may sesame oil with salt and pepper sila kasi yung ang trip ko na sauce. But I am happy that there is a Korean Restaurant near our place, so if you love cooking and eating, then you will enjoy samgyeopsal.

Watch the video here.

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Su Won Garden Korean Restaurant Rates

P399 Unlimited Samgyeopsal Pork 
- choices of 3 kinds of pork (Samgyeopsal Pork, Daepae Samgyeopsal Pork and Gochujang Samgyeopsal Pork)

P399 Unlimited Grilled Chicken
- choices of 3 kinds of chicken (Honey Peppered Citrus Chicken, Dak Bulgogi Chicken and Dak Galbi Chicken)

P649 Unlimited Grilled Beef 
- choices of 3 kinds of beef (Woo Sam Gyup Beef, Marinated Woo Sam Gyup Beef  and Beef Bulgogi Beef)

P499 Unlimited Mixed Grilled Beef, Pork and Chicken 
- 3 kinds of meat per refill - choose 1 kind of beef, 1 kind of pork, and 1 kind of chicken

Kids below 5 years old - FREE
6-8 yrs old - 50% discount
9 yrs old above - full payment

Unlimited side dishes
Unlimited rice (P15 per cup for leftover)
Unlimited for 1 hour and 30 minutes
Serve with soup
Serve with salad
Serve with lettuce
Serve with pineapple fresh fruit for dessert

No sharing
No refill until empty 1 table must be all the same choice of unlimited
P100 per person in one table for leftover meat
No take out for leftovers
50% discount will be honored to any birthday celebrant on or before & after the date of birth if he/she will avail unlimited grill. Just present any valid proof of date of birth like ID or birth certificate.
Su Won Korean Garden Grill is also a resort with newly renovated pool. Anyone can swim and dine just add P100 per person.

Su Won Garden Korean Restaurant 
Lot 2 Blk 4 Silmer Village San Francisco Binan City, Laguna
Landmark: Village behind Southwoods Mall (Formerly Villa Cristina Resort) in front of Nina’s Kitchen.
0929 898 6872


  1. Curious ako kung masarap sya. Same price sila ni Samgupsalamat. Near lang to sa mga inlaws ko. Mayaya nga sila minsan.

    1. Okay naman experience namin, though mas like ko yung All 4 U kasi okay lang kahit puro beef or shrimp ang refill namin. :)

  2. Curious ako. 1hr30mins parin ba kahit mag avail ng dine and swim?