October 11, 2017

My Shopping Experience at Althea Korea

I always say that I’m not fond of online shopping because I prefer seeing and touching the products. My credit card was hacked before so I don’t want to shop using my credit card. I read some articles about bad experiences in their online shopping so sometimes I’m hesitant to order. And lastly, I hate waiting for my package.

But now, I think I’m starting to enjoy online shopping because I can buy things that I want and need without leaving our house. Sa traffic ngayon, sobrang tamad ako lumabas. There are online shops that accept Paypal or COD payment. And there are online shops too that deliver my order the next day. Yes, kahit provincial address ako. 

I already mentioned before that I like watching Korean Drama and as of this writing, I already watched 30 Korean Drama Series, you can check my list here. And because of that, I got curious sa mga beauty products ng mga Korean because they really have a good skin noh. Yung tipong mukhang fresh at no make-up look lagi. 

I'm aware of Althea Korea shopping site but since I’m not fond of beauty products before and hindi nga ko mahilig mag online shopping deadma lang ako. But now that my skin starting to age, nagworry na ko. I want to age gracefully. So I checked Althea Korea shop and finally registered and ordered. 

Since I’m not knowledgeable about Korean brands and products, I just ordered one of their boxes. I chose Althea Korea Head to Toe Box, the price is P4902 but I got it for P1487, which is 69% off. The box includes products that you can use from head to toes such as 

1. Mise-En-Scene Perfect Serum Shampoo and Treatment
2. Nature Republic Olive Scalp Cooling Hair Pack 
3. Skin & Lab White Vita-C Essence 
4. Clio Pro Eye Palette Quad in 01 Amber Slip 
5. Angel Factory Under Arm White Peeling Perfume 
6. The Choute Hot Body Salt Scrub 
7. W.Lab Change Foot Peeling Pack 

I haven’t used all the products yet, so far Skin & Lab White Vita-C Essence pa lang nagagamit ko.

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Onsaemeein Yogurt Peeling

I also saw the Onsaemeein Yogurt Peeling for P890 and I got it for P210. This is a mild peeling that will remove dead skin cells on your face. It is made of microcrystalline cellulose, goat milk extract, chamaecyparis obtusa leaf extract, scutellaria baicalensis root extract, papaya extract and yogurt extract. 

I like this because it is so easy to use, you only need a pea-sized amount of gel and it will remove your dead skin cells softly and mildly. No redness after using. The scent is very light too. The packaging is so cute too. 

How to use:

1. Apply yogurt peeling gel on your face.
2. Massage your face for about 1 minute.
3. After enough rolling, wash it off with lukewarm water.

I use this once a week.

And because I was so excited to purchase my order, I forgot to use the welcome gift coupon, WELCOME-PH worth P300. P150 for the first purchase and P150 instant rebate, minimum of P1500, and valid for 1st purchase within 30 days from sign-up. Sayang! 

Anyway, I was advised that the delivery typically takes 15 business days from the moment they receive the order for processing so I was expecting two weeks pa. I was surprised when I received my package after one week. This was my first time ordering outside the Philippines and I’m happy with my first shopping experience. So yesterday, I ordered it again.

Courier services are Doora and LBC 

September 25 - Ordered and paid via Paypal 
September 27 - I was advised that my order was shipped 
October 3 - I received my order 

October 10 - I ordered and paid via Paypal
October 13 - Order was shipped
October 18 - Received order

Courier services are EFS and Ninja Van

October 30 - ordered and paid via Paypal
November 2 - order was shipped
November 9 - received order

November 2 - ordered and paid via Paypal
November 6 - order was shipped
November 10 - received order

January 2 - ordered and paid via Paypal
January 4 - order was shipped
January 10 - received order

Check my unboxing video here

Update August 2018:

I ordered last July and I was expecting that I will receive my product after one week but I was surprised that I received my order after 10 days. They changed the courier to Black Arrow Express. But on my next order, I received it after 7 days.

Courier services are Doora and Black Arrow Express

July 25 - Ordered and paid using points
July 30 - Order was shipped
August 4 - Received my order

August 7 - Ordered and paid using points and Paypal
August 14 - Received my order

October 9 - Ordered and paid via Paypal
October 12 - Order was shipped
October 23 - Received order (2 weeks) Grrr

What I like about Althea Korea?

1. Free shipping above P999 and offer COD. P250 Shipping Fee if you do not reach P999. (Update 2019: PHP1999 for FREE Shipping)
2. 30 Days Return (though I haven't tried)
3. They give you a tracking number so you can track your order 
4. I like their Althea box or Trendy Box, sobrang sulit yung price sa dami ng products sa loob. (Update 2018: They no longer offer this) 
5. I love their packaging, imagine from South Korea pa yung products pero maayos siya nung nareceived ko. I can also reuse the box this Christmas. Hehehe! 
6. Since the brands are from South Korea, I cannot understand the instructions printed on the packaging. But don’t worry because they have step by step guide on their website. I just saved and printed it. 
7. Best price. - If I will compare it to other online shops that I’ve tried, sobrang laki ng discount nila so makakatipid ka talaga. (Update 2019: They already increase their prices. huhuhu!)
8. If you will review their product, you can get a 10% discount on your next purchase. 
9. If you will order a trendy box, sometimes they will include some sample products. 
10. Sometimes, there are FREE PRODUCTS, all you need is to add them to your bag. Hindi siya sample sizes ha, as in regular size. Pabilisan lang sa pagcomplete ng order kasi while supplies last. I saw free mascara, hand cream, and soothing gel before. 
11. Sometimes, there is a REBATE too, just add the item to your cart and you will get a rebate once the order is completed or a rebate promo every time you shop.
12. From time to time, they have contests where you can win SHOPPING CREDITS. I already won PHP350 shopping credits. 
13. Sometimes they also give COUPON CODE. I got one when I order during the holiday season.
14. Sometimes you can earn REWARD POINTS that you can use for your future purchase. I got P150 rebate last March and May 2018 order. 

Update: I emailed Althea Korea regarding the promo code that I forgot, hindi ko rin pala magagamit yung P300 rebate because the WELCOME-PH code has these conditions.

* Promo code cannot be combined with any other promotions.
* This offer only valid for purchase ₱1500 and above.
* Offer valid for FIRST TIME purchase within 30 days from Sign Up.

Hmm, e puro nakapromo nga binibili ko e. hehehe!

What I don't like about Althea Korea?

1. I have no problem with Althea Korea site until last month (April 2018), I placed my order and paid via Paypal. I received a pop-up error that my order did not go through so I repeat my order and it went through. But the following day, they canceled the order because they were not able to get the payment from Paypal. Waah!

I did not order again because the two coupons code that I used for my previous orders were no longer working. They returned my reward points but the coupon codes were not restored. Every time I placed an order the discount was not applied to my account.

I emailed them regarding my concern and advised me to order again and informed them if I encountered the same problem, which I did. I placed an order and use my coupon code but the amount was not deducted from my TOTAL BILL so I paid the full amount.

But the staff kept on telling me so many things, ang dami niya pinagsasabi kung bakit daw di nagwowork. As if first-time ko mag-order, I kept on telling him/her that I just placed my order last month, they canceled the order and I can no longer use the coupons. (It should be working fine if they canceled the order, technically, hindi pa siya gamit because the order did not go through so no successful order)

I don't want to place another order just to prove to them again that my two coupon codes were not working. I gave them a lot of screenshots (mock order) and an email of my Coupon Code so, after one month, they finally returned my P400. I'm not happy with their system migration. I just hope, this will not happen on my next order.

2. After the system migration last April 2018, they no longer provide Tracking Number. It is no longer included in my email and when I checked my account, there is no tracking number too so I have to send an email again just to get my tracking number.

Update July 2018: I placed an order and when they shipped my package, there is already a tracking number. Yey!

3. There are times that the code is not working even I meet the terms and conditions. I added the code before check-out and payment but it is not working. Sayang yung Free Althea Petal Velvet Powder #Pink. I purchased more than P2000 and ang minimum is P1800 lang. :(

Althea Inc
Ansun Building 213, 
Yeongdong-daero Gangnam-gu 
Seoul, Korea


  1. I love Althea! It's so user friendly and you get the products really cheap.

    Joy to the World

  2. I've tried Althea before, I think that was during their launching here in the Philippines. Kaya madaming freebies that time (I got free Tony Moly Lip Tint). I agree sa hassle free transaction with them plus ambilis talaga ng arrival ano? ��

    Nice haul sis! ��

  3. I've been seeing Altea on my feeds, a lot of my friends are using it. I'd love to try it soon and wow grabe 69% discount, ang galing! We want! <3

    1. Yes, they have a lot of trendy boxes na more than 50% off ang discount. I want to buy more, need lang magpigil at baka maubos ang budget. :)

  4. I haven't tried Althea but I am very curious about Korean makeup products because I was told that they have the best lines of makeup. So maybe one of these days I will go check out Althea.

    1. My curiosity leads me to Althea Korea too and now I enjoy browsing their site.

  5. I love shopping at Althea.. ang mura kase ng products compared sa mga products here. For example Laneige, medyo malaki ang price difference per product ;)

    1. True, sobrang laki ng price difference and saya nila magpromo and discount. Sometimes may freebies pa. :)

  6. I bought thrice na from Althea. I love Korean skincare and I'm glad authentic lahat, I wouldn't have to worry about fakes. Sana lang, may freebies sila kahit sampler but other than that, I love Althea.

    1. Sometimes they give freebies. I ordered Lazy Sunday Box before and I got freebies. Though nakaindicate talaga na makakareceived ako ng samples. I tried to avail the Free Product last December, I just add it in my cart and the following day, ubos na yung stock so dapat order agad para di maubusan. :)

  7. There are FREE PRODUCTS, all you need is to add it to your bag. Hindi siya sample sizes ha, as in regular size. Pabilisan lang sa pagcomplete ng order kasi while supplies last

    Where can you find these tho? I cant find any free while browsing...

    1. Sorry, I forgot the word "Sometimes". It is true that they give free products (while supplies last), I saw their free products promo last December. But Althea Korea offers different promos and discounts every week/month so you need to subscribe or follow their social media so you won't miss the promo. :)