December 12, 2017

Lunch at Nina’s Kitchen

Whenever we pass by in Southwoods area, we always see Nina’s Kitchen. Sometimes there are so many cars parking outside (lunch or dinner time) so we’re thinking na baka event place siya. Out of curiosity, I searched for it and I found out that it is a restaurant. They convert their family home to a restaurant.

Last week, my husband called their number but the number is cannot be reached and I messaged them on their Facebook page but as of this writing, there is no reply. We just wanted to make a reservation pero dahil walang reply, nagwalk-in na lang kami and if ever closed sila, we will just eat at Southwoods Mall. So after, My Son’s First Communion we went straight to Nina’s Kitchen.

Upon arrival, we were ushered to our table and they gave us the menu. You will see a lot of photos around the restaurant. Nina Almoro is the owner of the restaurant, she is a classmate and close friend of Ms. Universe Pia Wurtzbach. You will also see several photos of other celebrities who visited the restaurant.

We ordered Caesar Salad P180, Pork Tocino P150, Daing na Bangus P220, Baked Salmon P290, Lengua Con Cetas P280, Pork Spareribs Caldereta P325, and Banana Split P190.

Since we were the first and only diners in the restaurant, we did not wait that long for our order. Service is good, staffs are accommodating and approachable. The price is very reasonable and serving is big, it was hard for me to finish my Lengua Con Cetas meal. And because of that, I haven’t tried other dishes but according to my family, masarap naman order nila. I even take-out leche flan for P160 and taste is also good.

Nina’s Kitchen is a hole in the wall restaurant in Laguna but it is worth visiting. The place is cozy and it feels like home. I’m happy that there is a nice restaurant near in our area.

Nina’s Kitchen 
Lot 32 Blk 8 Silmer Village, San Francisco
Southwoods, Biñan City, Laguna
11AM to 9PM
Tuesday to Sunday


  1. Nina is the sister of Willie R. ex wife 😊. Mababait staff nila, may surprise party sana ko sa husband ko ang helpful nung manager, hindi lang natuloy kasi nahospital sya ang bait nila kasi binalik yung dineposit ko :-)

    1. Yes, hawig nga sila e. hehehe! Aww, sayang yung surprise pero buti binalik yung dineposit mo.

  2. Interesting resto find! I love the ambiance and the food does look good. We don't frequent Southwoods that often though. Hope we get to visit some time.

  3. It really feels go to have a diner near your place. You could always go there whenever you feel like eating something fancy and comforting. Love the fact that the serving is big and the price is reasonable. And I love leche flan, too :)

  4. What a mouth watering food. I love the place of the resto also. I always love the resto specially if their service is good plus friendly staff.

  5. Nagutom ako momshie. Thank you for sharing this, I wish to visit Nina's Kitchen one of these days as we are also from south. I love the cozy ambiance of the resto and I'm drooling on the yummy foodsss..

  6. Everything looks good but my eyes were immediately drawn to the salmon and the lengua! I find that's common with local quaint restaurants. Mahirap ma-reach but when you get there, they're very accommodating naman :)