March 14, 2023

3 Days Trip in Cebu

Even though Cebu is not our favorite place, we already visited this province a few times already. Why? Cebu has several flights in a day so whenever there is a seat sale, nakakabook kami unlike other provinces na limited ang flights. 

Last year, Philippine Airlines has a “Great Mabuhay Miles Getaway Promotion” so we did not waste the opportunity and we booked Manila - Cebu -Manila flight for 4500 miles + PHP2879 per person. I was shocked when I learned about the taxes and surcharges kasi wala pa PHP600 yung fee dati kapag domestic flight. But this is still a good deal because nowadays, airline tickets are really expensive.

Manila to Cebu 

This was our first family trip since COVID-19 happened so I was a little bit excited. We booked this flight knowing that my son has no morning classes but a week before our trip, the teacher changed their online classes schedule, nagkaroon na ng morning classes. Waah! I was glad that we book an early flight but I was still nervous, so during our trip, I was praying that there would be no flight delay so my son won’t be absent. 

Boarding is on time but it took a while because we need to ride a bus. We already ate our breakfast while waiting for our boarding so we did not touch the snack that was served. Ito na lang yung meal sa Philippine Airlines, hindi rin naman nakakabusog. I don’t know when they changed it, kasi bread pa yung food last Batanes trip namin. 

Fortunately, we landed at Cebu International Airport earlier than expected so my son was not absent from his first class. The perks of online classes so kahit sa cellphone lang pwede na magclass. Natagalan din sa pagbaba because we also need to ride a bus. From the airport to Sheraton Mactan Resort, my husband just booked Grab. 

Sheraton Mactan Resort 

When we learned that there will be Sheraton Mactan Resort, my husband has been saving his points for this resort so we were delighted when it finally opened before my son’s birthday. We’ve been to Shangri la Mactan Resort and Crimson Mactan Resort and Spa so I am looking forward to our Sheraton Mactan Resort experience. 

Compared to our previous Cebu trips, we did not do any tours and we just had Staycation at Sheraton Mactan Resort. We knew that this resort is not cheap so we want to maximize our stay. We were in the resort for 3 days and 2 nights. As usual, this resort deserves a separate post. 

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Cebu to Manila 

If our Manila to Cebu flight was on time, our Cebu to Manila flight was changed so my husband requested for late check-out. Our travel time from the resort to the airport was less than 25 minutes, it was my first time at the new Cebu International Airport, hindi pa ganito yung airport nung last na punta namin. 

Cebu Mabuhay Lounge 

Yung last Cebu trip namin, kami ng anak ko ang nakalounge, ngayon si hubby naman. My husband has lounge benefits so he ate at the Mabuhay Lounge while my son ate in one of the restaurants at the airport. We just ate snacks since we are still full from our late buffet breakfast (brunch). 

Our flight was rescheduled and it was also delayed so ang tagal ng biyahe namin. Nalipasan na kami ng dinner kasi same pa rin naman ang snack na binigay. 

Despite that, we still enjoyed our short trip to Mactan, Cebu. I just hope na may magaganda rin na resort na malapit lang para hindi na kelangan mag-eroplano pa. 

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