May 03, 2016

Pasalubong from Cebu

When I started traveling, I always buy fridge magnet, key chain or t-shirt with I love (name of place) print for pasalubong or as a souvenir but after few years, I stopped buying those stuff because I realized, I don’t need a lot of magnet and key chain. Honestly, nakatambak lang sila. lol 

Now, I’m more into foods, foods that are not usually available in our place. We were in Cebu last week and we did not leave without buying the famous pasalubong in Cebu like dried mango, dried fish and lechon. 

Metro Supermarket

To save money, I went to grocery to buy drinks and snacks, then I saw dried mango in the supermarket. I know that you can see dried mango in any supermarket in Metro Manila but I still I bought few pieces at P75 each, I’m not sure if it is already cheap, I will compare it kapag nagawi sa supermarket.

Taboan Market 

Before leaving Cebu City, we went to Taboan Market to buy danggit (2 days before our departure). We visited the market during our last visit (2011). From Magallanes Cross, we rode jeep 06A (P7 fare each) then walk towards to the market.

I bought danggit at P500 per kilo at Nino and Kristy Store, you can ask them to repack your dried fish into 1/2kl, 1/4kl and 100 grams which I did so I have no problem in distributing my pasalubong. They will put your stuff in a box so no need to worry sa luggage space, pwede na icheck-in.

If you are asking if it is worth the trip to Taboan market, yes, if you will buy a lot but if not, just buy pasalubong at the airport. 1/4kl of danggit is P300 and 1/4 kl of dried pusit is P350 at the airport. 

Peanut Kisses is famous pasalubong in Bohol but thank God this is also available in Taboan so I bought few boxes of it, P80 and P50 per box. 

Make sure that Taboan Market is your last stop because after going there, you need to take a bath. Amoy danggit ka na, good thing di naman kami pinababa ng taxi driver kahit amoy danggit kami. Hehehe! P100+ taxi fare from Taboan Market to Cebu Parklane. 

Mactan International Airport

On our way to the airport, my sister in law asked me to buy dried pusit so I bought 1/4kl P350 at the airport then I saw this dried mango at P300. I did not see this in the Taboan market o di ko lang napansin. Sayang, for sure mas mura dun.

Of course, we will not leave Cebu without buying lechon. Zubuchon is available at the airport. 1kl is P650. 

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How about you, what is your favorite pasalubong in Cebu?

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  1. You foodie pasalubong are really yummy! Same as you Sis, I stopped buying magnets pasalubong, dami na kasi sa refrigerator. I LOVE dried mangoes, danggit and lechon too. I think those three are my top three pasalubong when I go to Cebu.:)