December 31, 2022

4 Days in Batanes with Kid

Time is slipping away so fast and I can’t believe that today is already the last day of the year 2022. I’m supposed to write my year-end post but my Facebook memories reminded me that four years ago we went to Batanes. It’s been a long time since we travel during the holiday so for now, I will just reminisce about our trip. 

Batanes has been on my bucket list for the longest time and if you’ve read my year-end post last December 2017, Batanes is part of my Top 3 Places on my Travel Bucket List here in the Philippines. So I was really happy that at last, I was able to cross out Batanes on my bucket list before 2018 ends. 

I can still remember that a few days before our trip, my excitement was gone because it was raining cats and dogs, and when I checked the Basco, Batanes weather, mas lalo ko nalungkot. May nakikita ko rainshowers, very windy and thunderstorms pa. Sa sobrang tamad ko, I was packing our stuff 6 hours before we left the house and because of that I only had 3 hours of sleep. 

Day 1 Clark to Basco Flight 

Clark International Airport 

We left the house before 1AM and arrived at Clark International Airport before 3AM. At that time, Philippine Airlines has no Manila to Basco flight so we had no choice but to travel to Clark. While waiting at the boarding gate, I was praying that there will be no flight cancellation or delay. I’ve read a lot of stories about that so I was a little bit worried. I was glad when we boarded on time and I felt relieved when we landed at Basco Airport. 

Basco Airport 

Basco Airport is only small so we were out in a few minutes. Our hotel service was already waiting outside the airport, he drove us to an office where we need to pay the Eco-Tourism Fee, and then we went straight to Bernardo’s Hotel. 

Eco-Tourism Fee (P350)  

P100 - Basco 
P50 - Mahatao 
P200 - Sabtang 

Protected Area Entrance Fee 

P50 Adult 
P20 Kid 

Bernardo’s Hotel 

Bernardo’s Hotel was our accommodation for four days. I love DIY travel but since this is a last-minute plan, we availed Bernardo’s Hotel Tour Package so we have room accommodation, round-trip airport transfers, three days tour, and full-board meals. The only thing that was excluded is Eco-Tourism Fee and Protected Area Entrance Fee (per person). 

Upon arrival, we paid the remaining 50% balance. They allowed us to check in early. We ate our breakfast and rested while waiting for our service for our first tour. 


This is our North Batan Island itinerary but before we started our tour, we had lunch first at Pension Ivatan Hometel Restaurant

Visit Mt. Carmel Church (Tukon Church) 
Check out PAGASA Tukon Radar Station 
Drop by Fundacion Pacita 
Visit the Basco Idjang Viewing point 
Explore the Dipnaysupuan Japanese Tunnel 
Check out Valugan Boulder Beach 
Walk along Basco Town Proper 
Visit Provincial Capitol 
Drop by the Cathedral of Santo Domingo de Guzman 
Visit Vayang Rolling Hills 
Explore Naidi Hills 
Visit Basco Lighthouse 
Go sunset viewing 


We did not celebrate New Year’s Eve anymore since we need to wake up early for our next tour. The call time is 6AM. We spent our first day of 2019 on Sabtang Island, we rode faluwa to reach the island. We landed on Sabtang Island safely but going back to Batan is a different story. Feeling ko second life na namin na nakabalik kami ng buhay after our scary boat ride. Despite the trauma, I’m still happy to see this place. Dito nagshoot yung “You’re My Boss” movie. 

San Vicente Ferrer Church 
Morong Beach and Mayahaw Natural Arc 
Brgy Savidug Stone House 
Savidug Idjang Natural Fortress 
Sto. Tomas Chapel 
Chamantad - Tinyan Viewpoint 
Chavayan Vernacular Houses 
Sta Rosa De Lima Chapel 
Sabtang Weavery Association 


This is our South Batan Island Tour Itinerary, it was a long list but we finished this in few hours kasama na yung pamimili namin sa souvenir shop. 

Chawa Viewdeck 
Mahatao Boat Shelter Port 
Tayid Lighthouse 
San Carlos Church 
Homoron Blue Lagoon 
Maydangeb White Beach 
Ivana Municipality 
Old Spanish Bridge 
House of Dakay 
San Jose De Obrero 
Honesty Coffee Shop 
Uyugan Municipality 
Muchong Viewpoint 
Song Song Ruins 
Itbud Village 
Alapad Pass and Natural Rock Formation 
Old Naval Station 
Imnajbu Village 
Racuh A Payaman (Marlboro Country) 


Day 4 Basco to Clark Flight

Check-out time is 8AM but the hotel allowed us to check out late since our flight is still before lunchtime. The airport is not far so we don't need to go early. Check-in time is 2 hours before the flight. Our flight was delayed because of weather conditions but still thankful na hindi canceled flight.

Traveling to Batanes is expensive but I can definitely say, it is worth the splurge. This is one of my favorite places that we visited in the Philippines. And if I have an extra budget, I would revisit Batanes even without the tour, I just want to enjoy the place and food.


  1. Hello! What your kid enjoyed most? :)

    1. Hello, surprisingly, my son enjoyed our Batanes trip so it is hard to choose because he liked each tour.