January 09, 2017

Highlights of Year 2016

I know that Three Kings is already over but here I am, still posting my highlights of 2016. Well, as I always say, it is nice to reminisce and reflect on what happened in your life. Sometimes, you feel that it is not a good year but then you will realize, it is not a bad year after all. 

If the year 2015 is a challenging year for our family, bumawi naman kami sa 2016. Though there were still challenges overall, it is still a good year so I’m thankful for the year 2016

2016 is a year of acceptance, last year I was adjusting to my husband’s work. He has so many business trips that I’m not used to. For someone who is “TIME” is the language of love, the presence of my husband is very important to me.  

But accepting the fact that he really needs to travel for work makes my life easier. Nakakapagod na rin naman magtampo kung wala siya pag weekend or holidays so accept and move on na lang. 

2016 is a year, when I’m trying to be independent, I used to be independent when I was still single, I can go anywhere and anytime I want. Things change when I got married and had my son, I became so dependent on my husband na dapat lagi ko siya kasama kahit saan.

But year 2016, I’m trying my best to be independent. It started with our Cebu trip, I’m proud to say na nakapagtaxi kami na kaming dalawa lang mag-ina. It is a big achievement for me. Hehehe! My son and I were able to tour Japan and Singapore without hubby, because he was busy with work so kami lang mag-ina ang namasyal. Hopefully, I can do that here in the Philippines, sana safe na in the near future.

2016 is also our travel year, last year I realized that life is so short, sa sobrang severe ng psoriasis ko feeling ko mag-goodbye earth na ko so when my condition improves last year, I really took advantage the time na ok ako. Throughout the year, I was still going to the hospital for check-up and labtest but no phototherapy so I can travel. Yes, do the things that make me happy while I’m still ali

So let me share what happened in 2016? 


We started our year with check-ups, my son and I started wearing eyeglasses. I have eyeglasses since college but after I resigned from work, I stopped going to ophtha na. Wag gayahin, we need to have eye check-up every year. I need to change my eyeglasses kasi tumaas na pala grado ko. And because I need to be a role model to my son, lagi ko na rin suot. Hehehe! 

My son went to Pediatric Dentist too for tooth extraction, it is one painful experience that he can’t forget. Of course, I had my routine check-up with my derma. 


My husband underwent Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy at St Lukes BGC so we had a hospital staycation. I was thankful for successful operation, I have never been so scared in my life, di ako mapakali nung nasa operating room hubby ko.

February is also our wedding anniversary and we just celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. Oh yes, one decade of TWOgetherness. We had a staycation at Vivere Azure, ate at La Finca Tagaytay and tried painting at Sip & Gogh Alabang


Our family join, “Run for Hungry Minds”. My son and I joined 2.5km while my husband finished the 5km run. 
We went to National Shrine Pio, Nurture Wellness and Caleruega again last Holy ThursdayWe had Easter Staycation at Vivere Hotel, my son experience his first Easter Egg Hunting event. Watch the video here

My son got Red Eagle Award so we went back to school for Recognition Day.


We revisited Cebu, this is a memorable trip because we stayed in Cebu for 6 days, unlike nung last visit namin na overnight lang. Hehehe! My son and I experienced business class flight. We tried three hotels during our trip, we stayed in Cebu City Marriott Hotel, Cebu Parklane International Hotel and Crimson Resort and Spa Mactan

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We went to Kidzania Manila for the very first time. Watch the video here


Mother's Day celebration at Twin Lakes. We had flu vaccines and went to Japan. Yey, it is on my bucket list and I finally ticked it off.

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My husband celebrated his birthday in Sambokojin. Back to school but we were able to watch Finding Dory movie and attend a friend’s wedding.  


I attended a baking class “The Day I Learned How to Bake my Own Bread” 


I celebrated my birthday in Singapore. We stayed in Singapore for 5 days, visiting different zoos. 

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We got the report card for first grading and we treated our son in Kidzania Manila for getting gold eagle seal and part of the top 10 in their class. Watch the video here


It was my son’s birthday month and we had a staycation at EDSA Shangri-la Hotel
My son joined his first field trip without chaperone and we watched “Miss Peregrined’s Home for Peculiar Children” movie  


My son got a gold eagle seal again and we treated him a bowling gameWatch the video here


December is a busy month as always. We went to St James Bazaar, I attended Youth Builders Reunion, busy with advent calendar and holiday activities and of course, we ended our 2016 with a BANG. We went to Pangasinan, Baguio, and Sagada. I haven’t a blog about our trip but you can watch the video on my YouTube

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So that’s it, my highlights of 2016 

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  1. Indeed so many trips but I bet you all had fun. Traveling can be a lot more meaningful and memorable if with loved ones. I wish your 2017 will be just as great. And more independence and trust in self !

    1. True, nothing beats traveling with family. I really hope that I can be independent again. :)

  2. Wow looks like you traveled a lot last year. I envy you! Hahaha. Though sa likot ni Cloud, I don't think I can manage that alone heheh.

    1. I feel you, nung toddler age pa anak ko hindi rin kami palabiyahe. :)

  3. Wow sis, too many travels!!! Grabe! Kami, di man lang umabot ng lima! haha! As far as I remember, we've only been to Morong, Bataan, Bagac Bataan and Zambales last year! haha. By the time Dane comes home, we plan to go back to his hometown and visit Kalanggaman Island in Leyte. Maybe around December this year. Keeping my fingers crossed for that.

    1. That's still good, marami ka pa rin napuntahan. It is not just the destination, the most important thing is you enjoyed your trip. :) Kalanggaman Island is on my bucket list but I know not anytime soon so looking forward for your trip para may idea ko. :)

  4. Your 2016 was a year of travel, indeed! Ang dami n'yong nagawa ang napuntahan. :D But what made me smile is when you said you're now learning to be more accepting and more independent. Sana matutunan ko rin yan. Happy new year sis! God bless you and your family. :)

  5. Wow you traveled a lot last 2016 sis, I miss Cebu already... Last year we've been in Boracay, Bataan and Zambales. This year pag uwi ni husband we're planning na mag vacation sa province naming dalawa then diritso ng Davao. Praying this plan na magawa namin. Happy new year sis, may the good Lord bless you and to your family. Cheers!

    1. Travel is a nice bonding, it doesn't matter kung saan basta kasama natin family. :) I missed Davao na rin, sana may chance din makavisit ulit.

  6. That was quite a busy year for you. YOu've traveled everywhere, ang saya! Sana kami rin soon!

  7. Wow andameng travel! I hope I get to travel too with my kids someday. Indeed a very memorable 2016 for you sis.