October 20, 2017

Althea Korea Haul

This year, one of my personal goals is to take care of my skin, I’m not getting any younger so I have to take action. Actually, I feel that I’m already late because I should start doing this before I hit 30 but I’m really lazy in applying cream or anything on my face. But it is better to be late than never.

Last year, I started getting beauty product samples from Sample Room and I bought some kikay stuff from Beauty MNL site too. And now, I’m buying products from Althea Korea, I already shared my first shopping experience at Althea Korea here. I haven’t used all the products yet but because I’m interested in Korean beauty products, I kept on browsing their site and adding products to my wishlist. 

And because of the smooth transaction and price of their products, I placed another order again.

October 10, 2017 - ordered and paid via Paypal 
October 13, 2017 - order was shipped 
October 18, 2017 - I received my order. 

I wasn’t able to attend my friend’s birthday celebration because I was waiting for my package. Lol. Anyway, I’m happy that I got my package after one week. Here are the products...

1. Skin & Lab Vitamin Toner & Mist 

- You can use this product as a toner or mist which is perfect for hydrating your skin. I like that the product has a pump so it is easy to use. It has 5 kinds of vitamins such as vitamins A,  B, C, E and K which will make your skin soft, moist, elastic, and healthy. 

- Recommended for sensitive skin, rough skin or dull skin, dark skin tone, tired and dehydrated skin, and soothing needed skin.

When using as a toner:

1. After cleansing, put an appropriate amount on a cotton pad and gently wipe on the skin. You can do this in the morning and evening.
2. Pat lightly with your fingers to absorb into the skin

When using as a mist: 

1. Close eyes and spray directly to the face at a distance of 20cm whenever feeling dry.
2. Pat lightly in order to absorb into the skin.
3. Spray to the face whenever it feels dry or tired.

2. Althea Velvet Petal Powder P210

Inspired by Korean Althea petals, this translucent powder sets makeup and leaves behind a silky finish to the touch. Infused with oil from Althea seeds, this powder works to keep sebum production at bay without drying out the skin.

1. Makeup setting and long-wearing
2. Micro-fine particles and soft, smooth texture
3. Natural and cruelty-free ingredients.
4. Sebum control & pore blurring.

I like the color and packaging of Althea Velvet Petal Powder, it is compact and light so you can bring it everywhere. I love how fluffy the puff is, ang sarap gamitin. At first, I thought it is like the baby powder in the market na mamumuti ang face ko but I was wrong. The powder blends on my face, it is very light on the face too. The scent is gentle.

3. Missha The Style 4D Mascara P198

The packaging is really slim so the brush is also slim. Applying mascara on the eyelashes is so easy so no smudges. It gives volume but for the length, not that much. 

I've read before that mascara has only 3 months shelf life and this Missha 4D Mascara is only P198. 

4. 10pcs of Boomdeahdah Facial Mask. 

Boomdeahdah Facial Mask Lemon - Lime - Brightening - Lemon extract and lime extract deliver vitamins and moisture to seriously dry skin to keep it moisturized and fair. The scent is very light, I can barely smell the lemon scent. 
Boomdeahdah Facial Mask Rice - Brightening - It contains rice bran extract and sweet almond extract so as to make dull skin fair and healthy.  I thought this mask has no smell but surprisingly, I like the smell of this mask. 
Boomdeahdah Facial Mask Olive - Nourishing - Nutrients of olive extract full nourish dry, rough-textured skin so it can stay smooth and soft. I also like the smell of this mask. 
Boomdeahdah Facial Mask Berry - Firming - Containing strawberry extract, blueberry extract, and raspberry extract. It makes dull skin fair, transparently clean, and youthful. The scent is overpowering for me. I prefer a light scent. 
Boomdeahdah Facial Mask Pomegranate - Firming - It contains pomegranate extract and patented natural vegetable extract in order to soothe exhausted skin from the external environment and to keep it smooth. It has a fragrant scent na parang may perfume. 
Boomdeahdah Facial Mask Honey - Nourishing - It contains propolis extract, royal jelly extract, and honey extract to nourish and tighten rough-textured, dry skinThe scent is very light. 

How to use Boomdeahdah Facial Mask:

1. After cleansing, tone the skin.
2. Open the pouch and apply the sheet on the face thoroughly.
3. After taking a rest for 10-20 minutes, remove the sheet.
4. Tap the remaining essence gently to make it absorbed to the skin. 

I’m excited to try the facial masks sheets, I just bought few pieces so I can try each variant kung ano mas ok. Next time, I will buy the Green Tea and Aloe. I tried facial masks before (pasalubong) and it makes my skin soft and smooth but I find it expensive if I will use it every day. But this Boomdeahdah Facial Mask is not that expensive, it is only P30 per facial mask and I bought this at a discounted price. I only use this mask every weekend or if I feel stressed since I 'm already using Skin & Lab White Vita-C Essence every night.

The facial mask sheet is soft and it is easy to put on the face. The scent varies, depending on the variant that you choose. I like my mask cold so I store it in the fridge. It makes my skin soft and moisturized after using it, I even applied the leftover essence or serum on my arms. There is a little bit sticky feeling after you remove the mask but I just let it dried on my skin. There is no itchy feeling, redness or breakout the following morning.

I have more products on my wishlist, mukhang nakakaubos ng pera ang pampaganda noh? Beauty is an investment talaga. Walang panget na tao, wala lang pera pampaganda. Hehehe!

Now I have beauty routine every night, sana lang maging consistent. Hehehe! 

1. Missha Frui-Tea Cleansing Foam 
2. Skin & Lab Vitamin Toner & Mist 
3. Skin & Lab White Vita-C Essence (from Althea Korea Head to Toe Box)

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So far, I like these products and I can feel and see na may difference na sa skin ko. If I have extra budget, pang morning routine naman ang bibilhin ko. 


  1. I wantthe cleansing products. Haha
    I also have this intention to pay attention to adding make up on my face this year. At least give it extra care. I'm not the type who usually would but I just feel like doing this extra mile for my face soon. Haha Do you think Althea's sample room delivers in Saudi. Anyway, I'll ask. I'm interested to try their products. :)

    1. They ship to Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and US/Global. I'm not sure kung kasama Saudi Arabia sa Global na yun. If not, pag-uwi mo na lang sa Pinas, order ka, mabilis lang naman delivery. :)

  2. Haven’t tried Althea, but I’m using Korean products as well. It’s good that we take care of our skin and invest on quality products. I am not really into make up, but instead splurge on skin care treatments and collagen supplements to defy skin aging. 😝

    1. I'm not into make-up too so I want to have a nice skin so even without make-up okay ang face. :)

  3. Sabi nga nila, sis, better late than never. hehe. Lately, gusto ko na din ng at-home pampering sessions so I bought lots of masks for my face that I can use during my day off. I've not shopped in Althea Korea yet. Kahit last year pa ako nakakabasa ng post about sa kanya, lol.

    1. Yes, better to be late than never. Two years na nga yung Althea Korea, late ko na rin natry. But now, I'm starting to like their site kasi mura e. :)

  4. Oh, I haven't tried pa this Korean products but that everyday mask natetempt ako.
    Bago palang din ako nag ttry ng mga anik anik sa face ko. Right now I used collagen soap and collagen day and night cream, so far hiyang naman ang face ko.

    1. Collagen is nice sa skin, haven't tried any collagen product pa. Good for you at hiyang ka.

  5. Konti nalang matetempy na ako bumili, kaso wala sa budget :( I'm into facial mask lately, ramdam ko na nakakahinga pores at happy ang face ko. And I think this is way cheaper than having a facial at the mall.

    1. Yes, super affordable nung mask kaya napabili ko kasi sa iba ang mahal talaga tapos one time use lang.

  6. Haven't tried Althea. Most friends swear by the smooth transaction plus cheaper price. I would love to try it one day. A friend just ordered a few make up and facial mask and I asked her to accommodate my primer. Cant wait for my order, too via my friend.

    1. True, affordable price because of the discounts, promos and sale.

  7. Korean skin care brands are okay daw! Kaso I haven't tried anything Korean. I'm interested sa face masks! Beautification in an instant :) I'm 31 and I'm not using any anti-aging creams yet. Is that right? Or dapat gumagamit na ako?

    1. Mukhang okay nga Korean products, I just tried it and so far satisfied ako sa mga nabili ko. I've read an article before, dapat saw before 30 magstart na ng anti-aging.

  8. I've always taken care of my skin but I did only the basic things. I think I need to up my skin care game as well because I'm turning 40 in less than 2 years. I'm super interested in the powder and facial masks. Nice to know that the prices are super affordable pala.

    1. Yes, affordable compared to other beauty site. :)