November 07, 2017

Althea Korea Head to Toe Box Review

Two months ago, I finally purchased my first order at Althea Korea site. Althea Korea has celebrated its two years anniversary but I just recently tried it. As usual, when it comes to online shopping, I’m always late to try. Read my first shopping experience here.

I ordered Althea Korea Head to Toe Box, the price is P4902 but I got it for P1487, that is 69% off. The box includes products that you can use from head to toes such as shampoo, hair treatment, scalp cooling hair pack, eyeshadow, body scrub, underarm scrub, vitamin C essence and foot peeling pack.

Most of the products have no English Instructions but you can check their site for directions or just read below.

1. Mise-En-Scene Perfect Serum Shampoo and Treatment 

Trade frizz and dryness in for silky sleekness with this duo that’s infused with a perfecting 7x oil blend and microproteins.

How to use Mise-En-Scene Perfect Serum Shampoo

1. Dampen the hair, then lather with the shampoo and massage before rinsing off.

I like the smell of this shampoo, the smell really lasts longer. It makes my hair soft, smooth and shiny even without using conditioner. I’m not fond of using separate conditioner so I prefer shampoo with conditioner or just shampoo.

How to use Mise-En-Scene Treatment 

1. After shampoo, take dime-sized amount of the treatment.
2.Apply to the ends of your hair and leave it for 3-5 minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water.
- you can use hair cap to seal in the treatment. Leave in for half an hour and rinse.
- for intensive treatment, wrap the hair around with hot towel for the treatment to absorb better. Leave for few minutes and rinse.

I only used this once a week

2. Nature Republic Olive Scalp Cooling Hair Pack 

It contains peppermint leaves and olive concentration. It nourishes the scalp and makes the hair healthy and refreshed.

How to use Nature Republic Olive Scalp Cooling Hair Pack 

1. After shampoo, dispense quarter-sized amount onto your palm.
2. Apply on the scalp with your fingertips and massage thoroughly.
3. Leave it for 5 to 10 minutes or depending on the condition of the scalp.
4. Then Wash with lukewarm water.

It’s been years since the last time I hot oil my hair. I only buy hot oil treatment and put it on my hair. But this was my first time trying cooling hair pack. The Nature Republic Olive Scalp Cooling Hair Pack live up to its name because it really cools, refresh our scalp and hair. And because of that cooling effect, pinatagal ko pa ng 20 minutes before I rinse it. I also let my husband and son use it, feel na feel ng anak ko yung lamig so enjoy siya.

3. Skin & Lab White Vita-C Essence 

It will brighten the dull skin tone, gives moisturizing benefits and whitens the skin. The main ingredients are green tea seed oil for whitening, sea buckthorn oil for soothing, spider silk protein for vitalizing and ethyl ascorbyl ether- vitamin C.

Recommended for dull skin, dark skin tone, uneven skin tone or for those who want to have total care for the skin.

It has a pump so it is so easy to use.  I like this product because it really brigthens my face. My husband noticed it after few days of using it.

How to use Skin & Lab White Vita-C Essence:

After toner, apply a moderate amount to the face and gently pat on the skin to absorb.

Update October 2018: The Skin & Lab White Vita-C Essence is a little bit expensive but it will last for a few months. This is my favorite in this box, in fact, I already emptied two bottles and currently using my third bottle.

4. Clio Pro Eye Palette Quad in 01 Amber Slip 

The 4-color daily eyeshadow palette gives a clear and transparent look formulated by a wet coating method to provide a smooth and light touch for color to shine naturally. Vivid color formation, practically, and different color depth is useful for eye makeup.

How to use Clio Pro Eye Palette Quad in 01 Amber Slip 

Using a brush, tip or finger, apply a light shade across the eyelid up to the crease.

I don’t normally put eyeshadow on my eyes because I’m not used to it but I tried it and it is so easy to apply.

5. The Choute Hot Body Salt Scrub 

A warming scrub infused with peppermint and caffeine extracts to smooth out cellulite and smoothens the contour of the body.

How to use The Choute Hot Body Salt Scrub:

Apply to the skin and gently massage in circular motion. Leave on for a minute or two, then rinse off with water.

True to its name, the scrub gives you a warm feeling. Even you already rinse it, you can still feel the warm sensation on your skin. I just can’t say if it reduced my cellulite at marami-rami ako niyan. Hehehe!
6. W.Lab Change Foot Peeling Pack 

It contains carbonated water, lemon, orange, apple, lime, acerola, pomegranate, grape, peach, kiwi, urea, aloe vera leaf

How to use W.Lab Change Foot Peeling Pack:

1. Cut the foot sheet, look for the cut line.
2. Put the sheet on then put CO2 booster into each sheet.
3. Adjust the ankle size, wait until the content is absorbed.
4. After 1 hour, put the sheet off then rinse the feet clearly.

After one hour, I did not see any changes so I patiently waited for my feet to peel. After 3 days, wala pa rin, then after 5 days wala pa rin. I was losing hope already, feeling ko wala na mangyayari. But after 6 days, my sole started to peel na. Patience is a virtue talaga. I thought hindi eepekto. Hehehe! The peeling lasted for few days but I still don’t have a baby foot, sa kapal siguro ng dead skin cells na dapat tanggalin.

7. Angel Factory Under Arm White Peeling Perfume 

Dark, dry underarms, be gone! This whitening, hydrating and exfoliating kit keeps your underarms looking and smelling as good as they feel throughout the day.

How to use Angel Factory Under Arm White Peeling Perfume: 

1. Take out the pads and gently wipe the underarms in a circular motion to cleanse and exfoliate the area.
2. Allow to dry, then apply the whitening fragrant cream onto the underarms and pat until absorbed.

I tried the Under Arm White Peeling Perfume but after using it, my armpit gets itchy, one part lang naman.
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I recently bought Althea Korea Lazy Sunday box too. I will share my review next time.


  1. Every time I see an Althea blog post, I again am reminded of my plan to check it and buy something. Yours is such a huge discount. Really. Will be heading to the site after this thread.

    1. Yes, yung trendy box nila super laki ng discount. Pinakamataas na discount na nakita ko is 84%. :)

  2. Inggit! I haven't ordered from Althea since they changed the referral scheme hehe (the last time I ordered was June pa). I'm curious about the shampoo! I've tried the underarm thing before, di ako sure pero siguro may noticeable difference lang if you use it regularly.

    1. Mabango yung shampoo. Aww, one piece lang yung sa underarm, baka wala effect. Hehehe!

  3. Wow! Nakailang order kana sa Althea Korea and I still haven't made a single purchase with them! lol. Kung makaorder man ako soon, It'll be the Human Nature masks and Aloe Vera.

    1. Nakaapat na order na ko. Hehehe! Dami ko pa nga gusto i-try pero next yr na siguro pagnaubos ko na yung naorder ko. :)

  4. Rereading this and gives me the reason already to maje my first purchase. Im interested on the ubderarm whitening and peeling perfume.

  5. Curious ako sa anti-cellulite scrub? Effective ba mommy? I've tried Althea before nung launching nila here in the country andaming freebies and discounts :)