October 07, 2019

11th Birthday

When my son was 3 years old, I started asking him what he wanted for his birthday. Since he is our only child, we try to fulfill his wishes as long as we can. We’re fortunate that my son doesn’t like a grand birthday party so it is a big saving for us. Last month, I asked him where are we going to celebrate his birthday and he said “sa bahay lang”.

At first, I did not believe him yet because baka magbago na naman ang isip niya so I was still planning for a birthday staycation so we can have a weekend getaway. Since my son is hitting 11 years old, it will also be the last year na free pa siya sa mga hotel staycation namin, next time hindi na. So I was just taking advantage of it habang breakfast pa lang ang bayad niya. Hehehe!

I was reminiscing how we celebrated his birthday for the last decade.

1st birthday - We invited immediate family and friends and we had a small party at Mcdonald’s Alabang Town Center. I think I only invited 50 persons and hindi pa nga nakapunta lahat kasi ang layo ng Alabang.

2nd birthday - We went to Cagayan de Oro and Camiguin. We went there before his actual birthday para FREE pa yung airfare niya. It was my son’s first airplane and boat ride experience.

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3rd birthday - We went to Ark Avilon Zoo, Fun Ranch and Enchanted Kingdom.

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For his 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th birthday - we had theme parties. We celebrated his 4th and 5th birthday in school. At that time, pwede pa magcelebrate sa school but when we transferred him to a big a school, bawal ang birthday party sa school so we celebrated his 6th and 7th birthday at home.

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His 7th birthday is the start of his birthday staycation celebration. We celebrated it in The Manila Hotel, EDSA Shangri la, Makati Shangri la and Sofitel Club Millesime Manila. I was expecting nga na pati 11th birthday niya but I guess I have to accept the fact that my son is now a tween so there are few changes na.

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Happy birthday to my favorite son who made me a parent 11 years ago. The first 11 years have been memorable and incredible and looking forward to more years with you. I miss my baby Ethan but I’m happy seeing what a wonderful person you are turning out to be.

Ang anak ko na hindi mahilig sa birthday party.
Ang anak ko na ayaw magtravel dahil ayaw umabsent sa school.
Ang anak ko na ayaw na ng birthday staycation.
I wish sana hanggang pagtanda para tipid. Hehehe!

We had a simple 11th birthday celebration. My son doesn’t want to be absent from school so we just bought a birthday cake. My husband bought my son’s birthday wish “Nintendo Switch”. I remember last year, plan namin siya bilhan ng Playstation pero buti na lang hindi natuloy kasi mas gusto pala niya ng Nintendo Switch. The only problem is, ang mahal pala ng Nintendo Games. As in, libo pala presyo nito.

We also ate at All 4 U Unlimited Grill & Shabu Shabu because my son wanted to eat there. I was suggesting other eat-all-you-can restaurants pero ito ang gusto niya. After our food trip, I asked him, bakit gusto niya sa All4U and he said “Ice Cream”. Waah! Ice cream lang pala, e pwede naman kami bumili sa grocery nun. Hehehe!

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  1. happy birthday sa kanya. magkaedad sila ng blog ko...11 years na rin ang blog ko..

    1. Thanks! Wow ang tagal mo na sa blogging world. :)