October 11, 2013

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

When my husband celebrated his birthday last June, my son and I baked a cake. While baking a cake, my son said that he wanted a Mickey Mouse birthday cake and since then he always remind me about his cake #repeat100times till he celebrated his birthday last October 4, Friday.

He even drew this picture to show me his theme so deep inside I know that he really wanted a Mickey Mouse Birthday Party. I was planning and surfing the net last June for possible ideas, I ordered some party materials online and started my preparation last week of August. I witnessed the joy and excitement of my son every time he sees me preparing for his birthday.

We gave the invitation few days before his birthday. Day before his birthday, I was not feeling well so I decided that we will not go to school so I could take a rest. I took medicine to prevent it and thank God because I was able to go with them the following day.

When I entered his room, he immediately hugged me and said “I love you, mommy”. He was indeed happy because finally he will celebrate his birthday. #thelongwaitisover It was just a simple birthday celebration together with his classmates and teachers.

Mickey Mouse Cake from "Say it with a Cake"

Initially, I wanted to bake cupcake but since my son wanted a Mickey Mouse cake, I just order this from a friend. The party started with gift giving, then blowing of the candle, eating time, games and lastly group picture. Before I left the room, my son hugged me again and said “Thank you, I love you mommy”. I was really touched, sulit pagod ko sa pagprepare because my son enjoyed his simple birthday celebration.

Click here to check for DIY Mickey Mouse Party.


  1. I really love your concept. I love DIY! Congratulations

  2. worth every effort if you see your child happy!

  3. Ang galing! Everything's so cute!

    Btw, where did you buy all those straws? I've been searching for some kasi. Do the store also carry wooden spoons too? =)

    1. I bought it online pero meron din pala sa festival mall, party celebrations yung store, mas cheaper siya kaysa sa nabilhan ko. About sa wooden spoons, check party starters Facebook page, complete sila, ask for price list na lang. :)

  4. Ganda ng invitation. =) Dami ko na rin na pile na ideas for Meg's birthday. Sana magawa ko rin.