October 10, 2011

Enchanted Kingdom

I bought 3 Enchanted Kingdom voucher from Ensogo last August for P300 each. It was a good deal since regular pass cost P500. We’re supposed to use it for Ethan’s 3rd birthday but the Enchanted Kingdom is closed from Monday to Wednesday. Almost two months of waiting and we are so excited to use the voucher before it expires so yesterday, rain or shine we went to the Enchanted Kingdom.

After seven years, I was back and this time with my family. We started our tour in Victoria Park; of course, we tried the Grand Carousel.

Then we went straight to Boulderville, almost all kiddie rides are still closed except for Boulderville Express.

We proceed to Midway Boardwalk and tried Roller Skater, Up, Up and Away and Wheel of Fate. My son’s height is only 38” so we are restricted to enjoy some rides. But even if my son is allowed, I will not ride Anchor’s Away again, one is enough and I will never ride EKstreme Tower Ride and Wheel of Fate, I did not join them when they ride the Wheel of Fate.

At Jungle Outpost, the only ride that we tried is Swan Lake because my son is not yet allowed in Jungle Log Jam. Then we had a quick snack at Pizza Hut and Dairy Queen. We only passed Spaceport because I won’t dare to ride in Space Shuttle Max (feeling ko buwis-buhay to, I love my life).

Next stop is Brooklyn Place, I was so disappointed because my son is not allowed in Rialto Theater, he likes penguin pa naman. Anyway, we enjoy the mini concert of “Ian Jacinto and The Siblings”, they are really talented.

My favorite ride is Rio Grande Rapids, of all the rides that we have tried; this is my son’s favorite. Tuwang-tuwa siya na nababasa siya. Lucky for me, hindi ako nabasa. Hehe!

We went back to Boulderville to try the kiddie rides and for the sake of my son, I also rode on these kiddie rides like Stone Eggs and Dinosaurus except for Air Pterodactyl.

We rode Grand Carousel again before we went home; we only stayed for six hours.

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  1. i miss EK! same here,di kaya ng powers ko ang space shuttle max. nice family bonding sis! :)

  2. can't wait to bring joaquim at ek :)

  3. ^ for sure mag-eenjoy siya don. sayang nga lang hindi natry ng anak ko yung ibang rides kasi hindi abot height niya. next time na lang siguro.

  4. @mommy jo- yes sis, hindi ko talaga kaya space shuttle max, nung highschool ako, nahatak ako dito ng mga friends ko pero pagdating dun sa uupo na ko, nag back out talaga ko. i don't care kahit tinitingnan pa ko ng iba. hehe!

  5. Ka miss naman ang enchanted kingdom:) na inggit talga ako sa mga pics na ganito..one big happy family:(

  6. nag- fieldtrip kami nun youngest ko last oct 6 jan..we'll be back on nov for A's birthday. sayang nga sis noh..maulan.

    did you tried the Yogi Bear 4d? COOL!

  7. ^ nakisama naman ang ulan, after carousel namin, tumigil na siya hanggang sa pag-uwi. =) may mga nagfield trip nga din kasabay namin, gulat lang ko kasi Sunday e. di ko natry yung yogi bear 4D kasi feeling ko di rin pwede son dahil di siya allowed sa Rialto.

  8. hi po!
    ok po ba ung voucher from ensogo. plan po kase namin pmunta sa ek dis week using ensogo voucher. I am worried baka po kase magkaroon ng problem or matagalan bago makapasok sa ek. first time ko po kaseng gumamit ng voucher.
    tanx po! :)

  9. hi jhe! no problem sa pagclaim, first time ko din bumili and gumamit ng voucher. punta ka lang sa booth ng ensogo don, check lang nila yung voucher mo then pasok ka na. may separate entrance, don't worry assist ka rin don. =)

  10. EK spells fun!
    i heard sa oct 22 ang grand wizardry firework competitn. amazing!

    (lagay kita sa blogroll ko) =)

  11. nice post sis. punta din kami dyan ng mga kapatid ko this sem break. sa ensogo din ako nakabili ng ticket. sana nga di rin umulan pagpunta namin.

  12. @chyng - ei, thanks for the add. =)

    @shegothim - unpredictable nga yung weather, buti nakisama pero ang dami pa rin tao kahit maulan.

  13. @ate michi tanx po sa info. nabasa ko po kase sa discussion ng ensogo na ang tagal makapasok sa EK using ensogo. anyway thanks po ult! :)

  14. ^wala naman ko naging problem, wala pa ko 5min na naghintay. baka depende sa dami ng tao, kasi nung pumunta ko. dalawang group lang kami na inasikaso. mga 10pax yung isa group and kami 3pax lang. may upuan naman so ok lang magwait. =)