November 04, 2020

Dr. John is Not Your Ordinary Medical Drama

Last week, I was watching Holidate movie on Netflix while my two boys started watching Dr. John. My husband was not a fan of Korean Drama series and I think the last drama series that he watched was over a decade ago already “Jumong” (tagalized Korean drama). They were still watching when I slept so when I woke up, I asked them about Dr. John. My husband liked it so out of curiosity, I immediately watched the first two episodes. After I finished the 2 episodes, we started to watch together, and guess what, we finished this Korean Drama series within 48 hours.

I have watched a lot of Korean Medical drama in the past but Dr. John is not your ordinary medical drama. Just this year, I watched Dr. Romantic, Dr. Romantic 2, and Chocolate, the majority of the doctors in these series are surgeons so most of the scenes are in the Emergency Room and Operating Room. But Dr. John is an anesthesiologist who is a specialist in pain management. 

Dr. John or Cha Yo-han is an anesthesiologist who is a genius at his work and he can diagnose an illness in ten seconds. He met Kang Si-Young who is also an anesthesiologist, she became a part-timer in prison where Cha Yo Han stayed for 3 years. They both work together and try their very best to find an answer to their patients’ mysterious pain. 

As I mentioned, this is not an ordinary medical drama because this series talks more about pain, suffering, and death. How pain affects both the patients and their families. The role of the doctor whether he can treat or not the patients. We know that pain and death are inevitable. It is part of our lives and we cannot avoid it. 

Sharing some memorable lines in Dr. John Korean Drama Series. 

"Parents can't suffer in their children's stead. Husbands can't suffer in their wives' stead. Children can't suffer in their parents' stead. No matter how desperately they pray for that. It's not just you. No human being can feel other's pain like their own. All they can ever do is try to understand." 

"You are the only person that ever understood me, my illness, and me as a person. My world that was neither hot nor cold turned warm after I met you"

"You feel pain because you're alive. Without life, there's no pain"

"What I can stop is the patients' pain not the hardships in their lives" 

"Don't look at the symptoms, look at the people who suffer from those symptoms. What doctors treat is not a disease but a person." 

"Recognizing and sharing someone's else pain. That is my last prescription for our pain that stays with us as long as we live" 

These lines are so true because I have my own pain too and when I am suffering from severe psoriasis, nobody can understand the pain that I am experiencing unless you have psoriasis too. The same with my family who suffered too because of cancers, COPD, Parkinsons, asthma, and FMS. We can only see that they are in pain but we cannot do anything to ease it. 

I also like the soundtrack of this series, I researched the English version of the song "Star" by Minseo and I found a copy here.


We can’t see each other, like a closed up dream 
You remain in a dark shadow 
You’re filled with scars and even if I can’t reach 
Like destiny, I can’t avoid you 

Even when you’re hurting over sad days 
I’m right by your side 
Even in all the faint moments 
I always believe in you 

I believe in you 

Feels like I’m looking at a withered flower, only pain grows 
Like an icy heart, you’re so cold 
Like the fading star, the thick darkness comes 
But I can’t erase your star anymore 

Even when you’re hurting over sad days 
I’m right by your side 
Even in all the faint moments 
I always believe in you

I’m by your side 
I’m by your side 
Can you see my heart? 
Can you hear my heart? I can only see you 
When things get so hard and you get tired 
I will comfort your heart 
Just like the day we first met, I still believe you 

Are you listening? 
Are you listening? 
Are you listening? 

This was the first drama of Ji Sung that I have watched and I instantly fell in love with his acting so I decided to check his past Korean Drama series. Currently, I’m watching Kill Me Heal Me. 1 out of 20 Ji Sung Korean Drama List.

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