November 28, 2018

Althea Milk Peel Cream Mask Review

It’s been more than a year since I started buying Korean Beauty Products at Althea Korea site and as time goes by, Althea is creating their own product line. It started with Althea Velvet Petal Powder, Bare Essentials Set, Real Fresh Skin Detoxer, Petal Velvet Sunaway, and now Milk Peel Cream Mask.

As part of Althea Angels, I received Althea Milk Peel Cream Mask two weeks ago, it is a gentle exfoliating mask that is good for all skin types. Not a lot of people are using an exfoliating mask, maybe because it is an additional expense to your skincare or maybe because you don’t know the reason why you need to exfoliate.

To Exfoliate or Not to Exfoliate 

The truth is we don’t need to exfoliate because our skin renews itself every month so if you are still young, you don’t need an exfoliating mask. But if you are always out and you have too much sun exposure, you need to exfoliate because sun exposure makes your skin thicker, rough, or flaky. When you hit the age 30, the renewing process of your skin begins to slow down so we need a helping hand. We need to exfoliate to help the skin remove the old, damaged, and dead skin cells and replace them with younger and healthier ones.

If you want to look young, age gracefully, and have healthy skin then you need to add Exfoliating Mask to your skincare routine. Below are the reasons why you need to exfoliate.

Why Do We Need to Exfoliate 

1. To remove dead skin cells
2. To prevent fine lines and wrinkles
3. To reduce skin pigmentation and discoloration
4. To improve the absorption of skincare products
5. To prevent blemishes, whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, acne
6. To reduce pores size

There are two types of exfoliation, you can choose depending on your preference; mechanical exfoliation or chemical exfoliation. Mechanical Exfoliation is using small grains, granules, brushes or other materials that will help you in rubbing the layer of dead skin cells while Chemical Exfoliation is using chemicals like AHA and BHA to shred your dead skin cells.

Althea Milk Peel Cream Mask 

Althea Milk Peel Cream Mask is under chemical exfoliation, it is formulated with Milk Protein Extract, AHA and BHA.

Key Ingredients 

Milk Protein Extract - moisturizes, refreshes, and strengthens the skin
AHA & BHA - Double exfoliating effect. Gently exfoliates away dead skin cells for a smooth complexion
   AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) a light chemical peel that removes dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. It is ideal for oily skin
   BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) a light chemical peel that removes impurities and unclogs the pores. It is ideal for acne-prone skin
Kaolin - detoxifies and pull out impurities from the pores.

Althea Milk Peel Cream Mask is Suitable for 

All skin types
Enlarged pores
Rough, sensitive skin that needs gentle exfoliation
Dry skin that needs to stay moisturized even after peeling

I started using Peeling Mask last year so I’m glad when Althea Korea sent this product to me, kasi paubos na ang aking Peeling Mask. They said that it is good for daily use but personally, I don’t exfoliate my skin every day because I believe that less is more. Exfoliating too much is not good for my skin (I have psoriasis) and for your skin because if you remove too much, your skin might get irritated, red and open to contaminants or pollution.

According to my research, here is your guide on how many times you can exfoliate. But of course, it all depends on your skin so it is up to you. My skin is normal to combination but I use a peeling mask once a week or twice a month, depende sa sipag ko. Hehehe!

For sensitive skin - once or twice a week
For oily skin - up to five times a week
For normal to combination skin - up to three times a week

How to Use Althea Milk Peel Cream Mask 

Dampen the skin and apply an even layer onto the skin massaging till lather forms. Leave on for 30-60 seconds before rinsing away with lukewarm water.

Tip: After exfoliating, apply moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated, exfoliating can dry your skin and make your skin sensitive to UV rays so do not forget to apply sunscreen before going out.

What I like About Althea Milk Peel Cream Mask 

1. I like the packaging, it has a pump so it is more hygienic for me.
2. Among the Althea products, I love the scent of this Milk Peel Cream Mask. It is light and powdery, amoy baby.
3. I’m so amazed at the texture, from soft clay cream for whipped cream bubble texture. I tried some cleansing foam pero hindi naman siya nagfoam ng ganito. I want to leave it for more than 60 seconds nga sa sobrang aliw ko.
4. You can exfoliate your face in less than few minutes.
5. It makes my face looks brighter and smoother.

What I Don’t Like About Milk Peel Cream Mask 

1. I don’t know if my skin is just sensitive but there is a slight sting on my face while waiting for 30-60 seconds. Though there is no redness or rashes after using it.
2. Because of the whipped cream bubble texture, I don’t see any visible peeling or dead skin cells so feeling ko hindi ako nag-exfoliate.

I’m torn if I will purchase this product or I will stick to my Yogurt Peeling. Let's see, I will continue to use this and I will update this post after I emptied it.

Anyway, if you want to prevent scaly and rough skin and if you want younger and nourished skin, then add this to your skincare routine. Althea Milk Peel Cream Mask is available at Althea Korea site for P490 (50ml).

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November 27, 2018

What is Tonic Water?

A lot of theories revolve around what tonic water is, what it does and whether it's harmful. No one seems to agree with the other which has granted people the freedom to make their conclusions on tonic water.

Therefore, What is Tonic Water?

From the definition, tonic water is a carbonated soft drink. However, most people become stuck in the soft drink part of the explanation. Despite the confusion and back and forth, tonic water continues to be a digestive and appetite stimulant. Also, it is a prevalent mixer with spirits and gin.

Tonic water has a bitter flavor, and this is thanks to the amount of quinine dissolved in it. Now, quinine is primarily used as a medication to treat malaria, so how then does it fit into a soft drink? Initially, tonic water was created as carbonated medication to help ease constipation, increase appetite and even treat malaria and babesiosis. However, with time, the drink has evolved and edged its way into the soft drink shelf.

Why Quinine is an Ingredient in Tonic Water ?

Quinine is medication, as earlier established. However, the bitter flavor from the compound makes it a perfect element for tonic water. Despite quinine being in large quantities in the soft drink, the amount used is safe for consumption.

For use as malaria medication, concentrated amounts of quinine get administered in the form of pills; however, it is harmless when in tonic water.

Mixed with gin and spirits, the bitter flavor in tonic water blends well to give a tasty drink. However, despite the assurances about the amount of quinine used in tonic water, many people still have reservations and deem the drink harmful.

Benefits of Using Tonic Water

It is important to note that tonic water is not the same as soda water. Yes, they’re both carbonated soft drinks, but their ingredients, benefits, and uses differ. Soda water is a simple carbonated drink. That said, here are the benefits of tonic water.

I. Used for digestive purposes and as an appetite boost 

Many people suffer constipation due to slow digestion. This all results from poor metabolism. Using tonic water helps boost your metabolism which results in faster absorption. It also inadvertently affects your appetite.

II. The health of your teeth 

Tonic water is excellent for your teeth but not good for your mouth. If used too often, carbonated drinks lower the PH in your mouth which can lead to odor and overall poor health of your mouth. However, tonic water used well is great for your teeth.

III. Helps ease stomach aches 

Tonic water’s main ingredient is quinine which is medication. Consumption of tonic water helps heal stomach aches by helping increase and facilitate bowel movement.

Why is Tonic Water Harmful? 

In as much as the amount of quinine in tonic water is consumable, daily consumption is highly discouraged. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), tonic water every day may lead to health complications.

Who Should Avoid Tonic Water? 

Tonic water is a soft drink, but it is not for the faint of heart. It is meant literally, if you have an abnormal heart rhythm or any heart conditions, stay away from tonic water. Also on the stay way list is:

•    People with low blood sugar
•    Liver disease
•    Kidney complications
•    Expectant Mothers

Side Effects of Tonic Water 

Used in large amounts and regularly, tonic water may pose the following risks and side effects:

•    Nausea
•    Nervousness
•    Stomach cramps
•    Vomiting
•    Confusion
•    Ringing in your ears
•    Kidney damage
•    Bleeding problems

To Sum Up

Tonic water is that controversial drink that some people will always be on the fence about and others will keep enjoying its benefits. If it helps, 99% of consumable products have side effects; the secret is to consume wisely. The same goes for tonic water, use the right amounts.

November 26, 2018

Lunch at Cafe Mary Grace

I could not believe that we only have 29 days before Christmas. Honestly, I cannot feel the Christmas holiday right now. Life became busy and challenging, I’m literally taking one day at a time, focusing on the present, and ticking off my checklist. I’ve been going to the doctor every week since October 27, and I did not expect na magiging weekly check-up na ito. I’m undergoing different lab test and ultrasound and sa totoo lang nakakapagod na. But health is wealth so I need to do this.

Anyway, I had my ultrasound last week and after that, my husband and I ate lunch at Cafe Mary Grace Festival Mall. Parang naging favorite na namin si Cafe, Mary Grace, these past few months. It was time for lunch so medyo madami tao, this was our first time in this branch. Most of the time kasi nagtake-out lang ko ng ensaymada or cheese roll.

My husband ordered Pasta Amatriciana with Italian Meatballs P320 and I ordered Vigan Longganisa with scrambled egg P380. They served the pasta after 17 minutes, naghihintay pa si hubby ng order ko but I told him na mauna na. Pasta Amatriciana with Italian Meatballs is a tomato based pasta with Italian meatballs and flavored with bacon and chili. I tried the meatballs and it is good. My husband liked this dish, so far masasarap lahat ng pasta dish na natry namin.

After 8 minutes, my order came so 25 minutes from the time na nag-order kami, Just like other breakfast meals, it includes rice, eggs and side dishes. I was not happy with my order because the Vigan longganisa was overcooked, as in dry na kainin. I remembered my experience at Cafe Via Mare, dry din yung longganisa.

I ordered Mango Bene for our dessert, this dessert is a frozen layers of meringue, cream and mango. The cake is good but because of the frozen mango, nakakangilo sa ngipin so mas type ko si Mango Bravo.

After eating, we asked for our bill and it took them a looooooooong time to give us our bill. To think na katapat lang table namin ng cashier. One staff said, may problem lang daw sa system and when they gave our bill, may mali pa so ulit na naman. So mas matagal pa yung hinintay namin sa bill kaysa sa pag-order and pagkain. 35 minutes is so long para lang sa bill-out, napaisip ko na sana nagfastfood na lang kami. Parang gusto ko bawiin yung naisulat ko sa survey form. lol

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Cafe Mary Grace Southwoods Mall 
Cafe Mary Grace Cakes and Pastries

November 21, 2018

4 Things you Should Know About How Chocolate is Made

Many people love binging on chocolate but are not aware of the steps involved in making it. Some people don’t even know that its main ingredient comes from a tree. While it is okay to enjoy the different flavors it comes with and to gift your loved ones with chocolate, there are basic things about chocolate making that are worth learning about. The following are top 4 things you should know about how chocolate is made;

The main ingredient is the cacao tree 

A lot of people have no idea of what chocolate is made from. While there are several misconceptions about chocolate, many people don’t even know that it is made from cacao. The cacao beans are removed from the pod then left in their pulp for about a week to ferment as well as gain their flavor precursors. Another reason for fermenting them is to ensure that the seed does not grow again as fermenting kills it.

Drying and roasting

After fermentation, the beans are dried then roasted before they are taken to the factory. By roasting them, the flavors precursors developed during fermentation are turned into flavor through a series of chemical reactions. Roasting also helps to puff up the beans which make it easier to remove the nibs from their shells. Also, roasting helps to kill bacteria that the beans might have collected after they are been removed from the pods. Roasting is one of the major stages of making chocolate because it greatly determines how the chocolate is going to taste.

Winnowing, grinding, and melanging 

The well-roasted beans then undergo winnowing to separate the shells and the nib. After the shells are removed, the nibs are ground to form a liquid that is also known as the cocoa liquid. This liquid is then put in a juicer that also helps to filter it. When the beans are ground to a fine consistency, they are transferred to a melanger where sugar is added to help kill its bitterness.


After melanging the chocolate, the final step to the final product is known as tempering, which includes several steps before packaging. First, the chocolate is melted because it solidifies while melanging it, then seed crystals are created in some portion of the chocolate in order to obtain the required molecular arrangement. This portion is then poured into a mold or parchment paper then covered to allow it to solidify. The final product is the candied chocolate products like the Santa Barbara Chocolate you buy from the store.

Bottom line 

The chocolate-making process is not as easy as you may have imagined it to be, and it takes a lot of handy-work as well as machine work to get to the final product. There are a lot of steps and processes that are required to come up with a differently flavored product. While there are countable chocolate companies known of, a few of them are famous for their unbeatable chocolate products.

November 20, 2018

List of Buffet Restaurants in the Philippines

Filipinos love buffet so it is no longer surprising that we have a lot of All You Can Eat, Eat All You Can, Unlimited or Buffet restaurants in the country. Whether you are a big eater or small eater, I’m pretty sure that you will crave for an all-you-can-eat buffet. We are not big eater and we don’t have big appetite but from time to time we go to buffet restaurants to satisfy our craving, to celebrate special occasion, or to meet friends.

Buffet rates are not cheap especially hotel buffets but there is nothing wrong if sometimes you treat yourself, have a feast or have a food adventure. My personal tip to save money is look for promos or discounts. There are online websites where you can buy buffet vouchers or coupons, some restaurants offer birthday, anniversary or even graduation promo, and some credit card companies offer discount, just use their card to pay for your food bill. If there is no promo, just look for affordable buffet restaurants, use your loyalty card or PWD ID/Senior Citizen ID.

I was already in High School when I first experienced eating in an eat-all-you-can restaurant in Cebu. It was a very long time ago so I can’t remember the name of the restaurant. There are some restaurants that I have tried in the past but for now let me share the buffet restaurants that we have tried and I have blogged about.

There are different types of buffet that you can choose from, it depends on your preference. There are buffets that serve ready cooked meals, buffets that have a chef who will cook the food for you and buffets that allow you to cook your own food.

All You Can Eat 

All You Can Eat restaurants normally serve hot and cold dishes, there are an appetizer, salad, main dish, and dessert.

1Poquito Mas 

This restaurant is located in Paseo De Sta Rosa but I think this no longer exist. Sayang! It is one of the affordable buffets that we have tried. They offer Splatino Buffet ( Spanish, Latino and Filipino foods)

2. Redragon Buffet and Quickmeal

Whenever we go to Pangasinan, we used to pass Retiro Street so we discovered Redragon Buffet & Quickmeal. This is the cheapest buffet that we have tried, though I’m not sure if this restaurant still exists since hindi na kasi kami nadadaan sa Retiro.

3. Dads Saisaki and Kamayan 

Aside from Cabalen, Dads, Saisaki and Kamayan is one of the popular buffet restaurants in the Philippines bago pa nagsulputan ang iba. Rates depend on the buffet that you will choose, most of the time we only choose Kamayan but when my sister-in-law celebrated his 30th birthday, nakapagCrossover kami.

4. La Fiesta; A Taste of Filipino 

This restaurant opened sometime in 2014. If you love Filipino foods or if you have balikbayan or foreigner friends, then visit this restaurant. Aside from food, may cultural shows ka pa na mapapanood.

Dinner at La Fiesta 
Lunch at La Fiesta 

5. Vikings 

When we learned that there is Vikings na sa SM BF, we immediately tried it. My friend celebrated her birthday here so I suggested to my husband, na dito na rin siya magbirthday so we can avail na FREE Birthday Buffet.

Lunch at Vikings: A Feast From the Sea 
Birthday Celebration at Vikings 

6. Hogs & Cattle Steakhouse 

This restaurant offers unlimited steak and shrimp so if you are a meat lover, you will definitely enjoy this restaurant.

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7. Isla Sugbu Seafood City Paluto All You Can

I haven’t tried this restaurant because this is located in Cebu but my husband always eat here if he has a business trip in Cebu. If you love seafood, you will have a happy tummy here.

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Mckinley: Isla Sugbu Seafood City Paluto All You Can

8. The Alley by Vikings

The Alley is different from other buffet restaurants because it offers 15 street-inspired food stalls that offer unlimited foods and drinks. You have to order the food and drink from each stall. There are Filipino, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and other international cuisines.

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Watch the video here

9. Cabalen

Cabalen is one of the oldest buffet restaurants in the Philippines. They serve Filipino Cuisines and the majority of the dishes are Kapampangan dishes. They may have limited buffet spread but it is not that expensive. Budget is not over P400 if you will just avail the meal without bottomless drinks.

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10. Buffet 101 International Cuisine

Additional buffet restaurant in Alabang Town Center and for Southern Luzon Peeps.

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11. Balay Dako

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For a different experience, try buffet restaurants that allow you to grill your own food.

1. Sambokojin 

Sambokojin is the first grilling buffet restaurant that we have tried. As in dumayo pa kami sa EDSA just to try this. It was my husband’s birthday celebration pero that time wala pa birthday promo. This is one of my most visited restaurants, we always take advantage kasi yung birthday promo and graduation promo. And because of that, I even got a free buffet at nakaipon ko ng stamps. (10 + 1 FREE Card)

Sambokojin EDSA
Graduation Promo at Sambokojin  
Birthday Celebration at Sambokojin 
Get Together at Sambokojin 

2. Yakimix 

I’ve only tried Yakimix in ATC, it was a treat of my friend and it was the last time that we have tried it. I find the rate expensive kasi pero konti lang naman choices, though I'm not sure kung may improvement na.

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Lunch at Yakimix
Watch the video

3. Su Won Garden Korean Restaurant 

Su Won Garden is the new restaurant in Southwoods, Binan so if you love Korean food, then visit this restaurant. They offer unlimited pork, beef and chicken.

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4. Siram Gyupsal Unlimited Korean BBQ House

Siram Gyupsal is an unlimited Korean BBQ house in Binan. They have two branches, one in Paseo San Antonio and the other branch is in Seaoil Tubigan. They offer unlimited pork, beef, and chicken.

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5. Wow Samgyup Unlimited Korean Grill

An unlimited Korean restaurant in Carmona, it is just beside the Puregold. They offer unlimited beef, pork, appetizers, soups, sauces, and rice.

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6. Romantic Baboy

Romantic Baboy is almost everywhere, ang dami nitong branches. They offer unlimited pork and beef for PHP499. There are 8 types of meat and 6 kinds of side dishes. Rice and vegetables are also unlimited.

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If you don’t like to grill, then try a healthy version of buffet, shabu shabu or hotpot.

1. King One Rotary Hotpot 

I celebrated my birthday at King One Rotary Hotpot, it was my first shabu shabu experience. Dinayo din naman ito sa Hobbies of Asia.

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2. Four Seasons Buffet & Hotpot City 

Four Season Buffet & Hotpot City is my most visited shabu shabu restaurant naman. I celebrated my birthday at MOA branch, then yung mga next visits na naman ay sa Southmall.

Birthday at Four Seasons Buffet & Hotpot City MOA
Lunch at Four Seasons Buffet & Hotpot City Southmall
Birthday Celebration at Four Seasons Buffet & Hotpot City

Grilling and Shabu-Shabu 

If you love both grilling and hotpot, then visit the following restaurant so you can enjoy both.

1. Tong Yang Shabu-Shabu and BBQ Restaurant SM Megamall

2. Tong Yang Plus SM Bicutan 

Father’s Day Celebration at Tong Yang Plus 
Mother’s Day Celebration at Tong Yang Plus

3. All 4 U Unlimited Korean Restaurant 

A Korean restaurant which offers unlimited beef, pork, chicken, shrimp and side dishes.

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Care to share your favorite buffet restaurant in the Philippines.

November 15, 2018

Althea Korea X Get It Beauty Real Fresh Skin Detoxers Collaboration

Since July, I’ve been using Real Fresh Skin Detoxers for my morning routine or evening routine. It is a 10-second wash-off mask that is perfect for busy or lazy people like me who don’t want to do Korean 10 Steps Skincare Routine. You can check my review here.

They had a product collaboration with Get It Beauty, a Korea’s top TV programme. And because of that, it attracted more beauty influencers and celebrities like Minsco and Jeonghwa. You can watch their video. How I wish there is English Subtitle but you can watch how they use Real Fresh Skin Detoxers.

Real Fresh Skin Detoxer is available at Althea Korea site, you can choose from Green Tea or Rose Variant for P550 each or buy Real Fresh Skin Detoxer Set (10% off) for P990.

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November 14, 2018

Lunch at Su Won Garden Korean Restaurant

We cannot deny that Filipinos have a growing interest in Korean stuff like K-pop, Korean drama, Korean beauty products, Korean fashion, Korean brands and of course Korean food and drinks. Filipinos are aware of kimchi, soju, ramyeon, and samgyeopsal. I love watching Korean Drama so I am familiar with samgyeopsal and it is one of their ways to celebrate something.

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Samgyeopsal is a three-layer pork meat and it is one of the popular Korean BBQ dishes. It is not marinated nor seasoned so there are side dishes, sauces and vegetables that can be added according to your preference. Grilled meat is not only limited to pork, but you can also try chicken, ribs, beef and many more. Some restaurants offered marinated or seasoned meat.

Three years ago,, we ate at Baek Yuen Korean Restaurant in Silang Cavite and we enjoyed our first samgyeopsal experience. Then we discovered All 4 U Unlimited Korean Restaurant in Festival Mall and we ate there a few times already. And last week, we finally tried Su Won Garden Korean Restaurant.

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All 4 U Unlimited Korean Restaurant

Su Won Garden Restaurant 

I’ve learned about this restaurant last summer but it was only last week that we paid a visit. I was blogging about Jakarta Eats and I casually said, “nagugutom naman ako dito sa blog ko” and my husband immediately said, lunch tayo dun sa Southwoods. So rain or shine, off we went to Southwoods, it is so easy to find because it is near Nina’s Kitchen and Southwoods Mall.

It was past 11AM so parking is not difficult, they have a small parking space beside the restaurant. Su Won Garden Korean Restaurant is big so it can accommodate a lot of people, they have an indoor and outdoor setting. This is formerly Villa Cristina Resort so you will notice the swimming pool, guest can eat and swim for a fee.

We’re the first diners so I was able to take photos bago pa nagdatingan ang iba. The staff immediately gave us the menu, you can choose a la carte or unlimited grilled meat. Prices may vary depending on your meat choices. Since it was our first time, we chose the P499 Unlimited Grilled Beef, Pork, and Chicken. All orders should be the same in one table, so hindi pwede, P399 isa or P499 isa.

There are 9 choices of meat, we can choose from the following

1. Samgyeopsal Pork
2. Daepae Samgyeopsal Pork
3. Gochujang Samgyeopsal Pork
4. Honey Peppered Citrus Chicken
5. Dak Bulgogi Chicken
6. Dak Galbi Chicken
7. Woo Sam Gyup Beef
8. Marinated Woo Sam Gyup Beef
9. Beef Bulgogi Beef

We ordered almost everything except for Honey Peppered Citrus Chicken and Dak Galbi. We are not fond of grilled chicken sa mga buffet kasi. The Unlimited Mixed Grilled includes side dishes, sauces, rice, soup, salad, lettuce, and fruits.

When they served the meat, I noticed there are 3 kinds of pork, 2 kinds of beef and 1 kind of chicken, checking the photos, parang wala yung isa, either Marinated Woo Sam Gyup Beef or Woo Sam Gyup Beef. I’m not sure kung hindi lang ba siya available that time.

Anyway, my husband and I started our feast. You cannot ask for a refill until you finish everything. And you cannot just refill one meat, kelangan daw combination. I wanted beef lang sana for our refill but the staff said, hindi daw pwede isa lang. It should be 3 kinds of meat per refill so I have no choice but to order other meat. #eatpamore They replaced the griller before grilling our refill.

We were satisfied with our first experience at Su Won Garden Korean Restaurant but I’m not sure if we will eat here with my son, kasi full payment na yung 9 yrs old above, lugi kami. I hope may sesame oil with salt and pepper sila kasi yung ang trip ko na sauce. But I am happy that there is a Korean Restaurant near our place, so if you love cooking and eating, then you will enjoy samgyeopsal.

Watch the video here.

Care to share your favorite Korean Restaurant

Su Won Garden Korean Restaurant Rates

P399 Unlimited Samgyeopsal Pork 
- choices of 3 kinds of pork (Samgyeopsal Pork, Daepae Samgyeopsal Pork and Gochujang Samgyeopsal Pork)

P399 Unlimited Grilled Chicken
- choices of 3 kinds of chicken (Honey Peppered Citrus Chicken, Dak Bulgogi Chicken and Dak Galbi Chicken)

P649 Unlimited Grilled Beef 
- choices of 3 kinds of beef (Woo Sam Gyup Beef, Marinated Woo Sam Gyup Beef  and Beef Bulgogi Beef)

P499 Unlimited Mixed Grilled Beef, Pork and Chicken 
- 3 kinds of meat per refill - choose 1 kind of beef, 1 kind of pork, and 1 kind of chicken

Kids below 5 years old - FREE
6-8 yrs old - 50% discount
9 yrs old above - full payment

Unlimited side dishes
Unlimited rice (P15 per cup for leftover)
Unlimited for 1 hour and 30 minutes
Serve with soup
Serve with salad
Serve with lettuce
Serve with pineapple fresh fruit for dessert

No sharing
No refill until empty 1 table must be all the same choice of unlimited
P100 per person in one table for leftover meat
No take out for leftovers
50% discount will be honored to any birthday celebrant on or before & after the date of birth if he/she will avail unlimited grill. Just present any valid proof of date of birth like ID or birth certificate.
Su Won Korean Garden Grill is also a resort with newly renovated pool. Anyone can swim and dine just add P100 per person.

Su Won Garden Korean Restaurant 
Lot 2 Blk 4 Silmer Village San Francisco Binan City, Laguna
Landmark: Village behind Southwoods Mall (Formerly Villa Cristina Resort) in front of Nina’s Kitchen.
0929 898 6872

5 Tips on Traveling to Prague on a Budget

As the capital city of the Czech Republic, Prague has a few things that it boasts, making it a good travel destination. If you wish to travel to this wonderful city without breaking the bank, the following are some of the major tips to consider;

How to Get There 

If you are in the European Union, getting to Prague can be affordable as it is easily accessible via train. Availability of the Eurail pass makes it easy to travel around Europe and is one of the best options to travel in Prague on a budget. It gives travelers the privilege to travel as many times and to as many European countries they wish over unlimited time. If you wish to travel by air, there are affordable airlines to Prague International Airport like Transavia, RyanAir, and EasyJet.

Transport While in Prague 

After reaching your destination, you need to be clever about the mode of transport you choose to make local travels in Prague. Just like in many countries and cities, public transport is one of the top considerations while on a tight budget. When in Prague, you can use the tram which most locals use to move around as it is free. On the other hand, while taxi operators may take advantage of foreigners and charge very high rates, you can instead use Uber to move around.

Where to Stay 

Accommodation is one of the top priorities you should consider when traveling to any destination in the world. It is usually advisable to book your accommodation even before getting to your destination and there is plenty of affordable accommodation in Prague, from AirBnB’s to hostels like the sirtobys, and other affordable hotels. Most of this accommodation is usually strategically located, making it easy for you effortlessly access different places.

Where to Go

While Prague is a small city, you can properly plan your time and have enough to do over whatever period of time. One of the major attractions in Prague is the Charles Bridge which was constructed in the fourteenth century. Below the bridge is the beautiful Vltava River, and from the bridge be sure to catch the sight of the old city while staying entertained by musicians and artisans. Other places to go to in Prague include The Letna Beer Garden, Prague Castle, John Lennon Wall, Hit the town, The Prague Pub Crawl, and the Old Town Hall and Astronomical Clock.

What to Eat 

Changing to new diets and cuisines especially when traveling can take a toll on your health, so you should be choosy about what you eat. This should not restrict you from indulging in the different amazing food you will find in Prague. Just make sure that you carry medication if you have a weak stomach and observe top notch hygiene when on your tour. Koala and Cafefin are some of the meals you can’t miss while Pernickuv Sen, Good Food Coffee and Bakery, as well as Lokal are some of the places to visit for food.

November 09, 2018

Jakarta Eats: Seasonal Tastes Restaurant

If you are traveling to different places, one of the things that you need to consider whenever you book an accommodation is food. Is the hotel has room services, restaurants or nearby restaurants? It is important to know this information so you know where to eat or drink just in case you are hungry and you don’t want to travel far.

Majority of the hotels have their own restaurants so food is not a problem, the only thing that you need to consider is budget because hotel food and beverage are not cheap. If you are staying in The Westin Jakarta, no need to worry because they offer 24-hour Room Dining Service, Daily Treats for light bites and two restaurants; Seasonal Tastes and Henshin.

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Buffet Breakfast at Seasonal Tastes 

If you are check-in guest of The Westin Jakarta, you will have your buffet breakfast at Seasonal Tastes Restaurant. It is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, both ala-carte of buffet meals. Seasonal Tastes boasts on their 360-view of Jakarta city. The kitchen is prepared and equipped to serve you international dishes. The buffet spreads are expansive so you won’t run out of choices.


Buffet breakfast, fee from 230000.00 IDR
Continental breakfast, fee from 180000.00
IDR Full American breakfast, fee from 240000.00 IDR

Buffet Dinner at Seasonal Tastes 

As I’ve mentioned, Seasonal Tastes is an all-day dining restaurant so if you don’t want to go out anymore, you can just eat dinner at the hotel. My husband tried the buffet dinner, just like the breakfast they serve international dishes. Dinner buffet spread has more options compared to breakfast. So yes, your tummy will be happy. My husband took advantage the 15% discount promo during his stay.

A la Carte Dinner at Seasonal Tastes

On his second night, he was not in the mood to eat buffet dinner so he just chose a la carte. A mushroom dish, it looks simple but my husband loved this meal. #dietmode.

Nearby Restaurants from The Westin Jakarta Hotel 

1. Din Tai Fung
2. Trattoria
3. Seribu Rasa
4. Bluegrass
5. Shaburi
6. Pizza e Birra

The Westin Jakarta 
Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Kav.C-22 A,
Jakarta 12940 Indonesia

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November 07, 2018

Egg + Tomato Sauce Recipe

It is been more than a year since I shared a recipe here on my blog, ang tagal na pala. I cook every day naman but I haven’t blogged about it. Maybe because I’m always in a hurry, I cook the same dishes or I’m just lazy to take pictures.

Anyway last month, I cooked Shakshouka, Shakshuka or simply Egg + Tomato Sauce dish. Shakshouka in Arabic means a mixture, it is a dish of poached egg in tomato sauce with different spices like chili peppers, cumin, cayenne pepper, and paprika. It is a spicy dish in the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Regions.

There are a lot of Shakshouka recipes on the internet but I did not follow it because I don’t like a spicy dish and I don’t have all the ingredients. So I just used whatever ingredients that I have at home so this is my version of Egg-Tomato Sauce Recipe.


1 tbsp of olive oil
1 onion diced
2 cloves of garlic minced
1 tomato diced
1 pack of tomato sauce
1 tsp of Spanish paprika
Salt and Pepper 3 Eggs
Quickmelt cheese

How to Cook Egg + Tomato Sauce 

1. Put the olive oil in frying pan over medium heat.
2. Saute garlic, onion, and tomato until they begin to soften.
3. Add spinach.

4. Add tomato sauce, Spanish paprika, salt, and pepper.
5. Allow to simmer for 5-10minutes.
6. Adjust the seasoning according to taste.
7. Crack the eggs over the tomato sauce mixture.
8. Cover the pan and simmer for 5-10 minutes or until the eggs are cooked. It depends on your desired firmness.
9. Add quickmelt cheese on top.
10. Serve with crusty bread. It is an easy dish that you can add to your egg recipes.

Watch the video here.

November 06, 2018

Kumori Japanese Bakery & Cafe

Kumori has been in the Philippines for around three years already and I’ve been seeing this in social media for quite some time now. I did not see this bakery when we went to Japan so hindi ko rin natry. Upon checking Kumori branches in the Philippines, wala na naman malapit sa amin. Waah! Few months ago, I saw Kumori in Festival Mall, under construction pa nga lang.  

Last weekend, we were in Festival Mall and I’ve read the tarpaulin “Kumori is now Baking” so I told my husband that I will go there after my check-up. I forgot about it, good thing my husband reminded me nung palabas na kami sa mall so kahit malayo lakad, off we went to Kumori. It is near Decathlon. Finally, I was able to try their products. 

The Kumori branch is small but this is better because they have tables and chairs unlike other branches parang kiosk lang yata. Since this was my first time, I ordered their signature products such as Signature Hanjuku Cheese P49/pc, Signature Cheese Tart P60/pc, and Japanese Cheese Loaf P160. The price is not cheap considering of the size so I was hoping that it is worth it. I’ve read that majority of their ingredients are imported from Japan, cheeses are from New Zealand and France so maybe that is the reason why. 

When we went home, we tried first the Signature Cheese Tart. It has a combination of texture, soft cheese filling, and flaky and sweet crust. It is like eating mini cheesecake, my son doesn’t like this so my husband and I were very happy to eat everything. 

The following day, I served the Japanese Cheese Loaf, I liked this bread because it is soft and it has a big chunk of cheese on each slice so you can eat this kahit walang palaman. They don’t use any preservatives so you need to consume everything within few days. But it is not a problem to us, masarap kasi so mabilis maubos. lol 

And lastly, we tried the Signature Hanjuku Cheesecake. I’ve tried Japanese Cheesecake before so I thought they are just the same but I was wrong. The Hanjuku Cheesecake is so small, malaki pa calling card. Hehehe! Each slice is carefully wrapped, this cheesecake is half-baked and made with premium cheese. It is soft, light, and velvety. Every bite melts in your mouth. This time, my son likes it so nabitin kami at may kashare na kami. Hehehe!

Kumo means cloud or cloudy in Japanese. Kumori lives up to its name because its products are like a bite into clouds. Everything that we ate is soft, light, and fluffy. So I was happy that even it is expensive, it gives delight to our taste buds. 

For Senior Citizen and PWD, there is maximum limit of P200 for the discount. We know that discount is for personal consumption lang, but nabababaan ako kasi kulang pa nga sa akin yung 6 pcs. hahaha

Update January 2019

It took me a long time to buy Kumori products again, this time I bought 6pcs of Signature Hanjuku Cheesecake and 6 pcs of Fuwari Cheese Cup P355 (P60 per piece). On our way home, we were already eating the Hanjuku Cheesecake, hindi na nakayanan ang temptation at kinain na namin agad. Then for dinner, we tried the Fuwari Cheese Cup. When my son saw the box, he said "Oh, I won't eat that"

Me: Okay, bahala ka magsisi!

But when I opened the box, my son changed his mind and immediately grabbed a cup. I said, "Akala ko ba ayaw mo?"

Ethan: I will try it first.

Fuwari Cheese Cup is a classic Japanese cheese souffle paired with a crunchy biscuit base. I sliced it and I saw the three layers, cheese, chiffon cake, and biscuit so it is a combination of texture. True enough, this Fuwari Cheese Cup is a scoop-full of happiness. You can eat it warm, from the fridge or from the freezer.

My son said, he will try it first pero naubos niya yung Fuwari agad. Anong klaseng tikim kaya yun, e inubos. hehehe! This will be added to our favorite again, kung hindi lang ito mahal, for sure lagi ako bumibili.

Care to share your favorites so I can try it next time. 

Kumori Japanese Bakery & Cafe SM Sta Rosa

Kumori SM Sta Rosa branch is now open, I'm so glad that there is now a branch here in Laguna province. Of course, we bought our favorites which are Fuwari Cheese Cup and Hanjuku Cheesecake.

We also tried their bread, we bought Pain Au Chocolat P65, Parmesan Cheese Bun P47, Croissant P57, and Almond Danish Croissant P54. We liked the bread except for the Parmesan Cheese Bun, parang ang asim kasi nung filling e. My son likes the Pain Au Chocolat for his baon.

Update: September 2020

Ever since we tried Kumori products, they became our favorites. Although we don’t always buy this because it is not cheap. But if we crave for it, we will definitely buy it. Since March, because of the community quarantine, my husband has been working from home so he rarely goes to his office and he only goes out if he needs to like going to the supermarket, wet market, or bank errands.

And because of this, we miss dining and taking out food so if he has a chance to visit a mall, he will always buy pasalubong like cakes, cinnamon bread, Kumori, and other pastries. Just this month, my husband went to his office and he bought pasalubong from Kumori. He bought 6 pcs of Fuwari Cup (P355), 6 pcs of Hanjuku Cheese (P300), 3 pcs of Hanjuku Ube and 3 pcs of Hanjuku Chocolate (P300). Since they have the same price, you can mix the flavors of the Hanjuku.

We always buy the Hanjuku Cheese so it was our first time to try the ube flavor and chocolate, and the verdict? The Hanjuku Ube has a slight flavor of ube but we can’t really differentiate it from the cheese. The Hanjuku Chocolate, we can’t taste the cheese na, parang cocoa na yung kinakain namin, hehehe! But my son likes the chocolate flavor but moving forwards, we will just order the cheese.

Update: June 2021


Kumori Philippines Branches 

LG/F SM Makati (SM Supermarket) 
LG/F Landmark Makati (Food Center) 
G/F SM North EDSA (The Block) 
G/F U.P. Town Center (Phase 2) 
G/F Ayala Malls Cloverleaf (Main Mall) 
G/F SM Mall of Asia 
G/F Robinsons Place Manila (Adriatico Wing) 
2/F Robinsons Galleria (Lower Veranda) 
2/F Festival Mall
SM Sta Rosa